+10 Gungeon Shrines Explained

Once all shrines have been used in the floor, the exit to the next floor will open.

A room will still have an exit even if the only shrine in the room is destroyed or if it has yet to be unlocked. 

There are several different types of shrines that provide different rewards, but all shrines always drop hearts, ammo, money, or weapons when destroyed. Most shrine rewards are temporary, although some are permanent.

These statues vary greatly in appearance, from quite plain to being incredibly ornate, and from being extremely small to being larger than the player character.


Ammo Info Card

Shell'tan is the ammo elemental. He appears in The Guns of Ivaldi and Endless Climb floors, although can also appear in The Collector's Room, Ramparts (night), and the Cursed Office floors. 

Like other ammo elementals, Shell'tan will occasionally fire out an expanding ring of bullets that have no interaction with player movement or contact damage.

The elementals flow around the shrine kind of like the cursed tides. 

When you stand on it, they will shoot out of vents at different points around you, just like how the curses are released from the ground.


Dice Info Card

Bizarre and mysterious in its construction, Icosahedrax is a shrine in an abandoned corner of the Shrines' Library. 

Priests and sages say that it plays host to a massive, golden calculator that weaves probabilities in its own image. 


Angel Info Card

The Angel Shrine is located in The Gungeon, near the entrance to the Burning Cage. 

It is locked behind three different locked doors and contains a shrine to a bullet-angel. 

This can be helpful for removing one heart container if you die and do not have two to remove via Bullet That Can Kill The Past, or it can be used as an item drop.


A place in the Gungeon dedicated to the very few examples of friendliness you've encountered in your travels. 

You kneel before it and reminisce on your short-lived friendships with these unlikely heroes. Those that have managed to survive the treacherous gauntlet of bullets, beasts, and traps are sure to have formed strong bonds with one another. 

Now resting with memories of their friendship in spirit, they carry on without you in their quest to find answers for this mysterious Dungeon.


When you first arrive in Gungeon, you will first encounter the Beholster. 

A monster that fires bullets and projectiles like other normal Gungeoneers, but teleports and shoots other Gungeoneers as well. 

It waits in the entrance of the Gungeon and is very hard to defeat; it shoots down all other gungeoneers that try to escape. 

It has 4 different guns it uses. And the Tranq Gun. These are the weapons he uses against you.


Arcadia the gunsmith has the ability to make either a Lucky Weapon, which fires 2-4 extra shots at no cost, or a Broken Weapon, which does less damage and fires only one shot per use. 

These abilities only activate when the player fires a weapon. 

They randomly activate when a spell is cast. The polarity of these arcana allow for a wide variety of effects to be used between them.



Blank Shrine is one of the locations in Enter the Gungeon. It looks exactly like a regular chest, except for the fact it displays the word "Blank" instead. 

It has a 10-13% chance to spawn on any given floor. The chest can contain anything from Pistols to Rifle Scopes, but has a greater chance of larger items.


As any gungeoneer worth their salt knows, Ser Junkan is one of the Gungeon's greatest knights, and also one of the least known. 

Despite possessing great skill and fortune, his small shrine has remained unknown to the masses. Now the sad tale of this brave knight can finally be told...


Blood Info

Blood Fountain is an odd shop in the sense that purchasing something from it will hurt you. 

The more you buy, the less health you have, so the counterintuitive strategy to buying lots of health is to never actually follow through with what you are purchasing. 

So if you want some extra invulnerability to go up against bosses, you might want to kill yourself buying heart containers.


The Glass Shrine is an altar found in the gungeon. It grants three Glass Guon Stones, which block enemy bullets like other stone items, but break if the player takes damage. 

Three more stones can be found in the same room that can be used after breaking each stone to restore the shrine's effect.


Challenger Shrine is a type of Chest. This can be found in random places in the Gungeon. 

The shrine will generate a room with a wave of enemies that must be defeated to gain access to the Treasure or Mimic inside. 

Inside the room, there is usually a platform that the player must stand on to open the chest.


Cleanse Info Card

The player is offered the chance to trade in their current curse for a specific number of coins, provided they have already been granted the curse's benefits. 

This deal is only available when the player's curse is at 5 or more points. The curses, their costs, and benefits are as follows:


Hero Info Card

In Enter the Gungeon, you can find a Hero Shrine in the starting room of The Keep of the Lead Lord. 

The shrine is initially locked behind a large golden door that will only open after killing The Bullet, who resides in the adjacent room. 

In front of the shrine rests a sepia-toned statue of a hero brandishing a pistol and arrow.


In the depths of Gungeon lies a place of rest for one who journeyed far from his home, only to find despair, loneliness, and a lack of bullets. 

By Baron's decree, pilgrims from all across the Gungeon travel to this peace shrine to seek solace. The item was created by Maxwell after he met the bullet who would later become known as Peacemaker. 

However, it is not known if Peacemaker ever reached the shrine, as he only appears in a single quote made by Maxwell. The item itself has a rather interesting history.

If new shrines come up, I will updated gungeon shrines article.