Green Star, Red Flag: Morocco Flag Explained

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If you have seen the red flag with a green star, you can be sure that you are in Morocco. Let's take a closer look at the flag and history of this country with its unique nature.

Before going into the design of the flag in detail, it would be healthier to talk a little bit about the Moroccan country and its cultural structure. Once we understand its culture, it will be much easier to understand what the flag symbolizes.

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Morocco in a Minute

Morocco is the country located in the western and northernmost parts of the African continent. This country is directly adjacent to the Southernmost part of the European continent. In between there is only the Strait of Gibraltar. 

This strait connects the Mediterranean and the ocean. Yes, if you live in Europe, the sea route is one of the options that can be used to reach Morocco.

There is a different synthesis as its culture is a mixture of Arab and French. Most of its people speak french. Their native language, Arabic, is not like native Arabic. It has changed somewhat under French influence. This change has added a sophisticated feature to their language.

It has a very special nature. It has deserts, sea, and high mountains... Although it is not the first choice for tourism, it is still worth seeing.

After briefly mentioning it, let's move on to the story of the flag.

Morocco Flag Meaning

The flag of Morocco has a bright red color, with a leaf-colored green star above it.

The green star is in the middle of the flag. This star has five corners.

So what does this green star mean?

The green color is generally preferred in countries with a common religion of Islam. The situation is similar in Morocco.

This star represents the five pillars of Islam. Therefore, it is a five-pointed star.

A similar design to this design was also seen in the 1200s.

So how long has the current flag been used?

Morocco declared its independence in 1915 and since then, this is the official Moroccan flag from a legal standpoint.

Other Morocco Flags in History

The geography of Morocco is one of the starting points of civilization. Even in Harari's Sapiens book, this region is treated. The first peoples established the first civilizations in the north of Africa. Since its history is so deep-rooted, it is normal to use a wide variety of flags.

Order changes, history changes... It is necessary to know that even the reality we live in right now is not actually a continuation of an old order.

As you examine the chronological order below, you will see how much of a changing world we are in.

Idrisid dynasty (788 - 974)

Idrisid dynasty flag

A very normal flag selection for that period. It's from 1100 years ago. Then the world is bigger. And the separating features are not yet sought in flag selections. It is very unlikely that a normal person will even see the flag of a second country in his lifetime.

Almoravid dynasty (1040 - 1147)

Almoravid dynasty flag

The Murabites got their name from a castle they built on the Senegal river. During the medieval period this dynasty was an important power. Its borders extend from north-west Africa to the north. In the south, they hold a large part of present-day Spain. On the flag, Mr. The name of Mohammed is written.

Almohad Caliphate (1121 - 1269)

Almohad Caliphate flag

It is a very creative flag design according to the period in which they lived. Red shows the labor spent on the land at that time, as it does today. However, the square shape in the middle resembles a chessboard. Almohads mean "one who accepts the only one" It was a true religion that motivated many nations at that time. And the glue in this community has been religion.

General (1258-1659)

1258-1659 era flag

I called this period general because different dynasties came to power in the 300-year period, but the flag remained the same. 

Did you notice that this is the closest flag to today's flag in terms of design language. This means that today the region is governed as it was 700 years ago.

Alawi dynasty (1666–1915)

Alawi dynasty flag

A simple red flag. This bright red color still forms the background color of today's flag.

Last Words

Subsequent flags have similar stripes. It carries the Moroccan culture in general, but the effects of the European colonies in the region are visible on the flag. Since the world is at peace today, even though commercial agreements are made, the values of the countries are not interfered with. I hope this approach continues in the future.

You hear the story of a red flag with a green star. Hope you like it. You can find below links of related articles. 

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