Iron Saga Tier List: +30 Characters Explained

Are you new to the game, and find yourself in a position where you need to decide which characters to play as? Luckily, I got your back! Below is the tier list for Iron Saga! 

There are some savvy studios out there that have been around since the beginning of the mobile gaming revolution, and still retain their hold on all of us in the name of love for certain games. 

This game, also called IS, is a new card game with stunning graphics and a steep learning curve. 

It is something different, but altogether familiar.


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Doujiang Gai
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Tyrant I

S-Tier Characters

Doujiang Gai

The Doujiang Gai is a tier 3 champion mech (level 50 unlock) in the game. 

What makes it special? 

It is arguably the best melee mech in its class. It has excellent damage coupled with a last-stand trait that lasts 5 seconds; which allows you to fight while your shield regenerates and win more duels or even survive further into the match if your team isn’t letting you down.


Asura is a fast and slender unit that looks like a slime or some kind of an extraterrestrial being. 

Its basic nature grants it to be a great scout, able to sneak across the map for a surprise attack. 

While its moves are quite quick and doesn’t allow you to grab a lot of resources due to the absence of the ability to load up on extra crystals. 

To compensate for this, Asura is blessed with traits that debuff enemies when it gets destroyed. 

Combine these traits with the speed and you can slip in between quickly and dish out some damage before getting killed off.


The Zulong is a melee fighter but it lacks the versatility and mobility similar to other ranged units such as the Gordo or Katar, making it more vulnerable. 

On the other hand, it possesses a special ability that allows it to knock back its enemies, creating space between itself and them. 

Zulong's melee attacks can deal additional damage which makes it a great choice for finishing off weakened opponents.

A-Tier Characters

Breaking Dawn

This is a mech I made that uses beam weapons. It may not appear to be intimidating at first with its big bulky face but this guy packs a punch. 

IT has two beam weapons instead of the normal one since it’s main role is crowd control. 

It would look silly if it used weak beams for crowd control though so I made those beams take the backseat. 

The beams are only strong enough to make small dents in enemy mechs while the main gun deals most of the damage.


The Galahad is arguably the best ranged SS in the game. One of its defining characteristics being the fact it has a unique hitbox which differs from other SSs. 

Despite being an A-tier unit, there’s one reason why one would choose this over the Platina: Its special move is analogous to the legendary Excalibur, with both having some of the highest burst damage in the game, along with a freeze status (Excalibur’s special freezes on contact while Galahad’s freezes a certain area). 


The Paimon has the same skills as the Belial, only with more crowd control options and an AoE skill that can also paralyze enemy units. 

The Paimon will probably be the mage of choice for a number of players who like to play a support role and lock down enemies.

Bat Samurai

The Bat Samurai is one of the new classes introduced in Cygames Magicrush. 

It packs a number of skills from both the ninja and samurai trees, making it an interesting, yet straightforward class.


The Susanoo has no passive ability, so each weapon loadout must have one. If you're looking for a purely offensive loadout, you can opt to take Deflector Shield III with your first module choice.

They're a damage-dealing class that relies on taunting enemies to reduce incoming damage and harass their foes with an all-encompassing arsenal.

The Susanoo's barrier provides some defensive capabilities, but it's true potential lies in its offensive prowess.


The Thor is a very aggressive unit that can inflict status ailments on its opponents with its attack damage. 

It’s incredibly tanky and can soak up punishment by utilizing evasion techniques in its ability kit. 

Its range isn’t the best, but the Thor has no problem getting close to the enemy lines and can tank damage to deal a lot back out. 

This creates an interesting combo where you can have it face-off against enemy units while your other units fire on and destroy their turrets from a distance.


Jormungand is (in my opinion) the best long-ranged mech in the game. 

It has great accuracy, as well as high damage and above average speed. 

With the right setup and pilots I've shown myself to deal over 2000% damage on a target. 

Wood and Trista have boosted me to lethal levels of late and are worth their weight in gold!

Sin 3

The Sin 3 is a unit from the Iron Saga mobile game, and it’s one of the best units to use when starting out in the game. 


As I’m sure most of you are aware, the Belial is fundamentally a safe tank. It has an anti-ranged barrier that recharges by 10% every second (50-55% power per second), and regenerates 30% of its HP by overheating. 

Once you drop below 50%, you get an overheating effect, and start gaining 20% HP every 2 seconds (60% power per second).

The Belial is the last of the titanium units in the EDF series and its ultimate ability is a self-destruct as well as one that reduces movement speed. 

Reno mk2

The original Reno was a light mech with excellent scouting capabilities and good damage potential but extremely fragile in melee. 

Light mechs are inherently fragile due to limited armour and poor hitboxes but they excel in scouting, harassing, and early harassment. 

The new and improved Reno mk2 trades some of the scouting capability for a heavy armour buff, making it more suitable for taking the offensive role.

It has now been two weeks since the release of the new patch and I have spent most of my time playing this new hero on Hero League. 

B-Tier Characters

Xuang Wu

Xuang Wu is a style of Wushu that specializes in close quarter combat. 

The practitioners of Xuang Wu are usually heavier than other practitioners. 

This is because of the heavy Lin Chun uniforms and long Ma Bu (horse stance). These are usually trademarks for this style together with strong attacks and paralyzing throws.

Infinity Cosmos

The Infinity Cosmos is the best choice for an endgame weapon with a boss-exclusive version of "Unfading" Skill attached. 

For primary stats choose – Attack, Defense, Stamina or Mind. 

This weapon is an excellent choice against bosses and it's very good in PvE contents. 

It was tested by Igarashi during our pre-S11 test server phase and provided excellent damage results against a boss during that time. 

The stamina option is highly recommended as its stamina bonus will allow Earth/Blade to spend more time on the boss and potentially provide more damage overall than other options.

Nero S

The Nero is a tier 5 light mech that is basically an upgraded version of the Railjack, another F-tier light mech. 

The Nero is a slug with legs. This isn’t unique to it, since most high armor units are conventionally slow, like the Stalker or Overlord. 

But unlike the others, the Nero has no ranged attack option at first. It does after upgrading its Kai from the shop. 

You could get it early if you snagged two lucky upgrades from mission rewards, but that isn’t possible otherwise.


Equipped with an energy shield and powerful shock turrets, the Albatross mech is extremely versatile in any combat situation. 

It can defend an area by itself for a long while, or act as a support mech and tank for other units.

The main energy source on this mech is an all around high capacity battery. 

This allows the Albatross to use the purely defensive thruster pack without running out of juice too quickly and having to rely solely on the backup fuel cell system.


At first glance, this mech's stats might not be impressive, but it can be a real asset on any team. With plenty of attack speed and good HP, the Kaguya is a force to be reckoned with. 

It also has an ability that doles out fire damage to enemies and can help you take out the enemy's tower in no time with its high DPS.

C-Tier Characters

Lancelot GL

A character with unusually high defense and effective HP, this monster will survive all but the most persistent of attacks. 

Its damage output is surprisingly good for a tank, and it offers reliable debuffing in an element that lacks otherwise.


Its strengths are high sustained damage and area control. 

It can slow enemies with both area attacks and debuffs. 

On the flip side, it can struggle to kill fast moving targets and does not have very good defenses.

The GAWAIN is a unique ranged mech. 

While it does not have any attacks that cause direct damage, it can provide some disruption to opponents with debuffs. 

Valk SC

If you’re playing as a mage, the Valk is your go-to craft. It allows you to use two consecutive skills with the same cast time. 

This enables you to set up combos that deal massive damage or CC many enemies at once. 

The Valk sacrifices most of its stats in order to give its pilot this ability. 

This limits its effectiveness in other situations, but it’s a great craft to have when you’re playing solo.


Players will need to watch out for melee units, however, since the claws and teeth of the Longdan are less effective in a short range duel than projectiles.

Tao Wu

With a high-damage, three-shot weapon and two missiles, Tao Wu is capable of putting out over 4,500 damage per run. 

However, Tao Wu's only real purpose in the game is for farming weaponry and money. 

She doesn't possess many special abilities (or even attack abilities) at all, so while she can single handedly pump out $25,000+ per run (with perfect luck), she tends to be single minded in that purpose rather than being able to adapt to different situations.

Heavy Kongou

The Heavy Kongou is a spear that specializes in disruption. 

It has a long range, but the damage output is not very high. 

It does have great utility because it can send multiple enemies flying into the air. 

This allows your allies with abilities that perform better in the air to get more hits on those enemies while they are up there.


Spilornis is a flying unit that is exchanged for Luna, one of the new Autumn Summoning Heroes this year. 

She deals area damage making her effective against masses of low hp enemies, but weaker against single targets with high health due to her single-target attacks. 

However, she has great survivability via dodges and can also debuff enemies to slow their movement speed by 40% if they have been hit by Spilornis' skill once.


The zhuque is extremely vulnerable to melee attackers. 

They can shred you up in seconds, knocking them back and retreating might save their life and yours.
The Zhuque is one of the two starter mechs. 

It’s a great beginner mech as it’s relatively durable and can dish out good damage, while most beginner pilots still need to get used to how a few of the abilities are activated. 

They’re not hard to fix once you learn how the controls work, but can pose some problems early on.


The Astaroth has no need to hide behind walls or other structures. 

It’s armored hide and grab attack lets it do damage while getting in close. 

While the majority of it's attacks are melee range, it can close the gap on unsuspecting enemies. 

It's easy to think that this monster favors melee attacks over ranged, but it will happily switch back and forth lifting enemies into the air from a distance and hurling them at your hero with its heavy hitting melee attack.

Demon Blade

The Demon Blade strikes instantly, and disappears the moment it attacks. 

It's therefore hard to catch from a distance. 

As a melee demon, the Demon Blade deals damage at range by throwing energy balls of dark matter.

These energy balls travel quickly, so it's hard for enemies to dodge them on the battlefield.

D-Tier Characters

Agaress RS

The Agaress is another relatively cheap tier that is easily overlooked. 

It derives its primary attack from guns and forms a wide arc around itself but has very poor melee range. 

There is a significant delay between attacks but the damage is high. 

It does not have any shields of note though, which makes it very vulnerable to melee attacks and projectiles. 

This is sub-optimal for fighting in melee but potentially usable as a flying turret.

Baal KS

He can sustain damage with his healing, however, he will not be able to take heavy fire from the enemy team. 

Another factor about this particular mech is that it has an incredibly fast movement speed, which is further increased by his ability to jump while moving.

Master Hei

A light mech that makes clones of itself. 

Clones aren't crucial, but they can be used for distractions making it ideal to let them be killed while the original escapes. 

There are some people who would save the clones to make a group of 4-5 clones and use Kawarimi on all of them at once. 

This could be good if timed correctly.


The Bloodwolf is your typical ranged missile launcher, with the largest payload of missiles it comes equipped with a total of five. 

These missiles are heavily guided by their owner’s mind through the connection provided by cybernetic implants similar to those that mindwiped the owner’s personality.

Qi Qing Long

This mech has a poor health pool. 

You'll need to avoid entering almost all direct flights. 

Use your mobility and disruption skills to make the enemy waste their most powerful skills and then escape if you get targeted.

Riot Police

There are two versions of Riot Police Units. One is for Ice, while the other is for Fire. 

Both units are identical to each other in terms of relative strengths and weaknesses. 

They both share debuffing capabilities on their abilities, as well as low damage attacks.

Artemis Q

The Apollo is Artemis’ sister ship. It also has four medium hardpoints, but two of them are dual-fixed instead of three single-fixed. 

The Apollo is a harder ship to play than the Artemis, but it's more suited for the endgame, and it's generally more fun to fly. 

It packs a lot of firepower in one fast ship, and its speed means it can catch a lot of enemies off-guard.

A well-played Apollo can easily rack up 50+ frags in a public match.


The Tsukikage is the third available companion when the player first creates their character. 

It belongs to the DPS role and uses a katana as the main weapon. 

As it has decent damage, it can help you in PvE, especially early levels. 

But it shows its weaknesses in PvP since all of its attacks are dash-action and any CC becomes fatal in PvP matches.


Don't be fooled by its looks, because it's main advantage over other mechs is the ability to unlock every component in the game without requiring engineers. 

Let me show you how to unlock every component in the game so you can customize your Baihu for any situation!

This is the worst part of the Iron Saga Tier list. Enjoy anyway! 

F-Tier Characters


I wouldn't recommend a build that used this weapon, if you're making a Crusader build. 

The range is just too weak.

I would recommend any of the other ranged weapons: I think Daedalus has the most range, and is pretty deadly. I love Legendaries, so I use Basilisk Fang. But none of these can match Artemis Bow's amazing stat bonuses and dex. 

Even though Artemis Bow has a higher attack speed than Daedalus and Basilisk Fang (which also makes it easier to use), its damage still seems lackluster.


The Flamewind is a missile ship that has a solid defense and strong fire-based attacks. 

It has a very high Fire Rate which means it can dish out an incredible amount of damage in a short time.

However, the Flamewind is very fragile so you need to be good at dodging. 

It also has an above average Defense and a low Accuracy, so you don’t need to worry too much about your aim.


The Kamui is one of the six Mechs you can choose from when making your character. 

The general consensus on the forums seems to be that the Kamui isn’t a bad Mech, it’s just not used correctly and therefore most people end up finding a different one more useful for their build. 

Taylor Star

The Taylor Star is the worst player in this game.  Besides her being a weak character, her stats are below average. 

In fact, she has three double weaknesses that neither of your other characters have to contribute to. 

She has no positive traits and barely makes it through the tutorial alive with the help of her captor.

Tyrant I

The Tyrant I is one of the most fearsome mechs on the planet, it has no equal beneath it and everything above it. 

Outside of controlled conditions, its main opponent will be the Dreadnaught which is a much tougher opponent to fight against.

Last Words

This is the end of the Iron Saga Tier List. If you like it, there are more in my blog section. You can visit via clicking the button which is located at the top-left corner.