Hu Tao in Genshin Impact Explained


Within the world of Liyue, its peacefulness has been shattered by a plague from another land.  The gates to hell have been opened, the dead have risen, and their souls have been taken from their corpses. 

In the wake of this tragedy, Wangsheng undertaker Hu Tao has organized a funeral service and called upon her trustworthy allies to help remove this threat and restore peace to the land.

Hu Tao is a casual character, with a personality that reflects her ordinary life in modern society. She enjoys travelling, playing video games, and singing in karaoke bars. 

Her expertise in the world of death comes in handy in helping people make their final farewells.

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Hu Tao's mind is a lot more complex than others realize, but her upbeat attitude toward life and her friendly nature draw people toward her. 

Her eccentric personality leaves a lot of people wondering if she is a little bit insane, but she doesn't seem to care. 

She still manages to get what she wants by her own way. Despite this, she has a very close relationship with Xiao, which was also seen between Arika and Takeru Teshimine from the previous spin-off games.

She lived most of her life in the company of her grandfather, who is also depicted as eccentric. 

She has an enormous appetite, which she inherited from her grandfather, who claims to have once eaten an entire cow. 

Extremely hungry when arriving at the Ra Ciela island chain (which she thought were "more like mountains than islands"), she quickly becomes acquainted with the group's chef Rupa; their mutual love for food is what initially ignites their friendship.

A prankster at heart, she loves creating havoc all on her own. 

She even develops an illegal attraction device to attract more men towards her, which is eventually confiscated by the police. 

However, that didn't stop her from using the same attraction device on Wang Da Dong.

She tends to present herself as a no-holds-barred, sincere, and unorthodox character. 

Her sense of humor is often profane and off-color, but it can be seen as refreshing by those who often deal with the pressures of work. 

Though she has a strong sense of camaraderie, she can be quite selfish at times, not really caring about doing things for others' sake other than her own amusement. 

From the outside, Hu Tao is a lazy and cynical girl. However, she covers it by biting insults and sarcastic jokes. 

She has an unusual knowledge about the adepti and Liyue's past for someone who just recently became a level 2 employee at Gladius. 

She suspects that Zhongli is an adeptus based on his demeanour, but usually keeps this a secret from those who are unaware for their own safety.

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Although she has a pretty face with full lips, her doll-like appearance combined with her often neutral expression sometimes makes it hard to read the emotions behind her eyes. 

She has a petite build and rarely shows any emotion. However, when she is engaged in serious tasks or conversation, her eyes brighten and her whole face erupts happily in a smile.

The lower part of her vest mimics this design, but is entirely white instead, and serves as her skirt. She wears two long yellow ribbons in front, bow-like in appearance, tied in opposite directions. 

Her winter uniform replaces the sweater vest with a gray jacket with red fur around the collar and arm holes.

The dress is pale blue with deep blue decorative designs on the shoulders and waist area, which comes in the form of rectangular bow-like designs. She wears thigh-high socks under a pair of long black tabi boots with decorated edges.

Despite her outspoken and friendly attitude, she dislikes close contact with others. 

She wears her hair in twintails tied with black ribbons that are wrapped around the tips of her hair to layer it into cute shapes, detailed with small bows on each tip.

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  • As I expected, it's impossible to see any of the records transferred to the Feiyun Slope Bulletin Board by Old Baizhu. It has all become a shadow in history -- this is something that never happened. Even though Old Baizhu will never know, it also doesn't matter. His daughter is now resting with dignity underneath the red maple trees on the slope of Siqing Mountain.
  • The Hu Tao in Genshin Impact is an elegant reproduction of the Chinese weapon based on historical documents. It consists of a stout staff with metal caps mounted at each end and affixed to the staff by bamboo segments. What makes it unique is that it also has hidden butterfly swords, allowing the wielder to conceal them within the segments of the staff or deploy them at any time.
  • Hu Tao is a Chinese swordswoman and the only 'Original' in Kajika to enter the Genshin Impact tournament because she has always gone alone, and rarely participates in tournaments. 
  • She has a very refined and elegant personality, and is an extravagant girl that loves to aim for the top. As such Hu Tao wears clothes that are designed with her refined tastes in mind: a plum blossom decoration on her hat symbolizes the coming of spring.