Gorou in Genshin Impact Explained

Gorou Info Card

He has been transformed into a cyborg by the Inazuman resistance in order to fight against the Vision Hunt Decree.Fighting style: entirely melee, does not have any long-range attacks and whose only shooting attack is a charge (he can't shoot in an arc from afar)

The port features a large number of changes and additions to the game, including new gaidens (fights), stages, mechanics, characters and moves. The original arcade version used two monitors adjacent to each other called "double play". 

The 360 version instead uses two independent flat panel LCD screens nicknamed "Gorou" and "Jinbouchou" or "Goronchou" in Japan. 

In addition, plenty of new moves have been added to returning characters as well as new mechanics added to the game's fighting engine.

He possesses genetic traits beyond humans, which frightens him as he and his grandfather have been hunted by the government. 

One day, a mysterious man named Noriyuki saves them from being captured by the government and takes Gorou to a secret base. 

There, he meets other children like him, and they train to fight against the government.

His long black hair is tied back into a ponytail and he bears a slight scowl on his face. Even if he's not the most outwardly friendly of our cast, it's clear to see that Gorou is a force to be reckoned with!

He is deeply trusted by his subordinates, and his analysis of people's feelings and actions is faultless. Now that he has been named the new king of Japan, he shuts himself away in deep thought about the nation's future.

A person whom his subordinates trust and admire, he isn't fussy and you can count on him to lend an understanding ear should you need it. 

The army he commanded had its eyes on expanding their territory in the Southern Seas, but Gorou reached retirement age before land or money of value was obtained.

He's a general, but has earned the everlasting trust of his subordinates as a leader. 

Despite his position as a commander, his personality is gentle and creates a relaxing atmosphere around him. 

While he can be strict when he needs to be, he is fundamentally a kind man who you can talk to about anything.


He is never one to hide his feelings and will always give an immediate if not brutally honest opinion on anyone or anything, especially Kokomi. 

It is for this reason he fails to recognise his own feelings towards Kokomi despite several blatant attempts to get his attention.

He is assigned to mechanics at a young age, due to his great skill with machinery. 

Gorou is Kokomi's younger brother, which gives him some authority in the military. 

Gorou himself has a charismatic personality and great skills in battle, being able to communicate with allies and give them advice on how they should act during a fight.

As one of the military's most skilled commanders, he is disciplined and strategic in his tactics, showing care in his decisions even when they lead to deaths. This has caused him great distress. 

With each death weighing upon him, he struggles to make sense of the senseless yet continues on to fight for his ideals nonetheless, carrying the ties that bind him and those who rely on him.

One day You and your friends decide to rebel against one of the commanders on the island, who is known for her cruelty, and cruelty towards animals. With your new friend Kyouko, you'll fight for freedom for both people and animals alike.

Gorou has a noble, masculine and serious personality, but he also has his childish moments. Even though he's an adult, there are still several things that make him similar to a child when it comes to emotional reasoning. 

Because of his earnest nature, the villagers feel very secure with him. He often gets emotional whenever something happens to Kokomi, such as getting hurt or nearly drowning.

As a fierce, but dutiful warrior standing at a height of 3 meters, Gorou is the primary general in command of the resistance army and is one of the main characters—as well as the leader of your team—in Genshin Impact. 

He battles to preserve peace and order in Watatsumi Island using his mighty physical strength and high-speed sword attacks. 

Wielding his dual axes against monsters both big and small, he'll slice, dice and repeat with some stylish mixed martial arts moves, so watch out!


He tries to protect Diona from anyone who wants her for himself then saves her from danger when possible. 

At first, he doesn't believe in his power in the beginning of the game due to an incident in his past and still remains known as a weakling, though he shows his true power in certain scenes of the game.

He dresses in an orange and white shirt with black pants and a belt around his waist. 

He also wears white shoes with a black stripe on each one. Besides his clothes, he wears two yellow cuffs around each wrist and two golden bracelets around each ankle. 

During the first half of the series, he wore a white bandage on his forehead to cover a scar resulting from the surgery to remove his telekinetic fifth antennae.

He is also smart, observant and perceptive to how others feel at times. Sometimes he acts care-free but there are times that he becomes serious yet loses focus or interest quickly. 

He loves his friends and family very much and would do anything to protect them. He also likes helping others and shows great valor when facing powerful enemies.

His outfit is composed of a green shirt under open vest with fur around the neck and sleeveless brown dress shirt over the top with inner white fabric extending from the wrists to the end of the sleeves that are themselves rolled up almost completely, revealing his forearms.

However, in contrast to those of his race, his hair style is messier and his eyes are constantly shut due to heavy eyelids.

Meaning of Name

The name Gorou translates directly to "fifth son". It can be interpreted as an intentionally comedic reference to the Chinese word for dog, and directly translated to the Chinese word for wolf. 

Gorou is a play on words because he is not really a fifth son, but his parents gave him that name anyway.

Gorou appeared in the Genshin Impact series and served as a close companion of Suzuran's Ten'nō Sō Z when his history was introduced. 

Gorou's name is a pun on the onomatopoeic term for a dog's barking, and means fifth son, with the strongest connotation being the word for a fifth son (who inherited his father's dogs) who also worked with him as a shepherd. 

He also worked as a companion for Sō Z who went by the name of Gonryō at that time, prior to heading Tengen's call to join in her liberation efforts from the Nobunaga Clan, whereupon he took up Zuiren.

Things You Should Know About Gorou

  • Gorou was born a weak child with very low chances of survival. He was later eaten by a Chim Dragnuag that was stuck on a mountain after its fleet got destroyed in the Abyss by humans. The transformation inside the chim dragon allowed Gorou to inherit the knowledge of all fallen human ships, thus increasing his fighting skills and outlasting all opponent ships. 
  • He's a hard working and upstanding employee penned in by the peaceful life he leads. Every day it's just going to work, coming home to his beloved pet cat, and the unchanging routine of the local bathhouse. One day, Gorou's ordinary life gets flipped on its head after he meets a certain Ms. Hina, her identity a secret...