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Before he served Xiangling, Guoba was once a god known as Marchosius, the God of the Stove and Patron God of the Soil. After the nation's destruction during the Archon War, he was among the survivors who went on to establish Liyue Harbor.

Known as the "God of the World's Soil", Marchosius was originally a god who oversaw the ritual to harvest soil. Following the nation's destruction during the Archon War, he was amongst a handful of survivors who went on to establish Liyue Harbor. Here, he transformed into Guoba, the familiar we see today.

Despite his odd appearance, he is a mighty god and has been the guardian god of the shrine in Liyue Harbor ever since. He's a playful god who's always looking for fun, but deep down he's actually a rather serious person.

A warrior god in charge of household spirits, Marchosias was forced to re-established himself as Guoba after being sublimated. As a god responsible for the earth, he is constantly at odds with Sekundes and will fight with all he has to protect the soil that supports all life.


 He was a former war god from Raven and former deity Marchosias who presided over the family members within their new lives. 

While unable to speak, Guoba is capable of remembering what was familiar to him as Marchosias, such as his friend Ularis. Guoba assists Xiangling in her journey, but he usually only helps by boosting her morale or by ingesting plenty of food.

The former deity Marchosius was reincarnated and reborn as an Inkfox pup named Guoba. Despite his awkward tendencies and love for eating, Guoba is a skilled fire-keeper and can engage the powers of all five elements.

He can be seen as a very friendly creature, although it doesn't talk, but communicates in fire instead. He isn't one for fighting at all, mainly staying close to Xiangling to keep her spirits up.

He has taken the form of a fire-breathing guinea pig after losing a bet to Xiangling over who could drink more milk. He helps out around the house, but he is notoriously lazy and dreamy and typically ends up helping Xiangling by accidentally knocking things onto her head.

He was trapped in the ruins of his beloved home world Focus before being saved by Xiangling. While he has been reborn in Genshin as a humanoid, he has not lost his desire to see the world. He does not speak Common, or any other language for that matter. However, due to his experience as an adeptus and the deity that he once was, he has kept all of his magical abilities. 


It is able to walk, jump and manipulate its tail as per a normal panda. It has some sort of shoulder cannon ability that fires globs of energy, but it can not use it for long as the energy drains swiftly from its batteries. Guoba also has a vacuum-tube that does not seem to have any combat capabilities at all and can be used like a walking stick or cane.

Malloc is a gun-wielding minion that fires yellow, explosive spheres containing a particle from the Special Zone. He wears sunglasses and has organic implants around his head, as well as wheels on his ankles. Although Malloc's projectiles travel slowly, they are rather powerful and explode quite violently on impact.

His face features two eyes that protrude slightly from the face, in addition to a mouth and a nose. Both eyes as well as his mouth are glowing with large, white dots trailing behind both eyelids and his lips, respectively. These dots are not just decorational, but actual pixels that can glow in four different colors: Red-orange with three small white spots on each of them reflects Guoba's anger by quickly changing between the four colors, while calm makes him wear black dots instead of white ones. All eight eyes (four on his face and four on his helmet) have this ability.


He is capable of creating fire, which manifests itself as his inability to handle spicy foods despite his fondness for them. He is also capable of producing fire at will without the aid of flint or matches, carrying raw meat and vegetables such as bok choy that have not been pre-chopped, rapidly cleaning up a messy kitchen using his fire-cleaning ability, placing ingredients with precision quickly into the wok while avoiding injury.

He has mastered the art of fire manipulation to the point that he is able to adjust his flames while cooking to not only remove porcine hair, but also make an omelet in mid-air without the egg breaking, or even burn without destroying objects placed above it.

Guoba enjoys spicy food, but while he can handle some hot foods such as Sichuan pepper, his weakness is red pepper. His eyes are always closed and his luscious hair has been tied in a ponytail with what seems to be a scallop of an animal.

His ability to create flame and control the heat with his powers are a great aid to Gene, who has also developed a talent for cooking. Gene uses Guoba's ability to roast pig bristles into a crispy texture and use them as fillers in meat buns.

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The Past

He used his divine powers to protect them, spreading warmth and light into every home. While he was loved by humans and gods alike, Marchosius was a target for the demons that lived in the flames of Genshin Impact. They hoped to kill him as they struggled against the adepti to burn down the city.

The first god of fire and the inventor of the stove, Guoba's presence is never easily forgotten. His unwavering love for mankind's comfort lives on in every hard-working fire demon that families contain within their hearths and stoves.

A noble lineage once prospering on the lands that have since become Novus Mondo, the historiography surrounding this being is unfortunately scarce. However, there are some historical materials that mention it; certain omphalos scriptures describe its origins as well as its defeat at the hands of Collatinus at the end of his life. In light of these entries, it seems fitting to edit and translate them here to ensure their memory is not lost among Novus Mondites.

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