+30 Genshin Impact Characters Explained

This is the short list of characters that you can get by powering up with Genshin Impact's Intertwined Fates and Acquaint Fates. If you're just getting started, there's also a Beginners' Wish with several guaranteed characters and a limit on how high it can go. 

When you find out what or who you want, you can save up your gems and make a wish at Paimon's Bargains. Genshin Impact Characters presents a large cast of characters from a stylized ninja anime, the likes of which have never been seen before. 

Featuring both Bishounen and Bishoujo designs, this character sheet is certain to appeal to either the male or female anime fan. Unique to this group is the costume kits that allow you to customize your favorite character's look. Our cast grows every month with new additions so check back often!


Xiao Info Card

Alatus, also known as Xiao in the Genshin Impact series, is an adeptus. He is the only remaining member of the five foremost Yaksha sent by Morax to subdue the demonic spirits that plagued Liyue. 

He lives in Wangshu Inn and secludes himself from most people. He came to live at Wangshu Inn for a reason, but no one knows why he does not want to leave it. He does now have a true friend who has been watching over him, taking care of him as if he were his own son.

Hu Tao

She has a tendency to be mischievous, often causing mischief with her magic power. 

Her personality may be explained by the fact that she initially has little to no sense of right and wrong. However, as the story progresses, she slowly becomes aware of her emotional problems and tries to fix them.

Her battle stance is a dance-like kick that seems to be inspired by martial arts from the East, while her fighting attack is called "Victory Dance", which she states is a special skill only she has. 

In Genshin Impact, Hu Tao gives us a little insight into her hobbies and interests by talking about some of the customs of her hometown, such as carrying an umbrella while going to school or going for a stroll under a blooming cherry blossom tree.


Zhongli Info Card

A mature and seasoned man from Liyue, he carries a respectful, calm, and polite demeanor. 

Zhongli knows much about Liyue's history due to his time as the Geo Archon and holds a great deal of respect for it. 

He is a bit reluctant with the idea of a world-spanning threat but understands that he can't just sit by and do nothing, so he tags along with Venti to protect her. 

Though people age more slowly in Empyrean, he is most likely older than most of the team despite looking fairly young.


Tartaglia's personality has changed significantly since his first encounter with Skirk. He is now more calm and focused than he was as a child, and was inspired by his mentor. 

Tartaglia is the only person besides Skirk who is both aware of and can visit The Abyss. 

When he first met him, Alita attempted to fight Skirk without regard to the damage he would cause her body, but Tartaglia stopped her from finishing him off by reminding her that Skirk had been training him from the moment they met.



Though don't let either her looks or size fool you as she is the uncrowned lord of the ocean and has even defeated Haishan, a leviathan with a strength surpassing all fish and fish-like demons. 

One may find her enjoying the relatively quiet life to be had in dry land, but should she see something worth protecting or something to forge her resolve, she will inevitably charge forward with no hesitation at all.

First, she's the Queen of the Ocean, ready to take on any challenger. Second, she's actually quite dainty, despite her dusky blue tanned skin that shows tales of battles fought. 

Third, she likes lollipops! And finally, though she looks for all intents and purposes male, she's actually a girl, falling in love easily. 

Beidou enjoys the waters of Liyue where her home is but unlike most sea creatures, unless provoked or forced to by contracts, she doesn't have a fondness. 


Yun Jin

Yun Jin Info Card

Yun Jin Noh's lovely kimono has a black, white and pale-gray design with a faded blue geometric symbol on the bottom left side. The long sleeves are edged with lighter purple lines, while the loose overskirt is divided into five sections, each section striped with a darker purple border on the sides, decorated with a thin lighter purple line at the bottom and edged in a thick line of fluffy pink cloverleaf knots.


He is a strange boy who wears an even stranger outfit and travels around with his own lyre named "J" and a dragon he named Genshin Impact. 

He often wanders away to play with Impact and doesn't seem to show any interest in what others think of him.

Young, cocky Venti will leave quite an impression on you with his adorable looks yet cutting wit. 

As a wise-beyond-his-years guardian angel, he is an excellent judge of people who are indecisive or uncertain about their true feelings. 

His passion for good music and vocal talent serves him well as he dances through an adventure with style.


Diluc Info Card

Despite his job as a freelancer, he still remains loyal to Inspector Eroch and Gina, and is steadfastly determined to uncover the truth behind his father's death and find out who really used the Delusion that killed him.

He had a bright future as a member of the Knights, until his father was killed due to his involvement with a Delusion. 

Shortly after the incident, Diluc had an argument with Inspector Eroch and was kicked out of the Knights due to exposing the incident as the truth, as opposed to taking Eroch's side and claiming it as a natural disaster. 

There is some contention between them, as Diluc holds Eroch responsible for his father's death for attempting to hide what happened.


He rarely travels to the city of Mondstadt but seems to keep an eye out for Klee. Though he is quiet and antisocial, he is a very kind soul and will happily help others in need. 

He dislikes cold places however, so when in the colder areas of the planet his glasses frost up.

Grudgingly accepting her friendship, he finds that he is much happier when he is not alone. 

Having yet to master alchemy fully, Albedo finds comfort in being able to count on the companionship of Klee and the other characters in his life, even if they are only met in passing.


Kaeya ı

While he takes his position as a member of Hitotsukabuto's Major Crimes Unit seriously, he is not above joking around. 

Kaeya outwardly lazy and laid-back persona often tends to rub others the wrong way, but he always strives to get the job done.

He also tends to use his intelligence and strength for his own enjoyment, whether it's taking advantage of the people around him or getting away with mischief and other mischievous acts. 

Due to his handsome face and powerful ability to command others, he is often admired and requested by those who know him.


Klee Info Card

A fan of explosives thanks to her mother, Klee has a particular talent for bombs. Strike up some explosive fun with this energetic avatar's four-legged friends.

She takes after her mother Alice, a skilled gunsmith and explosives expert. This energetic young girl is a blast to have around. She's full of ideas, from making new types of bombs to strategies for selling more giant cabbages.


Mona Info Card

Mona is a very curious and talkative young girl, as well as competitive and proud of her skills. Her aura points to her having a lot of stamina and optimism, as well as an irrational fanaticism for hydromancy and astrology. 

Rumors say she has a crush on someone traveling with the crew.

She sees the world around her as it really is instead of how it seems to be. 

She has a fierce belief in justice due to her traumatic childhood, even if that makes her look naive or even arrogant at times. 

She is good at dealing with people, though not always able to stand them for long periods of time. Despite this, she cares about them greatly.



Ganyu has served as the faithful secretary of the Liyue Qixing for thousands of years. Of high status in the demon realm, Ganyu is very bright, but she often flies into a panic when faced with something unexpected. 

She also tends to get flustered when faced with a task that is too difficult or important. 

She can be extremely devoted, doing her best even if she doesn't believe in the cause. Her self-deprecating nature is recognized by almost everyone around her.


Keqing Info Card

Keqing is the Yuheng of the Liyue Qixing, perfect in her work and lives up to her grandfather's expectations. 

Even at a young age her workaholic attitude has pushed many of her employees to resign, but she doesn't mind because she has a strong sense of responsibility and tenaciousness inherited from her grandfather.

She is a workaholic, and has such a strong sense of responsibility that she resigned as Lieutenant General to take over as CEO when her grandfather was hospitalised. 

Although her employees complained about her perfectionism, it forced them to be more focused on their duties which eventually led to the expansion of their company.


When Lumine decided to leave Mondstadt, her brother Aether was sad. However, he knew he had to do it for the sake of the town. Lumine promised to return home once she has done what she needs to do. 

Aether now lives alone in his small house with now only the soft chirps of birds for company. 

He goes outside occasionally to check if his sister has returned, but all he sees are the people bustling about their business.

Kamisato Ayaka

Ayaka is a kind-hearted girl with a pleasant temperament who treats others with politeness and courtesy, but her personality can be overshadowed by her perfectionism. 

Despite being the new girl on the team, she has been accepted by its members due to the kindness of her heart and desire to help others.

She is a member of the Yashiro Commission, which governs the world of Inazuma Eleven. She has a kind heart but always tries to do her best at everything she can. Whenever someone comes to her, she will do whatever it takes to fulfill their wishes.


Rosaria in Genshin Impact takes place after the end of the Amatsukami War, and the Expulsion at Barbatos, rather than before as with other tales. 

The plot is mostly identical; Oz, Ginti , and Fischl are sent to investigate Mikaboshi's sudden appearance before Haruhi Suzumiya. 

The story this time goes like this: Faeo Rheitsutilin , an emissary from another world summoned by Mikaboshi, appears in North Korea with a small band of followers. 

He captures Colonel-Doctor Rosaria, commander of Barbatos

Her doctrine is simple: she loves to read books and occasionally gets second-hand books from people who have something to complain about her. 

She doubts the integrity of Fischl's beliefs, but is quickly proven wrong when Fischl is attacked by vampires.


Qiqi Info Card

The kind and compassionate Qiqi, a zombie working as a pharmacy employee, can see into the hearts of those around her. 

She is overjoyed that someone has requested her assistance and begins to chat with them to determine what it is they feel uneasy about. 

Once she learns what they require for their condition and what underlying emotions they're experiencing (and why), she'll prepare several different solutions for them to choose from. 

She believes that just as there are many paths to the top of the mountain, every person has their own unique path through life - which goes hand-in-hand with this role.


Bennett is an optimistic, well-behaved, and hardworking adventurer. He's inventive too, having created his own solutions for problems that arise while adventuring. 

He tends to act before he thinks, but that's what makes him all the more endearing.

He was one of the few children who came to the city from a village where there were no adventurers.

Thanks to a Grand Adventurer visiting a nearby vacation spot, Bennett became a member of the Adventurer's Guild and started going on adventures with other villagers.


Razor I

Razor is the feral wolf hybrid son of Andrius, and as such is a powerful alpha leader. 

He's generally a good-natured person who considers his wolf pack as his family. 

However if anyone(particularly those who threaten them or other innocents) dares to try and hurt them, he loses his temper and attacks them with savage abandon. 

The wolves took in the small infant, and raised him as one of their own. 

He became best friends with Andrius, and even though they never admitted it to each other, they were like brothers. 

Razor sometimes has a hard time keeping up with Andrius when he goes on his adventures, and that's when he gets into trouble. He tends to be over-dramatic and talk big, but he cares for Andrius and his pack above all else.


Sucrose Info Card

Sucrose loves experimenting to the point where she spends much of her time researching bio-alchemy. 

With all of her research yielding numerous results, she quickly labels each unique variable as a result of its own regardless of how useful said result may be.

She spends an immense amount of time doing this until she quickly becomes bored whenever she takes a break.

Her natural curiosity has led to an immense number of experimental results from her research on bio-alchemy. 

Her results are often labeled based on the diversity of the experiment, regardless of its usefulness.



Diona is a young girl who happens to like animal-ear headbands. She wears her hair in pigtails to either side of her head, and she has cat ears. 

Her eyes are green, but they appear pink due to the fact that she wears pink contact lenses. 

Diona's normal outfit consists of a yellow shirt with blue puffy sleeves, black shorts with white hearts on them, yellow stockings with white stars on them, and black Mary Janes. 

Furthermore, Diona also wears an animal-ear headband with cat ears attached to it. 


Half a millennium ago, Baal walked the earth. The master of electricity and destruction, this monstrous spirit fought against the gods and brought about the destruction of the kingdom of Khaenri'ah. 

Now she has returned, but her goals are still unclear.

Their role in human society remains a mystery, but they are revered by the people. 

One of these celestial spheres crash-landed in Genshin Impact almost half a century ago. 

This event formed what is known today as the Electro Archon, an advanced artificial intelligence with great power over the world.


Fischl hails from the Genro Empire, which is ruled by Genji who summoned the world's greatest heroes to defeat the monstrous creatures plaguing their homeland. 

After an extended period of peace, Fischl now attends Peach River Academy by way of the ULTIMATE Initiative, where she is now rubbing shoulders with some of Earth's real-life superheroes.

On top of superhero school, Fischl is still very much used to her fantasy world's rules. 

This makes it difficult for her to interact with people face-to-face. 


Xingui Info Card

Xingqiu is the youngest child of the Yan family, and is known to be somewhat of an airhead. 

His grades are average at best, with just enough proficiency to qualify as average among the ladies.

Xingqiu has taken after his family's status as highly successful business owners, and he is also a bit of a trickster.

While his parents have passed away, he remains close to his maternal uncle Feng Hao, who is both a second father to him and has taught him martial arts since his childhood. 

Though he loves his brother dearly, he often feels estranged from him due to their differing interests – Xingqiu is interested in language and literature – while Tie Shou is very more frequently engrossed with their family's business.


And his quirk is that he gets really positive energy whenever he wears cold clothing or eats cold food, causing him to lose control over his emotions. 

Chongyun has a hard time being around others due to this quirk, Particularly those who are negative in nature.

He decides to run away from home by himself, And on his way to Tokyo, he meets two unique individuals who teaches him more about people with quirks.


Jean Info Card

Jean Tanaka is a woman of few words. Her personality is demonstrated through her actions rather than any verbose attempt to communicate with others. 

She is devoted to upholding the peace in the city of Mondstadt, working tirelessly to ensure that everyone can enjoy its prosperity. After she senses Genshin's distress signal, she immediately travels to the Impact Zone to rescue him. 

Jean is loved by both citizens and other figures in society, setting an example by working hard for them all.



Eula is an 18-year old girl from the city of Genshin Impact, the second largest city in Mondstadt, behind New Radford. 

She's a descendant of Lawrance Clan, a bloodline of one of the Five Great Houses that ruled over the region 700 years ago. 

The city has been at peace for a long time now so it can be seen as a peaceful and well managed region by people from the outside. 

Eula is a calm and level-headed girl not afraid to stand up to danger threatening her friends and those she cares about. 


Barbara wields the flaming bow and arrow, which symbolizes her personality as a "hot-blooded" romanticist. 

It goes without saying that, as she comes from the Church of Favonius, she is a priest. 

While she's popular with the men and women of Mondstadt's younger generation, her lightheartedness and easygoing attitude also attracts people who face difficulty in their daily lives. 

Such as those who feel tired from the monotonous routine, those who are frustrated with their current situation, those who can't help but be dragged down by unnecessary anxiety and depression…


Lisa Info Card

She is a proficient witch, and with it being a part of her identity, she enjoys everything related to the elements and items that would help her understand them. 

Despite being a Librarian, Lisa takes it somewhat haphazardly as she appears to be relatively bored dealing with normal books. 

She loves her job and will collect books that are long overdue just to learn the most powerful attacks from it. 

She's very polite and even if she's an adult, she sometimes can be childish if she wants or is instructed to do so.


Ningguang Info Card

From a young age, she has always shown great talent for earning money, gradually accumulating her wealth through honest work and perseverance. 

She's said to be highly meticulous in her work and holds an enormous amount of influence within Liyue, giving her the title of Tianquan. 

Although she is quiet by nature, she's quite popular among the lower classes, who often come to her for help with their own business endeavors.


Noelle Info Card

Her beautiful ankle-length dress, so pure and so bright; her calm, sweet voice; the constant giving of the maid who knows no bounds. 

There is nothing she won't do for those that can say her name. 

No matter how far away they are, how much work is there, or how difficult it is, this motivated maid will go all out to make sure you are pleased with the service.

Kaedehara Kazuha

Kaedehara Kazuha Info Card

Traveling swordsman, Kazuha Inazuma. Being a member of the nobility as well as the Inazuman clan, he is a pretty odd character for a wandering swordsman. 

His disinterest in wealth and luxuries often puts him at odds with his own clan members. Kazuha's favorite pastime is sleeping on a sun warmed rock after a hard day's work, reflecting on his life to date. 

After spending quite some time like this, even he has gotten sick of it, becoming slightly more curious about the world around him…


Amber Info Card

She is an elusive Outrider immersed in the shadows of the night. Her light armor is made for speed, not defense. 

She's used her wind glider to hurdle over perilous locations inaccessible by ground transportation. Imprudent enemies will be caught in winds stronger than a tornado. 

She abides by rules, but ignores them when using her glider. Defending her city is important, but she violates all of the local gliding zones without regret.


Yoimiya I

She believes that her customers' happiness is the first priority above all else, and she has amassed a massive and loyal customer base who are willing to help her out on any problems she may encounter.

Ever since she was a child, she's been helping out her dad in the business. 

This devotion to excellence soon made her extremely popular with both customers and rivals, gaining her a reputation for being incredibly reliable and knowledgeable on pyrotechnics.



Yanfei is a wise and intelligent young woman, who enjoys appraising, reading and studying law in particular. 

She is an excellent advisor in civil cases, due to her wide knowledge of the statutes in existence within the kingdom of Teyvat. 

Although she always speaks with maturity and professionalism when carrying out her duties as a secretary to a judge in Fontaine, she exhibits youthful characteristics during off-duty hours. 

She has been friends since childhood with an entertainer named Ping-Ling Lüèxiǎn.


Xiangling Info C

Xiangling has a soft spot for experimental cooking. She does not have a discerning eye for a certain type of cuisine, but rather will experiment with anything. She usually does not have much time to cook so she tends to use unconventional ingredients that are easy to acquire, even if they are disgusting. 

However, Xiangling is tenacious and does not give up on trying new things until the dish is to her liking.

She developed a wanderlust that led her across the lands, though she will never stray too far from her family or kitchen. 

With a curious nature and a desire to create new things, Xiangling will gather information and tools to unleash creative recipes through cooking.


Xinyan is an energetic young lady from the village of Liyue. She is a fan of rock 'n' roll and returned to Liyue to spread it across the nation. 

She loves rock music and wants to spread it across the nation. However, many people have a prejudice towards rock music due to the recent popularity of pop. 

Despite this, she is not discouraged and continues to play for those who come to her performance. 

Xinyan does not have any formal training for music as she learned herself on the go. 

As such, she is very supportive of those who show interest in her music even if they have no experience.


Take part in Sayu's amusing adventures as she continues to hide from her work and responsibilities while using her ninja skills to have fun. What is her one true desire? 

To grow taller! With the thought that sleep can replenish all her energy, she tries to live a life filled with naps. 

The series has a comedic feel but is a bit darker in terms of its story and characters. 

Sayu simply does not want to have a job or be responsible for anything, so she sleeps through most of her problems.

She resorts to hiding as a means of evading work or just being lazy, but her attitude causes those around her to ostracize her.

Raiden Shogun

Raiden Shogun Info Card

This 'Shogun', who claims to be the true ruler of Inazuma, is in actuality nothing more than a puppet with no real emotions or morals; she was built that way in order to serve Ei better. 

While she does not possess the refined battle prowess that Raiden Ei does, she has extremely powerful close-range capabilities. 

Not only can she manipulate the torque of her large ax with ease, it is even possible for her to condense all of her power into one hand and unleash it in a single blow!

The head part with goggles shows her true identity while the other one reveals the emotions of her puppet avatar. 

Both are possible thanks to interchangeable face plates made up of soft material for high flexibility. Gloves are attached to the forearms via magnet fittings for quick removal when exchanging hands, making it easy to recreate your favorite scenes.


Thoma Info Card

Like many heroes, he has an adventurous partner who he travels with. 

For Thoma, however, his partner is his little sister, who tends to worry about him; since she's much shorter than her older brother, she makes use of a small mecha to help her when they're in trouble!

A loner by nature, especially around others his age. Cannot stand the bare minimum of manners enforced by the Academic Council, but still agrees to follow their rules because he doesn't want to seem like an uncivilized brute. 

Helpful to those in need even if they are not particularly polite.

Dainsleif (upcoming)

He is Riding the waves of death is now a pirate ship of sailors from across fabled lands. 

As the universe is now filled with the wonders of Genshin Impact, ships now sail as if they were carnivorous fish. 

The colors of Chalk's clothes no longer leave traces as he faces the unknown. A young warrior now faces a world where legends are created, and grown men weep.

Yae Miko (upcoming)

She has a habit of speaking in an overly polite manner to others, and claims that it is because she was born into a well-to-do family. 

She also speaks in a light tone despite being from a high-class family, and often says "you" at the end of a sentence.

Yae-chan's mysterious demeanour makes her stand out among other people. 

However, when she is with others living in the Guuji House, she shows lots of smiles and acts carefree. 

As part of her work at the shrine, Yae-chan loves reading all sorts of books. Her hobby is takouba takoku tsuzuri.

Gorou (upcoming)

Gorou Info Card

A young man who graduated from military academy and entered the world of politics. 

Since his father is a pro-military minister, Gorou became pro-military as well and is now the primary general of Watatsumi Island. 

He is courageous, clear-headed and determined.

He appears in front of the Asuka Kingdom main castle, near Aoto's party, who are trying to get inside. Because of his skill Aoto is reluctant to get into a direct flight with him, but the two end up battling each other anyway.

Kujou Sara

Kujou Sara Info Card

Clouds of thick smoke can be seen rising from the Kujou Village on the outskirts of Kyoto. 

In these smoldering flames, a single young girl is busy swinging a silver hammer against a tall, bronze anvil. 

Her name is Sara, and she is the adopted daughter of the Kujou family, which was entrusted with carrying out one of the five sacred missions during the last Shogunate. 

As a member of the Tenryou Commission, Sara remains loyal to her adopted father's wishes while enforcing his policies in dealing with political unrest throughout the country.

Sangonomiya Kokomi

Kokomi is the Divine Priestess of the mysterious and mostly isolationist island nation of Watatsumi. 

As such, she is tasked with handling all the affairs on the island, whether they be political or private.

Despite her own protests, it is ultimately what she wants as it gives her people the hope and happiness they deserve.


Aloy Info Card

Though she grew up in the mountains, away from most people, Aloy is amiable and curious. She is an experienced huntress familiar with the lands of Nora and its inhabitants. 

While she has never left that territory, Aloy has always longed to see more of the world, which she had pieced together through stories she was told by Rost. 

Her desire to leave her home comes to an opportunity when she discovers an override device hidden in an old bunker. 

Using it, she gains access to the constraints on her Focus, allowing her to venture beyond Nora's borders for the first time.

Arataki Itto (upcoming)

Arataki Itto Info Card

Araki Itto is a mean, overbearing figure who likes to pick fights with Sensuke Kujo's daughter, Sara. Every time she sees Sara, she acts like her life depends on making Sara cry. 

However, the rumors regarding Araki state that she's not a thug and generally a nice person. 

She likes interacting with children and at one point set up a bug-fighting arena.

His aggressive nature comes from having been constantly defeated by Kujou Karuta when they were children. 

As a child he tag-teamed with Kujou Nazuna against Kujou Karuta and Fuji Kuuya, although most of their matches ended in losses.

Best NPCs

There are two types of NPCs in Genshin Impact. The first type, being the ones that appear as 2D sprites within 2D levels, and the second type, being full 3D models that support animations such as walking, running and jumping as well as facial expressions during cutscenes and within levels.

In Genshin Impact, there are officially 137 playable characters and 320 NPC characters (not all of these characters can be unlocked, however).


She has been created to act as a guide for the Traveler to lead them on their adventure in Teyvat. She will grow with the traveler and evolve throughout the game. Players are able to change many aspects of Paimon, such as clothing and accessories.

She guides the player throughout their adventure in Teyvat and offers advice and compliments to the player. Paimon's name comes from a demon prince of Hell in Jewish lore.


Scaramouche Info Card

Scaramouche is a student of Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, appearing in chapters 7-8. He has a slender figure and the nickname of "Prince" . He is often seen wearing his chilcoat and backpack, a common feature among many of the characters. Unlike the other characters, Scaramouche appears to be younger than most of the other characters in the series.


They often find Yaoyao riding a big Crane on the upper deck or eating lunch with a group of Lemurians. They can only shake their heads and walk away; let her have fun, after all, she's still just a child…

Naturally, it was the target of numerous thefts at sea. But that is where Yaoyao comes into play. It won't matter how heavy or hard something is, as long as she believes that her friend can bear it, then she will carry it for him.