+20 Genshin Impact NPCs Explained

They're one of the most important aspects in any RPG and usually, they play a huge role in making the story progression. In Genshin Impact they act as quest givers, merchants or even companions. There are many NPCs from various reputation factions that can be talked to. 

Some NPCs offer you quests while others can help unlock special items for example weapons for your secret agent that you've never seen before.

This quaint little village is nestled away at the base of Mount Kiltia on the Isle of Kildine. It is one of few safe havens for all races on the island, and as such has become an important trade hub. 

As you make your way into town, Ginalyn will approach you offering his greetings and asking if he can be of any assistance. 

He is a descendant of the once revered Seathis clan, those who guided and protected those who passed through Kildine's gates, and now maintains a shop in town to sell supplies to adventurers.

Over a thousand years ago, the economic and political importance of regions like Chohoku and Kantō were minor in Japan. 

However, as time passed on, the development of major cities started to emerge like Tokyo or Tōkai, who were formerly nonexistent. These areas became the focal points of Japanese economy, culture, and politics. 

With their efforts towards modernizing the nation, they have gained many supporters across the country who will be able to assist you during your journey here.


Kazari is a Shrine Maiden of the Inazuma region and has been entrusted with the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual. She requests that players help her recreate this ritual and cleanse the land of Dirge.

She was standing at a shrine near Konda Village and it turns out she's been there for too long, which results in her moonlit body getting corrupted. Any players who manage to pass the tests and help her body become pure again, will get rewarded. According to one of these rewards, Kazari will be unlocked as a playable character!


Murata is a goddess in Genshin Impact, worshiped by the Jueyun people, formerly a nomadic tribe from Liyue that settled in Guili Plains after having their old customs and language banned as part of an Imperial decree to establish uniform rules and standards between states.


Morax Info Card

The name of the first Geovishap, and Mora, the Lord of Storms. The previous Geo Archon was Rex Lapis. When the Unforged became aware of the Archon's existence and began to seek a confrontation with him, he retreated from Liyue in order to avoid warring with the people.

Madame Ping

Madame Ping Info

Madame Ping, a really competent ancient Chinese lady and fortune-teller, spends most of her time solemnly reminiscing about the past, and often admiring the flowers. She is one of the more open-minded adepti, acknowledging Liyue Harbor and its people, as well as Ningguang's great sacrifice of her life's work, the Jade Chamber. Madame Ping is a wonderful comforter to Lily.


Guoba info card

The name Guoba was given by the great general and prime minister of the Guili Assembly a hundred years ago. The Guobo thrives only in the desert. It is a curious creature, with thick fur that turns a yellowish-orange during summer and white in winter. Its body is covered in fingernails grown to attach itself to rocks and trees. The nails are light and sharp enough so that this creature can rapidly run on flat ground. It can survive for up to 3 days without water.


Collei was born on the planet Belhom, her parents acting as ambassadors between the humans and the space dwelling planets on the other side of Galactica that have repopulated since the Fatui War. Even at a young age, she'd displayed a curious attitude towards machines. 

Being labelled as an outcast among her people, she left the world of Belhom to find new friends, but found herself in space alone and without purpose. She bounced from station to station wandering aimlessly until she stumbled across Quanxs. Once there, she saw a lot of possibilities for her future. 

She befriended one of them, who helped her learn how to operate Fatui machines and very quickly became proficient at it once she started practicing. This led to many groups noticing how talented and intelligent she was with machines, and they requested help from Collei. 


Katheryne Info Card

A friendly and perceptive person, she is more than happy to engage all the Adventurers who walk through her doors in brief conversation. She is knowledgeable about most things and (to a certain extent) sensitive to others' feelings. As a result, it is said that she plays a vital role in helping adventurers navigate their way through life and curing them of their homesickness as well.

Lesser Lord Kusanali

Lesser Lord Kusanali info card

The noble Lesser Lord Kusanali was an ancient monster who attempted to destroy a farmer's crop. This 2nd generation Genshin Impact figure from Sentinel Toys is another in a long line of popular figures inspired by the 'Jatakamala' paintings of the region. 

The historic series of paintings depicts the tales of Buddha's previous lives and people, and, since the late 1800s, have been a major influence on Japanese pop culture.

Shikanoin Heizou

Heizou used to be a respected policeman who was getting ready to retire and was happily married. But when his wife was murdered by her best friend, Heizou became so obsessed with finding the killer that he quit the force and became homeless. He's now Ginoza (and the reader's) primary source of information on Reimei.


Azhdaha info Card

Some say that he stands shoulder to shoulder with the Keres, who once ruled over the harbor of stone. Though his scales are powerfully resilient, his talons and fangs are equally dangerous. Make no mistake – he is a true force to be reckoned with!

This dragon, as ancient as the mountains themselves, harkens back to an age where dragons were powerful creatures to be feared and respected. Azhdaha has nothing to fear from this brave adventurer!


Dottore, the Fatui's Demon of Death, has not abandoned his murderous ways. Equipped with a threatening and intimidating look and an even more threatening and intimidating presence, Dottore enters the battlefield with a goal in mind: to harm his enemies as much as possible. For this purpose he carries two instruments of war. 

His weapon, an ax that can be described simply as gigantic and terrifying, is strong enough to cleave mountains in two. 

The other instrument deserves equal awe and fear: his moonlit scythe which can easily cut through steel like butter.

Raiden Ei

Raiden Ei Info Card

His past was marred by tragedy. But according to his closest friends, he had begun to heal, until an assassination attempt forced him back into a shell. Now he must decide between his obligation to protect Mana and the Empire and a chance at a simple life with those he loves.


Teppei Info Card

The sun was bright over the golden sands of Nazuchi Beach, and Teppei was happily helping a group of children build a sand castle. While he was engrossed in his task, he never noticed the group of Yoriki running towards him. 

Thank goodness the Traveler had a keen eye for trouble and showed up in time to stop the attack on him. Acknowledging how strange it was for the Travelers to get involved directly, Teppei led them back to the resistance camp at Fort Fujitou. 

It was there that General Gorou expressed his surprise at how adept they were with their gifts. Teppei quickly explained to everyone that they needed help with destroying the draining trones, before they stole all of the mana from this world.

Unknown God

Unknown god info card

Despite being merciless to mortals in the past, she doesn't seem like a bad god. A pleasantly cheerful little girl who loves to play with toys, but can get destructive when she's angry. She is also known to be spiteful towards certain humans.

Her body is already in bad condition, and the number of her remaining lifespan is uncertain. 

Since she has no physical strength, she can hardly live an active life, but she does not bother with these small things and works hard to decide how to spend her remaining life.

A goddess fighting on the side of mankind—or better said, against their enemies; she came to Tenbi Academy to fight its first battle. This brave and sarcastic girl never misses a chance to make some critical remarks, though her intentions remain unknown to all.

A girl appears before Shino, who feels like a god has been born. It seems like she's trying to make Shino into one of her minions, but...


Paimon is a rather perky young girl with a mean headbutt. She accompanies the Traveler throughout her journey in Teyvat, trying hard to stay positive even though many of her friends are trapped on the other side.

She is cheerful and polite, answering any questions they may have in an informative manner. Paimon takes her work seriously, but maintains a friendly attitude towards the Traveler.

This non-player character is a guide for the Traveler and accompanies them throughout their adventure in Tivat. She was voiced by Nanaka Morishita.


Lyney is a strange boy with a sad, tortured past.He has pale skin and violet eyes, nearly white hair pulled back in to a braided style, a tear shaped mark on his right check, and a top hat.

He has the ability to teleport and use illusions. When he is in the air he can glide with the wind, but that doesn't mean he's good at fighting on it.

Lyney is a young, excitable boy who enjoys using his powers. However, he is not very powerful as he is still an apprentice. He aims to become the greatest magician in the world.


The number one thing that stands out with the power-type Scaramouche's image is his hair. Not only is his violet hair set against an ice-cold color palette raised from the dead, this hairstyle gives off a natural feel. 

It's wonderful how over a white shirt and vest, he has donned the very costume of a knight, in order to create a dandyism that easily cries 'swordsman.' He truly does live up to his motif.

This is the tale of one who rose to be the king's right hand man and who, while easily beating all his foes, fell from grace. The companions he met along the way remain by his side as the dark clouds of war approach. 

A lone warrior, disguised as a minstrel, ends all their strife in one fell swoop.


She likes playing with the crew of The Crux and often visits them in Liyue Harbor when she is not exploring the city. Her favorite toy is an old fishing rod that she found on one of her adventures and has since made it her weapon of choice, first joining The Crux part way through the journey.

She must learn how to work together with this new system and use it in order to stand against evil forces on the horizon. Join us on The Crux, where the adventures are endless.

 One of my favorite characters, Hiking Group Member Yaoyao, uses her sword to perform her Super Move, the Genshin Impact. 

With a name like that, it's probably the most powerful move in the game. Its energy blast is so devastating that she can defeat any enemy with one strike!


Baizhu Genshin was a seemingly ordinary man living in an extraordinary time. The young scholar with his spectacles had just wanted to find the cure for his sister's cataracts, but had accidentally stumbled upon a world-altering discovery.


Cyno Info Card

Cyno is a master of Black Magic. His clothes appear to be inspired by traditional outfits that were worn during the ancient Egyptian civilization. 

He can brandish his sword and move around to face a different direction, even turn around and walk backwards whilst attacking. Such movements can prove useful as he could get behind his foe and deal some devastating attacks.


Varka Info Card

Varka is the head citizen of Mondstadt, a very relaxed man who is well on his way to creating the perfect society. 

This is because his carefree attitude spares him from feeling any guilt over the abuse of his fellow citizens and allows him to simply appreciate the present moment. 

Despite being so lazy, he has tons of enthusiasm and he seems like a cheerful guy, especially when he talks about his research.


Tsaritsa Info Card

The Tsaritsa is a double-ended spear that was said to be able to pierce through "anything." One of the few weapons that can inflict a wound on Tiamat, it is described by Tartaglia as being imbued with the woman's "strong-willed spirit." Her eyes were said to be the only part of her body that could not be pierced by the spear.



She spent many happy hours with her father exploring the world below Genshin Impact, learning more ancient history and discovering relics that would have otherwise been lost to time. As an adult she traveled far away and wrote a best-selling travel guide series which inspired great interest in the country's many historical sites.

He made his first appearance on 16 May 2061 at the Helium-3 Plant. 

He was created many years prior to this by the Director with his own thoughts, aspirations and emotions to serve as an assistant and peer for Klee Dienstbier, who was created more recently. 

He possesses a strong hatred for machines and artificial intelligence systems as he considers them to be inferior to living beings.

 Despite her ill-behaved attitude she cares a lot for her "daughter." 

When Kirito accidentally breaks the wing of a butterfly while trying to catch it, she quickly scolds him and disappears. However, later on it is revealed that she saved the yellow butterfly that was before hanging on her shop's sign after it got injured by a customer.

Kamisato Ayato

Kamisato Ayato Info Card

Meet Ayato Kamisato, the younger brother of Tatsurou and one of the many characters from  Genshin Impact. 

Unlike his older brother, he is more inexperienced at fighting. Instead he handles everything else related to the Shuumatsuron, such as administration and handling other Extremes. 

A very important thing to remember is that Ayato is not an esper, but rather a talented magician who excels in magic-derived technology, almost like magic itself. 

Because Otome uses magic as an alternative source of power, to fend off the Extremist attacks that she cannot even comprehend, he has been supporting her indirectly through all these years.


Iansan Info Card

Iansan is the granddaughter of a rich noble family in Obana province. As such, she was raised in a comfortable life, rich with food and gifts. 

However, Iansan's parents died at an early age, leaving her to be raised by her only remaining blood relation: her grandfather. 

He never treated her differently from the rest of his other grandchildren, as he knew how dissatisfied Iansan would be. 

Although he provided for all his grandchildren equally, this caused a lot of resentment towards Iansan from her cousins and other relatives. 

None of them ever talked to or associated much with her after she came back from the capital city, where she had been gifted a Maton from the Emperor himself.


Thanks to his incredible strength and the tendency to be at the forefront of chaotic battles, Tartaglia has earned quite a reputation. 

However, it seems that Pulcinella trusts this reckless warrior. Their predictions about Tartaglia's actions in battle have so far proven to be correct.

Long ago, the Fatui and humans waged a great conflict - the Fatui saw the tribe's spiritual strength decomposing; They wished to halt their decline by preserving the fragile balance between gods and humans. Armies of humans gathered, and battles filled the days and nights with chaos. But despite this frenzy, not a single Pulcinella made an appearance…


Lynette Info Card

She is young and energetic, but she can be hot-headed. 

She likes to compare herself with anyone she sees and will see it as a challenge if she thinks you are looking down on her, thinking that she can't handle the task given to her. 

Lynette is not someone you want to tick off or else you will never get a word in edgewise because of how enthusiastic she can be. But don't worry; she's mostly harmless.

Lynette is a girl whose dream is to become an adventurer and explore the world. She lives in the town of Genshin Impact, where people adventure and become heroes. 

Her only weakness is that she's afraid of dogs and heights. Lynette also has a mysterious power within her that she doesn't know how to use yet.

She puts so much of her heart into her music that it can seem sometimes as if she's singing through most of her body. 

She used to believe it was impossible for humans and fairies to coexist together peacefully, but after watching many people work hard to get along, she starts to reconsider her opinions.



Signora, is one of the three additional playable characters in Knights of the Old Republic. She is a female Jedi Master who served on Arca Jeth's Jedi Covenant. Operating in the shadows of the Sith-infested Sith Empire during the Great Galactic War, Signora is a cold, calculating and ruthless individual who seeks vengeance against Barbatos, a Sith officer she fought in the past.