8 Ganyu Talent Materials in Genshin Impact

These are the lists of total talent materials for Ganyu. In order to collect the materials for Little Gold, Second Little Gold at 100%, first you need to obtain Dailigence books from Taishan Mansion in 30 minutes. Then you can collect them from Jueyun Karst of Liyue.

You can get Diligence Books from the Taishan Mansion for half an hour; then, head over to Liyue's Jueyun Karst for the rest of these materials.

It can be acquired by doing quests in Taishan Mansion. The Second Little Gold is found by doing quests in Jueyun Karst of Liyue.

All Liyue Talents materials for Ganyu, including the “little gold,” can be obtained by completing Taishan Mansion, which is located in Dadaupa Gorge. Collect all treasure chests within 30 minutes. By the way she is over 3000 years old.

Travel to Jueyun Tarn in Liyue and complete the quest in order to get the “little gold” and other materials. You may have to exit and re-enter the world in order to receive the material drop.

Teachings of Diligence

Teachings of Diligence info card

The player completes the quest required to obtain Teaching of Diligence, and obtains a skill book for one of their talents. This item is only useful for players who have already reached level 50, and who have already completed their first talent mastery, and chosen an additional talent to master.

Diligence students can obtain Teachings of Diligence from the Diligence Teacher at Taishan Mansion, located at North Sakai. There is a cooldown of 23 hours, so you'll have to wait until Tuesday morning if you acquire Teachings of Diligence on Friday night.

Guide to Diligence

Guide to Diligence info card

The people from the Liyue Branch are known for their Diligence. Diligence increases production speed for a period of time. Gathering Guide to Diligence is easy. Increases production speed for a period of time, and can be stacked with other growth boosting scrolls.

the book's cover is engraved with the image of a set of scales, representing justice. It begins on page one with an introduction with a list of contents on the first page, and continues like so until the final page which is finished off with an index. This book both entertains and informs, making it suitable for all ages.

Crown of Insight

Crown of Insight info card

A Crown of Insight used to provide a profound and deep knowledge of the Abyss. Now, the Crown of Insight is the most valuable currency in the game. One Crown will get you exactly 100,000 Gold. That is more than enough Gold for an average Lvl 10 Arena match.

A crown once worn by a king who sought to better his people. Now only dust and memories remain. A gray crown for a gray city, ringed by walls that weep as dreary rain falls on streets lined with dispirited faces. 

Where morning brings only ashes, and every breath is taken to grumble curses at gods who have abandoned them. The same gods they call upon, in vain, to banish the things that skitter through the night when the moon hides behind a veil of clouds.

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Shadow of the Warrior

Shadow of the Warrior info card

You obtained a fragment of power from Childe, who had unleashed the might of his Delusion. You can use this fragment to gain boons that will make you more powerful. 

For example, the power contained within a Warrior's Blood can temporarily enhance you the following week: +10% damage against Bosses +10% damage against Demons +10% damage against Dragonkin +10% damage against Undead.

This piece of power is very rare and hard to come by. You should consider yourself lucky to have obtained such a rare item.

If you use it with the other fragments you obtained from defeating the Golden House's guardians, you should be able to defeat him in this realm as well.

Philosophies of Diligence

Philosophies of Diligence info card

Just in case you might need some information regarding the Philosopher of Diligence, let me fill you in. 

As its name suggests, the Philosopher of Diligence focuses on enhancing your overall Abilities through hard work and determination. You gain the greater ability to build up strength after working out harder and longer than usual. 

This can also remove certain debuffs that may affect you. In addition, practicing with the Basic Talent will become easier and allow you to train longer without feeling exhausted.

Philosophies of Diligence will allow you to learn Healing Hit immediately, but will not give you the option of learning if it were otherwise restricted by your class. Additionally, Philosophies of Diligence are account bound; they cannot be traded or sold on the market, and can not be stored in shared bank space.

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Whopper Flower Nectar

Whopper Flower Nectar info card

The beautiful Whopperflower is hard to find and majestic when found. Once the flower blossom of the Whopperplant blooms, it will produce nectar for a short period of time. Carefully extract the sweet nectar from the stamen inside the flower to create a coveted item.

They might look like regular wildflowers at first glance, but beware: Approach them too quickly, and they'll start to attack you with their pollen.

A flower that grows in numerous areas of Vana'diel. Its wide-spread petals can be infected by the plague, but thankfully the stamen remains unaffected. It is best to refrain from using this flower for cooking - however, if one were to extract Nectar from the stamen, it would become a viable ingredient for high level elixirs and magic creams.

Shimmering Nectar

Shimmering Nectar info card

Whopperflowers are powerful beings that subsist on the life-force of other flora and fauna. So far, scholars have been unable to discern the true nature of their enigmatic motives. Hopefully, they shed some light on the subject when they present their theories at the next general conference.

The effects of this material can be used in the crafting of advanced Ayanad equipment. Combine with other materials to produce effects that are similar to those of a moonlight weapon.

Energy Nectar

Energy Nectar info card

Energy Nectar is an GMS-exclusive Ascension Material and it is obtained through the collection of Whopperflowers. The Whopperflower is a Lv. 60+ plant that blooms during the day. It has a slight toxic odor, but those who are brave enough to approach it will receive this powerful drink that gives the consumer increased speed stats and possibly beneficial stat increases over time, depending on how much Energy Nectar you consume.

Traveling in groups, the Whopperflower springs its trap in order for the target to settle down for a meal... a meal which will never come. It feels remorse for this deception but it cannot control how it behaves. After consuming enough prey, the Whopperflower gathers around to consume a thick and sticky honey called Energy Nectar. This nectar is super nutritious but also highly toxic to all other creatures except for plants. The poison can kill weaker beings, but it has no effect whatsoever on the Whopperflower.

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