Jean in Genshin Impact Explained

Jean Info Card

Jean is the daughter of a high-ranking officer of the Mondstadt Knights and a descendent of the prestigious Gunnhildr Clan, so she worked hard to study at the Knights’ Academy. 

She graduated with honors and went on to join the military in an effort to bring order back to Mondstadt after many years of economic difficulties and civil unrest. 

Working hard to maintain the City of Freedom, Jean rose through the ranks.

Jean is the most important and powerful woman in the Dominion of Mondstadt, yet her recent responsibilities as Acting Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius see her no longer having time to devote to day-to-day domestic affairs. 

Her choice for this most important task is largely due to the trust she has developed for her eldest daughter Barbara, who has been her lady-in-waiting since early childhood. 

Yet there are many in and out of the Gunnhildr Clan who doubt whether the timid and inexperienced Barbara can undertake such an all-consuming role, so a period of training was devised to demonstrate that she was indeed up to the task.

Her official Knights of Favonius uniform is composed of a stylish white and gold corset attached to a brown bodysuit that has white details. 

The brown, leather vest is decorated around the edges with gold buttons, two pockets and a thin red-and-white lined ribbon tied at the bottom left. On top of her head rests a half-gold, half-red headpiece that covers her forehead and tied at the back is the same ribbon used for her vest. 

Attached to this headpiece are two thin, golden wings which sweep down to cover her ears. 

She wears a dark brown belt around her waist (which covers her tunic) featuring four golden belt loops on its front and back, encasing a silver buckle with a decorative red jewel in the center. 

Her gloves are folded and stretch up to her elbows with gold edging on its long hemline; on top of these are thick arm guards lined by three horizontal red stripes that extend from mid-arm to above the elbow.


Jean is the acting Grand Master of the Knights of Britannia, and has a very hardworking personality. Although Jean appreciates the Knights' efforts to protect civilians from Shadows, she does not hesitate to criticize them for their incompetence. 

Jean must take her role as Grand Master seriously, no matter how minor the tasks may seem, so she exhausts herself trying to complete commissions from the locals.

One thing she is known for is her extensive amount of work that she does for her neighbors. She cleans, cooks, and sometimes even looks after their pets while they are away. Because of this, she doesn't have much time to spare to train with the other Knights.

Her skills in the workplace are outstanding, but she'd rather have friendly and meaningful conversations with her comrades than work, making her an easy target for teasing. 

Due to this, she tries to find cat-related jobs so that she can be busy without social interaction, being her favorite part of the day.

Luckily, she's become quite adept during her time at Beacon, but sometimes wishes she didn't have to be so uptight. She considers the rest of her team a family and will do anything for them, though knows when to pick her battles. Despite this, Jean often confides in Blake in regards to difficult decisions she has to make.

She will readily accept any order Lady Sophia gives her to fulfill a task or achieve a goal. While she may seem rather stressed as her workload increases around her, Jean is always up to the challenge and volunteers to head straight out on any dangerous quests without hesitation.


She wears a long blue and gold cloak with a light blue inner lining attached to a white separate collar with black linings, a pair of separate white sleeves. She also wears a strapless white, blue, black, and red shirt with linings along with golden hemlines and golden decorations in some places. 

She wears a pair of white tights which are embroidered with diamond-dots design all over them. Furthermore, she wears a pair of white high-heeled boots.

Her large cornette also has diamond-dot patterns along with a blue scarf decorated with pink flowers. Jean wears white tights embroidered with turquoise diamond-dot patterns atop her longer white boots. She also wears a pair of blue gauntlets, and her hair is tied using a thick red band.

Her eyes are slanted and they are light with blue pupils, though they are normally covered by her bangs. Jean wears a very long and large white coat decorated with huge blue beads. 

The outfit also has gold linings and buttons all over it, as well as some small feathery limps spread all over it, especially under the arms, in a way similar to Yoko Littner from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann . She also wears white tights under the coat and she is wearing two different boots: Red ones with gold covers around them above her ankles and blue ones with white endings above her high heels.

The top has a gold lining that represents the pattern on her shield. There is also a blue veil attached to a pink comb piece in the back of the head. 

Feathers, which represent bird followers, are attached all over her body giving a quick way to recognize her when there are many other players around. 

She wears knee-high boots with heels because she is short, and so she can deal more damage after jumping in the air from one foot.

Meaning of Name

The meaning of this name, deriving from the Hebrew יוחנן‎ Yahweh, is that God is gracious. The meaning could be explained as perfect love and forgiveness. 

This name, Jean, is normally associated with positive thoughts and happy feelings. Unsurprisingly, in 2007 Jean was voted "the most popular girl's name in Britain".

 The etymology of Jean is from the Hebrew name יוחנן (Yochanan) which means "the Lord is gracious". 

The name Jon is derived from this name. The use of 'Jean' as a female first name dates to the 15th century, and is especially common in France and Ireland.

Things You Should Know About Jean

  • When the girls met years later on a college campus in Chicago, they liked each other better than anyone else they had ever known. 
  • Jean moved to Bayfield to live with Barbara, where they began building a life together. 
  • Basket weaving turned into wedding planning and soon Jean's life was filled with happiness and excitement. She knew that she so loved her new family that she was sure it was the greatest thing that had ever happened to her.
  • Her favorite food is pizza from Cat's Tail, a pizza cafe in Windy Village. Jean also dislikes picky eaters, so as a true knight she must master all kinds of dishes, no matter how swampy or sticky! Created by the Small Knight Society, four knights from different kingdoms who create small and fun spin-offs of their original stories.