Genshin Birthdays: Anniversary of 40+ Characters

In Genshin Impact, there are several characters that have birthdays. On their birthday, the character will send you a mail with their Special Dish as well as one or more additional gifts. 

They will always mention these miscellaneous gifts in their letter, but rarely the special dish that is also attached.

Each character in genshin impact has a birthday celebration day. The features of this birthday celebration day is each character will send you a mail with their special dish and one or more additional gifts. 

If a Character Enjoyment Rate is very low, you'll have a lower chance of getting any items from their Wish List.

Traveler: Player's Decision

Traveler is the gender-neutral playable character in Genshin Impact. Players can choose their gender, appearance and name, as well as a voice actor. While the details are unknown, Traveler comes from another world and has had the ability to travel through worlds since birth.

Paimon: June 1st

Paimon birthday

Paimon is a non-playable character who accompanies the Traveler throughout his/her journey in Teyvat as they attempt to find their lost sibling. She met the Traveler by being fished out of a lake in which she would've drowned if not for being saved by the Traveler.

Kaedehara Kazuha: October 29th

Kaedehara Birthday

Kaedehara Kazuha is a wandering samurai of the once-famed Kaedehara Clan, who was last seen working as a mercenary for The Crux. Kazuha was born in Mondstadt and he’s currently 24 years old. He’s an Anemo Swordsman character with an ax as his main weapon.

Xiao: April 17th

Xiao Birthday

Xiao is an Anemo user in Genshin Impact. He is an Adeptus and the last surviving member of the Five Yakshas, dispatched from Morax City to Liyue by Morax himself. Xiao also has a mysterious flower growing on his chest that helps him absorb any attacks inflicted upon him.

Sucrose: November 26th

Sucrose Birthday

An alchemist specializing in bio-alchemy, the hardworking Sucrose serves as an assistant for Albedo, the head alchemist of the Knights of Favonius. Though she is trusted by her boss, she has a habit of hiding the truth, and once must have done something that left Albedo with a deep-seated sense of regret …

Eula: October 25th

Eula Birthday

A descendant of the infamous and tyrannical Lawrence Clan, Eula is the captain of the Reconnaissance Company with the Knights of Favonius. As a major character, Eula was added to the game with update 1.3, and can be obtained through wishes, requiring a Light of Death compass.

Mona: August 31st

Mona Birthday

Though Mona dressing could be considered eccentric, with masks and a headdress that cover most of her body, rumors say that she is a stunning beauty.

Yanfei: ​July 28th

Yanfei Birthday

Yanfei is a legal advisor in Liyue Harbour who has been given the nickname "The Crimson Bird of Dawn" due to her family incense's bright crimson color. She specializes in using fire to attack foes, but is also capable of unleashing fire attacks in wide areas or setting alight.

Gorou: May 18th

Gorou Birthday

Gorou is a warrior in the service of the Watatsumi Army. Known to be courageous, loyal and trustworthy, he commands great respect from his men. He wields a weapon of stone that is capable of transforming into a pure white spear, one which slices through concrete like butter.

Yoimiya: ​June 21st

Yoimiya Birthday

Narukami Island is famous for its fireworks and the Naganohara Fireworks, which are known for their bright color and sharp sounds, are beloved by the people there. However, since their chief inspector was murdered during the fireworks festival several years ago, the shop has been closed. Yoimiya took over her father's business afterward to prove that she is capable, but so far she hasn't succeeded in developing anything as good as Ryuunosuke's famous rockets.

Venti: June 16th

Venti Birthday

Venti is the current mortal vessel of Barbatos, the Anemo Archon and a bard in Mondstadt. He can control wind and infuse it into a bow and arrow to create various wind-based effects based on the power of Barbatos. According to Mona, Venti has been working for years to regain his lost memories. His domain is the Clouds Quests: Prologue and also Mondstadt. 

Fischl: ​May 27th

Fischl Birthday

Fischl von Luftschloss Narfidort is an investigator for Mondstadt's Adventurers' Guild. She is a daring adventurer, accompanied by her trusty sidekick, the night raven Oz. Although she may seem to have outlandish theories, she always seems to be right. Fischl happened to hear of the existence of a space and time warp beneath Liyue Harbor that served as a barrier between different worlds, and had Oz sneak into it... 

Barbara: ​July 5th

Barbara Birthday

Hailing from the city of Mondstadt, she is the deaconess of the Church of Favonius, and a self-proclaimed "idol" after learning about them from intrepid adventurer Alice. Barbara's heart-warming smile and airy disposition are a great comfort to her many adoring fans, but she also has a surprisingly sharp side to her when it comes to using logic in video games or rebuking evil spirits.

Shenhe: March 10th

Shenhe Birthday

The daughter of an unnamed exorcist couple, Shenhe was taken in by Cloud Retainer as a disciple following a traumatic incident during her childhood. However, she kept to herself and didn't get along with the other disciples. When Cloud Retainer retired, Shenhe took over as the leader of Thundering Fury.

Sangonomiya Kokomi: ​February 22nd

Sangonomiya Birthday

As the young Divine Priestess of Watatsumi Island, Kokomi is in charge of most of Watatsumi's affairs, shouldering heavy responsibilities alone in hopes of giving her people the hopes and happiness that they deserve. Kokomi uses a bow as her weapon and Hydro as her natural affinity.

Xingqiu: October 9th

Xingqiu Birthday

Xingqiu is a young man with a wizened and calm exterior. He has long and pale blue hair in a neat ponytail, tied with a black hair tie, that falls to about mid-back. Like the Guhua Clan members Xingqiu wears a mask that covers the upper half of his face, but unlike them he is not shown wearing it in any promotional material.

Diona: January 18th

Diona Birthday

Diona is the first Cryo character in our Genshin Impact Playable Characters Guide. This guide will cover the basic information about Diona, Diona's stats, Diona's talent materials, Diona's promotional requirements, and how to use her in your party.

Xinyan: October 16th

Xinyan Birthday

Xinyan's Pyro attacks can set the ground ablaze, damaging nearby enemies and leaving fiery patches that persist for several seconds. By taking advantage of these elemental effects and combining them with a claymore, she can prove extremely difficult to bring down — or crush a foe in a single blow.

Kujou Sara: July 14th

Kujou Sara Birthday

Kujou Sara is a character in the Juega de honor of Genshin Impact and one of the playable characters in the game. Kujou Sara is a shrewd, vivacious girl coming from the Kujou Clan, who was adopted by her father's best friend, General Kujou. A tengu, she wears a bird mask and has impressive wings. Her personality can be described as cunning and playful.

Kamisato Ayaka: ​September 28th

Kamisato Ayaka Birthday

Born as a member of the Kamisato family and destined to be the clan's successor, Ayaka is well-known for her beauty and great talent in the field of swordsmanship. She has high hopes for the future of her clan and has vowed to work her hardest to uphold the excellent reputation that their clan has earned over the centuries.

Raiden Shogun: June 26th

Raiden Shogun Birthday

Raiden Ei is the current Shogun of Inazuma and the vessel of the Archon Beelzebul. For millennia, she has secluded herself in the Forge at Windrise while her puppet controls the daily affairs of Inazuma. She is no ordinary mortal however; her thoughts are carried out by Tenshi, a metal puppet in her image.

Zhongli: December 31st

Zhongli Birthday

Zhongli is a tall, muscularly-built, golden-skinned man clad in elaborate golden armor. The armor is engraved on the shoulder, chest, and hip areas. He has a broad crest of golden hair, with a long black braid tied in the back and a circlet that encircles his forehead.

Jean: ​March 14th

Jean Birthday

Jean Born into the distinguished Gunnhildr Clan, Jean grew up in Mondstadt as the eldest of Frederica and Seamus's two daughters. When she was young, her parents were always busy with their medical practice, so she was left to be raised primarily by the maids. In their presence, she learned from an early age to be proper and courteous.

Amber: August 10th

Amber Birthday

Amber, nicknamed Little Sister by Jean, is the only remaining Outrider of Mondstadt after the events in Winds of the Past. To her, everyone is her brother or sister. Even the people she has just met are quickly addressed like family. Amber appears to be a headstrong girl, and an adventurous one at that; she is always ready to run off and tackle a new task, even if it means disregarding the presence of danger.

Razor: September 9th

Razor Birthday

Razor is a wolf blood boy who is a playable Electro character in Genshin Impact. Abandoned from his family as an infant, Razor was taken in by the Wolf of the North, Andrius, and raised by his wolf pack in Wolvendom.

Tartaglia: ​July 20th

Tartaglia Birthday

Tartaglia, also known by his alias "Childe", is a Hydro archer that attacks enemies with a Twisted Bow, raining a hail of arrows upon them. Childe's attacks revolve around generating Hydro, then converting it into a Hydro Vortex to deal AOE damage. In the right hands, Tartaglia can be a very effective character in combat.

Diluc: April 30th

Diluc Birthday

A diluvian knight who once left the Knights of Favonius to establish his own business, Diluc is one of Mondstadt's most influential figures. He manages the Dawn Winery, and his private reserve, Darknight Stone, is highly sought after throughout Tyria.

Aloy: April 4th

Aloy Birthday

Aloy is a playable character in Genshin Impact as part of the Fallen Star collaboration event. She was one of the two characters announced for the collaboration and is known as a child of the Old Ones, born and raised by Rost. She is also the first lineup of playable characters to be introduced in Chapter 4.

Chongyun: September 7th

Chongyun Birthday

The only son of two powerful exorcists from Liyue, which was not a good thing for Chongyun. His parents were scary enough that spirits fled before he could see them, and his latent ability to imbue chills all around him made some wish he would stay outside even in the summer. Finally sick of people's complaints about his temperate aura, Chongyun began to study the esoteric theories surrounding yin and yang.

Sayu: October 19th

Sayu Birthday

Sayu is a 24-year-old lady with a cheerful, kind personality that harbors a secret: she dreams of growing taller. Sayu's height was always a matter of concern to her family; this is what led to Sayu hatching the idea to transform herself into a ninja, so that she could escape from the burden of family expectations and "laze around."

Yun Jin: May 21st

Yun Jin Birthday

Yunjin is a 5-star rated and playable character under the Geo class in Genshin Impact. With her abilities, she can be critical and effective in battle as support for your team. We recommend Yunjin for people who play mid-ranged because of her capabilities.

Ningguang: ​August 26th

Ningguang Birthday

Ningguang is a powerful and wealthy Geo archer in Genshin Impact. She rules over the floating Jade Chamber, and joins your team to show off how overpowered a range user can be in this game.

Hu Tao: July 15th

Hu Tao Birthday

Hu Tao is a Pyro DPS. She is primarily used for indoor combat, especially when working as a Director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. She has access to a number of health regeneration, healing and defense buffs, which help her to endure in long fights.

Noelle: ​March 21st

Noelle Birthday

Noelle is a maid at the Knights of Favonius, who is training to become a worthy shield maiden. A hater of animals, she has a good heart that allows her to overcome her weaknesses. While she has a generally simple and honest nature, she tends to hide certain aspects of herself…

Kaeya: November 30th

Kaeya Birthday

Kaeya is held in high regard by the citizens of Mondstadt — even with all his eccentricities and secrets. A cool, collected, and diligent bureaucrat, he always treats those around him with utmost courtesy. It's said that he married the wind, for even when others are unable to sense a breeze, he can feel her whispers upon his skin.

Albedo: September 13th

Albedo Birthday

Albedo was an alchemist created by a former alchemist of Mondstadt called Rhinedottir. He joined the Knights of Favonius to fight against the fatui, and assumed the role of Captain of the Investigation Team.

Qiqi: March 3rd

Qiqi Birthday

Short for Qiqiao, Qiqi is quite short, has pale-looking skin and yellow snake pupils. She wears a tall, dark red dress and tied in the middle with a golden strap. Below this is a smaller white ruffled skirt tied in front similar to apron's. 

At the bottom of each of her arms are two white armbands that appear to be glued on her skin. On her left arm is a golden band similar to a bracelet with a slab of wood attached which is used as part of alchemy.

Bennett: February 29th

Bennett Birthday

Bennett is a benevolent and altruistic adventurer who has nothing but his best interests at heart. He has been known to use his devastating Pyro abilities in order to help kids and people in need, often offering to trade his health for theirs if they are severely injured—though he always tries to avoid serious injury as much as possible.

Thoma: January 9th

Thoma Birthday

Thoma is a young man who can often be found in the City of Inazuma. He has a wry sense of humor and claims to be of Mondstadt feudal descent, but in reality he is a native of Inazuma. Although a little unreliable at times, Thoma has never once let down those who have hired him to right injustices.

Ganyu: December 2nd

Ganyu Birthday

Ganyu, an Adeptus of the Liyue Qixing and a contractually bound half-qilin, specializes in ranged attacks. In battle, she calls upon a mystical bow imbued with Cryo energy to continuously deal damage. 

After lining up 4 consecutive shots, Ganyu is capable of calling forth a Cosmic Raindrop, which will fall upon her target and inflict great damage.

Rosaria: January 24th

Rosaria Birthday

Rosaria is a Cryo user and support character. With an attack that does high burst damage, Rosaria is often used as the main DPS in your party. Her Quick Teleport ability allows her to teleport herself to a solid surface and stun nearby enemies with her Rites of Termination, allowing for some great synergies with other characters.

Arataki Itto: June 1st

Arataki Itto Birthday

Itto is a kind soul at heart, despite trying to pick a fight with Sara at every opportunity. He respects his gang and is mostly liked by people, but is at odds with the Tenryou Commission despite his harmless antics and pranks.

Lisa: June 9th

Lisa Birthday

Lisa is the Librarian of the Knights of Favonius. A powerful mage recognized as Sumeru Academia's most distinguished graduate in 200 years, she has returned to Mondstadt to serve under her former tutor Otto. Her magic was born from a traumatic accident when she accidentally hurt a classmate.

Klee: July 27th

Klee Birthday

Aside from the combustible temper that she inherited from her mother, Klee is a bright and enthusiastic girl who loves to explore. She has been entrusted to the Knights of Favonius, who in turn have been charged with keeping her out of trouble.

Xiangling: November 2nd

Mao Xiangling is the head chef overseeing the Wanmin Restaurant, which she runs alongside her father, Chef Mao. While she's known to be a somewhat reckless cook who will try any and all recipes (no matter how exotic), and to experiment with ingredients in new and surprising ways, Xiangling is also a devoted and dutiful daughter who loves her father deeply.

Keqing: November 20th

Keqing prefers to avoid all conflict with others and takes great measures to conceal her feelings and reactions, further compounded by her inability to lie. In truth, she is less concerned with the politics of Liyue Harbor, being more interested in the thrill of adventure and her desire to uncover the secrets of Liyue.

Beidou: February 14th

Beidou is a strong, swift and stealthy Electro character in Genshin Impact. She wields the Lord of the Spark. Beidou is a brown skinned woman with blue eyes. She has short light blue hair, with an undercut that has short dark blue hair. The top of her hair is often decorated with a black headband with gold trimmings and a golden anchor emblem in the middle of it.