6 Ganyu Constellations in Genshin Impact Explained

Geo Archon Beidou is known for her dutiful personality, and her unshakable loyalty to all living things. And with Ganyu Constellations you can show your support. 

Durable and lightweight, these socks have the design elements of the Chinese zodiac animals, each resembling one of the major animals in the Geo Archon's constellation.

In her spare time, Ganyu enjoys playing with Oolong and practicing classical Chinese dance, as well as taking care of her younger twin human sisters.  

Like most Qilins, she's extremely graceful and beautiful; even though she slipped up once when she was in her high school years by falling through the hole in the sky into Heaven's Court, where all of the celestial beings live.

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Dew-Drinker ( Level 1 )

Dew-Drinker info

Ganyu's Level 1 Constellation, the Dew-Drinker, gives him Cryo RES debuff on enemies with a Frostflake arrow. The debuff is only possible when Ganyu hits himself with a frostflake arrow that has charge level 2. If a frostflake arrow bloom hit an opponent as well, then Ganyu also gets energy regeneration.

Frostflake Arrows are particularly chilly, and in addition to their damage already dealing Cryo ATK Down debuff, wielding two of them together also causes enemies' Cryo Resistance to become temporarily weaker. 

Ganyu's Energy Recovery Passive Ability further helps him Ice Dive into the thick of battle for more chances to get more Frostflake Arrows on the field and send his enemies into a cold snap!

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The Auspicious ( Level 2 ) 

While the Celestial Host requires that a keyword be attached to your role action, just selecting one will be more than enough for it to activate Trail of the Qilin for 1 charge. But if you still want to get its 2 other keywords, then there's an easy way to do it: with Myungdo.

This constellation will inform you when you gain a charge on Trail of the Qilin, as well as marking other important moments in your future. 

It will appear only when you have engaged with this particular constellation in conjunction with one of the other constellations, ensuring that it is earned.

Cloud-Strider ( Level 3 )

Cloud-Strider info card

Ganyu's third Constellation, Cloud-Strider imparts the power of the heavens on anyone who dares to bear it. Not only does the Cloud-Strider itself Level up the Celestial Shower skill, but the upgrade process itself is more enjoyable with this Constellation around.

The effect of Cloud-Strider increases the level of Celestial Shower permanently by 3. This effect will not stack if multiple Cloud-Striders are equipped.

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Westward Sojourn ( Level 4 )

Westward Sojourn info card

It is a 2 hit attack that applies a debuff on each hit. The first hit slightly increases DMG taken and the second hits greatly increases it. The skill functions similarly to normal attacks, but when triggered will release great numbers of stars across the battlefield.

The increased DMG is a nice boost for clearing out mobs in front of your Constellation and is an important debuff to maintain control of the fights.

Equip this constellation and you will deal increased damage on enemies within the area of your Celestial Shower. This effect increases every three seconds, up to 25

The Merciful ( Level 5 )

Qilin is a figure painted on walls who, with a bag in hand, comes to help those in trouble. He loves by dividing up the pain of others, and takes it on himself. He adopts as his own everything that Heaven has entrusted to him. Guanyu's merciful knowledge and power increases your power for all schools of magic.

Choose an immortal creature to accompany you, and increase that creature's level when you kill a boss or collect the artifact of a certain constellation. You can even increase the strength of your equipment by training the Merciful pet.

The Clement ( Level 6 ) 

Your star is calling, and it's time to rise to new heights! Enter Ganyu's level 6 constellation: the valiant Clement. 

This 2-star Constellation allows your champion to strike a relentless barrage of magic, amplifying each attack for the next 5 seconds or until you unequip this item, whichever comes first. Activate it and watch the sky light up!

It will be enabled as soon as it reaches 100% on the constellation bar, which you can check at any time by pressing the Start button and navigating to the Constellation screen.

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