Kaeya in Genshin Impact

Kaeya Info Card

With his old-fashioned manners and his sometimes ridiculous sense of honor, he's more concerned with how things look than how they are. He's determined to do the right thing, even if others don't think it's possible.

He's a skilled duelist, with incredible focus — once he's set his mind on a goal, he's determined to see it through. 

While appearing cool under pressure, Kaeya can sometimes be awkward in social situations, and carries around a large doll to remind himself of all the people that still need his help.

Impetuous and stubborn, he nevertheless developed into a surprisingly adept soldier, leading many successful missions behind enemy lines. But his fate changed when he encountered a young girl from the Zemurian capital and fell in love. 

Kaeya lost himself completely to emotion and failed to return to his own unit after the mission.

He glanced at Alexis's notes and watched with amusement as she shifted her weight from one foot to the other. The girl had complete confidence she would be asked all sorts of questions, but Kaeya knew better. 

He had already decided on a few of his own once they were on screen, and he couldn't wait to see how Alexis reacted to them.

He is loyal to his fellow knights, and he is witty and charming to everyone in Mondstadt. No one knows what secrets this tongue-in-cheek young man has…

He's a true expert at walking the line between making sure that Jean takes care of herself and still letting her feel like she's in charge. 

While he's not averse to using his position or rank to make people do what he wants, he would never do something that might cause your heroine any trouble. 

Even when she ends up in danger because of him, this loyal knight will always be there to save her!

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He is popular enough to become one of the few characters who are capable of speaking in the first-person point of view . 

He holds the title of "top candidate for grandson-in-law," the character being very popular among the elderly citizens of Mondstadt, but he occasionally does something that makes others exasperated.

While outwardly he may appear to be lazy and somewhat foolish, Kaeya takes his work seriously. He is highly competitive, and will do anything possible to have an edge against his opponents — that is, if it means winning. 

His arsenal of attacks in Genshin Impact are based around having bonus items equipped to attack with. But this comes at a sacrifice: he moves slower than others during battle, but makes up for it during boss fights in the story mode.

Though he plays an active part in the lives of people within the town, he has only accompanied them on one journey outside; that being to the Royal Capital. He claims that there are "people who you can't abandon," and has vowed never to leave their side again - for better or for worse.

His personality is an -odd one, as he often blends sincere kindness with brash arrogance and manipulative tendencies. 

His playful berating of other characters (particularly Feena) often reveals something about their goals, ideals, and personalities. 

He has serious convictions regarding justice and wants what is best for everyone. He is often self-indulgent, but in the end he always puts his money where his mouth is, ready to back up his words with action.

Kaeya is a young man who came from the underground city of Lubella to be a traveling entertainer in search of adventure. Just like the monsters he encounters, he can be both kind and cruel.

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A year ago, a splendidly eccentric stranger in robes and a skull mask appeared on the island of Anthracina, bringing excitement and change. 

He founded the Zodiac Kaiyo Company and his magic show "Vampirism" instantly became immensely popular with the islanders. 

Next to arrive was Kaeya, a childhood friend of Dainsleif at odds with him for mysterious reasons. As his two old friends were reunited and slowly rekindled their friendship, these three young men started going around performing the Vampirism show…

 A glance into his periwinkle eye or a touch at his side shows him for the gentle person he is, who does anything and everything for those he cares about. 

He stands about 6'3" and has a toned body that looks like it can handle both strength training and long endurance runs. 

His hair is short and spiky, but has a peculiar long strand at the top that can be pulled to form two ponytails as well as two shorter strands by the sides of his face

He doesn't mind following orders, but will only do so when he feels it suits him or the situation. 

After losing his job, he drew into himself and became more of a loner, though this persona was quickly dispelled following his capture by the crew, who he came to regard as his first real friends. 

He has aspirations of becoming a respectable pirate captain one day.

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Meaning of Name

Born in the Nibelung village, Kaeya's grandparents were formerly but one of many villagers who survived on a small harvest of rice. 

However, with the appearance of a sorceress, Kaeya's father turned from a fisherman to a hunter to feed and protect his family, eventually becoming the head of their tribe and earning the German name Alberich. 

The family later migrated to Reien Village where they learned new combat skills and mastered senjutsu under the legendary ninja known as Toki Taiou, earning them even greater respect. 

The Kokken are sad and angered that the only bright spot for their family has been taken away from them. They thought about rebelling, but after seeing Alberich by Kaeya's side on the news, they choose to keep the children safe and let them live a better life.

Things you should know About Kaeya

  • She's a fusion of the spirits Kaleido, Reiya and Kaellon. Kaeya did not leave Bamboo Forest after Gecko's battle with Saffron and instead hid in the forest. There she met and befriended various animals that roamed the forest such as foxes, deer and snakes. 
  • Each of the items mentioned in the notes is conveniently featured next to the step by step instructions so you can easily make the dish, too. This looked like one of those rare opportunities where you had to be there to experience it, so I thought I would quickly summarize my understanding of the event and reproduce it here.
  • The Guild has been receiving a number of interesting requests from people who want to recreate a dish from the game. This recipe for Fruity Skewers and Death After Noon is distilled from various players' comments, but we have yet to find out what the creator of this real-life recipe is really like.  
  • During their childhood, Kaeya was deeply influenced by Diluc's fascination with technology, and he always followed him everywhere. After Diluc left for the outside world in search of knowledge, Kaeya remained within the City of Lament, where his research turned towards improving himself with cybernetic implants.