6 Hu Tao Constellations in Genshin Impact

Hu Tao is an interesting Claymore charged attack user. In this guide we will focus on Hu Tao Constellations. Her skill set is really powerful and complex, making her a great option if you want a more advanced character. 

She is the only daughter of the director of the Wangsheng cemetery. Although she came from a respected family, she bears no ambition and couldn't care less about status quo. Hu Tao aspires for something even greater than climbing the ladder of success.

Hu Tao is capable of summoning the powers of Yin, Yang and Nature of the dead. When in battle, Hu Tao can bear the power of the eternally slumbering souls to earn their favor and blessings. When she has accrued a sufficient amount of favor, Hu Tao can offer her Faith to her many slumbering soul friends to temporarily increase attack speed or gain several other combat buffs.

Crimson Bouquet (Level 1)

Crimson Bouquet Info Card

Hu Tao's Charge Attacks do not consume Stamina while in a Paramita Papilio state activated by Guide to Afterlife. This is one of the most overpowered passive abilities and a build designed around maximizing its potential can be used to hunt the toughest bosses in game.

At the end of the skill's duration or upon manually activating it again, Hu Tao will enter Paramita Papilio state where her normal and charged attack DMG is increased. 

During this state, Hu Tao takes on Peony form and cannot be knocked airborne or stunned. She may leave the Paramita Papilio state by using the skill again.

Ominous Rainfall (Level 2)

Ominous Rainfall Info Card

Rain that can herald a large-scale disaster, and engulf large areas. Hu Tao's charged attack damage is increased by an amount equal to 10% of her Max HP. 

Additionally, the Spirit Soother effect will be applied to enemies hit by the charged attack, with hit enemies suffering from Blood Blossom.

Ominous Rainfall can be applied when Hu Tao reaches maximum HP, so it gives a boost to her Blood Blossom damage, increasing her overall power and strength.

While the effect is active, the damage of her normal and charged attacks is equal to a percentage of Hu Tao's maximum HP. This effect can be triggered up to 3 times if enough rain clouds are present.

Lingering Carmine (Level 3)

Lingering Carmine Info Card

Dispersed over the peaks of Qingyun, this Carmine Rapier is imbued with a rare power. As long as it is in the Traveler's possession, the weight of their sins will not disappear, and that which is lost after death cannot be returned…

The glimmering thread that connects life and death. This book could use it in strengthening the bond between you and Mondstadt, your home.

Garden of Eternal Rest (Level 4)

Garden of Eternal Rest Info Card

This ability is available once per every 10s. When Hu Tao uses her Elemental Skill or BURST, it will consume a bloom from the Blood Blossom and mark the nearby enemies in a small AoE with a Blood Blossom. 

When a marked enemy is defeated while still being affected by the Blood Blossom, up to 5 allies within its radius (excluding Hu Tao herself) are granted CRIT Rate Boost.

This is a build that allows Hu Tao to get to the max CRIT Limit with ease. By stacking the amount of CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG and converting that into DMG Bonus, you can create a burst machine of damage guaranteed to melt any boss down.

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Floral Incense (Level 5)

Floral Incense Info Card

Spirit Soother deals AoE damage to surrounding enemies. It takes 24 seconds for the flower to bloom, which causes periodic AoE damage and reduces targets' DEF by 24%. 

Damage dealt scales based on Spirit Soother's level. The duration of this skill is affected by a lower cooldown reduction. Using this item is an instant action.

Butterfly's Embrace (Level 6)

Butterfly's Embrace Info Card

You can use this item when your HP drops below 25% or when you suffer a lethal strike. You will not fall as a result of the DMG sustained. 

Additionally, for the next 10 seconds, all of your Elemental and Physical Resistance will be increased by 200%, your critical rate will be 100% and your resistance to interruption will be greatly increased.

When the brilliant leader of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor is backed into a corner, she can draw upon her inner reserves for one last desperate attempt at victory.

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