Iansan in Genshin Impact Explained

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She was one of the top students at Sanderling Academy, until she was sent to the Sphere of Aergon by the Teyvat. They're planning to use her as a weapon against Aden and his army.

Iansan is one of the most high-ranking members of The Osdai, the elite yet mysterious group that secretly runs the galaxy. 

In order to steal back an artifact called the Casperia from FC Teyvat and his Mercantile Guild, Iansan teams up with Cidraen and Faelen to penetrate their stronghold.

She can be considered as one of Neyvat's celebrities, and she is also known as Miss Teyvat. Her cute face and her spoiled attitude is a big boon to her popularity.

Her people are concerned about the lack of natural resources on Dextra, and Iansan travels to Earth to assist in developing new technology and solutions. She remains on Earth, being highly valued by the Earthlings as an unmatched scientist and engineer.

Iansan is a noble general of the Beast Clan and one of the Four Beast Warriors sworn to protect Gatoh, she's also known for her prowess in combat as well as insubordination, she served as an antagonist in Chapter 6 and 7 then rejoined the party during Act V.

She is the only daughter of Quuquon, and is a sister to the Sister, Sorina. She has been friends with Kiri for many years. 

A young girl, born into a prestigious family of swordsmiths, she is slightly clumsy and unskilled in martial arts. Despite this, she is extremely devoted to her craft and strives to live up to the name of Iansan. She is good friends with Jiro and entrusts him with her last remaining sword which he uses to fight with.

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Her main fighting style revolves around her ability to manipulate light and shadows, despite being an adept hand-to-hand fighter with great speed to boot. Unknown to most, she and Raku's apprentice, Talon, have a constant comical rivalry playing out during their training sessions. 

They do however work very well together in battle despite their differences.

Her usual choice of clothing is very revealing, but she usually has her jacket draped over her shoulders and barely wears any clothing underneath. 

She always seems to have a can-do attitude, as she feels that there is nothing that can't be accomplished with enough time and effort. As such, she also often tends to get into daring situations in order to feel needed.

While she looks thin and frail at first glance, once a Fullbright child experiments with her technique they realize that those first impressions were deeply flawed. She has very soft skin.

Iansan is probably one of the most powerful Sans Elder. In fact she is so powerful that she has not encountered any major conflict in her lifetime. 

She has the ability to control dreams, create them, and enter them at will. She is by far one of the most physically strong characters on FKZP, but is not much of a battle-oriented fighter.

Often seen with an adventuring companion that steps from the pages of an adolescent adventure novel, Iansan exudes an aura of confidence that can only be cultivated over time in those who have wandered a great deal of the world.

She's got soft skin, warm hands, and always smells good. She will appear to you first in your dreams and explain her purpose in life.

The Beige Yellow range is an all-round colour option that coordinates with everything. Iansan is the culmination of everything we've learnt about what makes a great baby (and toddler) carrier - and she looks nice, too!


  • Iansan (variously spelled) is a deity from the Yoruba religion and the Afro-Latin American religions of Candomblé and Santería, known as Yansan or Iansã in Brazil. She was an orisha in the religious traditions of Sub-Saharan Africa, strongly associated with fire, lightning and thunder. She also carries messages between families, forgives sins, helps to reconcile enemies, and protects against witchcraft.
  • Her name means "the coming storm," while her divinity corresponds to the powerful force of Ìyánníààn (natural lightning). Women who served as priests of Iansan were known as Ianíkèrès or "Carrying-Iansans." These women carried not only religious power but also political power, as they had been excluded from the councils of religious counsel that governed military decisions. However, they were able to gain influence by using their powers as priestesses over their own communities.
  • Iansan, the restless deity of thunder, lightning, and the sea. Iansan's worshippers live in fear of her wrath and work to appease her with human sacrifices. These unfortunate souls are thrown into the wild ocean by the hundreds—if not thousands—to appease this cruel goddess every year.
  • This charming story introduces a girl named Shania, whose name may have been after the cat who adopted her. Shania wanted to live with her real family but couldn't until she helped Iansan bring life back to the village by taking care of a sacred fire that had gone out.