Itto in Genshin Impact Explained

Arataki Itto Info Card

This is Itto of the Hiten Clan, also known as "Itto the Demon Blade", who was granted his sword Tenro by his master Tougen, a swordsmith of the secret art Oni no Kanzashi. 

Although he's young, he is a man with Oni blood in his veins and various friends and enemies. Other than his cool upright character and burly physique, he has the No-Sword-Attribute-Bearing-Person. As a result he is always underestimated by others who wrongly believe that he possesses no swordsmanship whatsoever. 

Even if ten opponents appear before him, they will all be defeated one at a time by just his sword Tenro. Well then, let's go to different worlds beyond the imagination…

Born of a god and a mortal, Itto trained to become a samurai and inherit the power of his father. Studying the secrets to life and death, he is able to draw strength from both in battles with Oni. 

Born and raised as a fisherman in the village of Bihoku, Itto was orphaned at an early age and moved in with his uncle. 

His father left behind a sword called the Spirit Sword, which Itto took up to live his life as a fisherman. For many years, he led a peaceful life with his wife, Yuki and their five children. 

However, when the children were young and Itto and Yuki's eldest son, Rinko was still only a toddler, Yuki disappeared on her way home from visiting her mother. 

Not long after this incident, the dreaded forty-seven Ronin attacked Bihoku Village in search of revenge for their lost master Asano Naganori.


Despite his intimidating appearance, Itto is a big softie at heart. With his band of followers, the Itto gang, he enjoys pulling pranks and causing trouble in Inazuma City. They continuously antagonize Kujou Family's heir, Kujou Sara, with whom he shares a long past.

Although Itto is a Yakuza godfather, he is really a kind and friendly person at heart and does not let violence get in the way of his friendly and sociable demeanor. 

Even when mad, he still tries to make friends with people, including Kujou Sara whom he constantly fights with for fun. He loves sweets, especially cakes and pastries.

 Itto is a rough and impulsive man who does not bother about loyalties. He enjoys teasing others, especially Kurama Misao , by calling him "Kuramayo". 

He usually infuriates Kujou Sara and Amachi Takeshi by picking fights with them. When he was young, he went to undersea school, where he learnt to use his powers freely.

He lives in the slums and plays many pranks on people. He has largely good intentions and is rather kind-hearted and harmless, but is nonetheless considered a threat to the authorities. 

Lovable but not exactly smart, it was he who convinced a formerly delusional Akki that two of his friends were truly alive and that they would meet again.

Kujou Sara, a young girl from Kyoto attending Kujou High School, has always admired the infamous former head of the Tsuchimikado Itto-Ryu, and resolved to follow in his footsteps. 

However, she quickly discovers that he is nothing as she had imagined and hurries home once her dog attacks him in an ill-conceived attempt at revenge. Luckily for her, Maki Ayako--the kindly headmistress of Kirisaki Girls' Academy--steals a glance at her fighting skills and decides to accept her as the student of the year.


One of the three guardians of the Beast Spear whose soul was obtained by Madarao's ancestor. His ears are crimped and his hair is tied into a pompadour.

He wears a red shirt, with a V-neck, black bands around his neck, chest, arms and backside; frilly yellow shorts with red rings around each armpit and each of his legs; a black scarf around his neck; golden earrings; thigh high colored socks that have black frills at the scrunchy area and above Itto's heels are long black boot covers with spines on the insides.

He has white spiked hair with red streaks that goes down to his back. He has two red horns on his forehead, and he wears red lipstick to contrast his pale skin. His eyes are brown and shaped like diamonds, and he has tasuki in a cross-shape around his chest as well as multiple piercings on his earlobes.

He is well known throughout the village as the best oni hunter there ever was. His wife left him soon after his son was born. Itto loves his family and will do anything for them; this includes sending them away to an inescapable location out of harm's way.

Itto is a calm and fair leader respected by those he leads and feared by his enemies. He trusts in his allies, especially Ginkotsu, and does not harbor any ill thoughts against them. 

He refuses to kill humans due to their nature as sentient beings, but is more than willing to kill other demons. Like most of his race, he despises humans for their arrogance and exerting rights over both demons and the Makai itself.

A friend of Kenshi, Itto fought alongside him in the war against the demon clans that dominated Japan before the time of Kenshi's grandfather. 

He encountered Kenshi when the boy was a baby and saved his life from an attack by Batsu. He looked after Kenshi as if he were his own son, teaching him all he could about what is happening with the world around them.

Meaning of Name

Arataki's surname comes from the name of a famous Noh play, Arataki. His given name Itto was written with the kanji for "one dipper" and might imply that he is a descendant of Arataki from Tales of the Floating World 2 (aka Genroku Chushingura).

Itto's backstory is quite intricate. "Arataki" is the Japanese reading for the Japanese 嵐滝; another possessive of 或卽町, present-day Itto-cho, Kazusa, Chiba. In the original text, it is written as 昇高 instead of 一斗. 

The most important stream in Japan - Kiso no Itto (The origin of the Itto River) - flows through this place, which lies only a half a day's journey from Mt. Fuji and can be seen from the temple.

Whenever the name Itto is mentioned in Genso Shōden Gentōji [1], it is followed by the exclamation, "One dipper! How scary!" or other such expressions of awe. The term One Dipper refers to the constellation Ursa Major, and we do not know whether this is what he was meant to be named after or whether he was simply given a name that indicated something grand. 

However, when naming things from our own world, one should first seek to avoid similar problems of confusion—for example, through having multiple kanji with readings that are phonetically identical. 

In Itto's case, it is possible for someone not familiar with Japanese culture to attest to the ambiguity between 尾 (sting; ne) and 一 (one).

Things You Should Know About Itto

  • Itto's allergic reaction to fried tofu beans (known as akabō in the Japanese anime) is a reference to the Japanese tradition of mamemaki celebrated during Setsubun, in which beans are thrown at people wearing oni masks to purify the household for the upcoming year.
  • Bless your demons away with the spell-binding Itto in Genshin Impact! Defend his loved ones with an oni Mask, menacing Sword and Cursed Acorns of Oni Curse! Plus 10 interchangeable hands, including a pair of fists, crab hands and various weapon holding grips. Lash out at your enemies with his long Sword, but beware because Itto is allergie to fried tofu beans!
  • Itto, especially the miniature puppet version seen operating the fins in this film, has become increasingly linked to moe culture, spawning everything from figurines to browser games based on the character. This notable appearance in moe culture is referenced elsewhere in the movie by Itto's dislike of fried tofu beans.
  • Itto is a half-blooded oni, the son of Hitsu, who escaped from their village where it was forbidden for humans and oni to marry. While Itto wanted to be with his mother, she said that he must live in the human world or humans would become the target of persecution of other onis. He's now living with his grandfather who is human and not afraid of him, although he sleeps in the barn just in case.