6 Kaeya Constellations in Genshin Impact

Kaeya's Ultimate talent, Glacier Burst, deals massive damage and simultaneously freezes the surrounding enemies. 

This can be used to either slow down approaching foes, or to help freeze the element of an enemy unit of a different elemental affinity within range of Kaeya's Constellations.

Kaeya is incredibly talented and highly respected by the people of Mondstadt. 

His manly charms and dashing good looks are beloved by women all over, and he has especially caught the eye of Traveler who refuses to let him out of their sight for even a moment.

People may not know that Kaeya is secretly helping out with the restoration of the Bough Keeper statue. He often visits the librarian, Ms. Ye, who has been seen doting over him.

Excellent Blood (Level 1)

Excellent Blood Icon

Kaeya's constellation Excellent Blood increases the CRIT Rate of his Normal and Charge Attacks against opponents affected by Cryo by 15%. 

While Kaeya can be used in a variety of ways, this talent makes him extremely effective in a team that contains two other characters who can apply and maintain Cryo on enemies. 

One of the most efficient being Chongyun, who has a large Area of Effect Scryo ability that, when paired with Kaeya's crowd control abilities, can greatly increase Kaeya's DPS.

It increases his critical rate against enemies affected by his Cryo abilities. Getting this constellation will bring a lot of benefits to your team.

Never-Ending Performance (Level 2)

Never-Ending Performance Icon

This talent is one of Kaeya's best because it is incredibly easy to activate in most situations and excels at providing Continuous Damage. 

The ATK SPD stat provided by this Constellation is essential for this build as it will increase Kaeya's damage and allow him to spam his Elemental Skill, Glacial Waltz, on a much faster cooldown.

Integrating Never-Ending Performance into your build can help you meet that prerequisite much faster. Bonus: You don't have to use the skill itself! 

This constellation was only supposed to extend the effects of Glacial Waltz when defeating an opponent with it; however, defeating any opponent will extend the duration. 

This can allow Kaeya's Glacail Waltz to last for up to 15 seconds total before wearing off; and while under Glacial Waltz, Kaeya is immune to crowd control effects!

Dance of Frost (Level 3)

Dance of Frost Icon

Dance of Frost definitely fits the "bloodlust" theme of Kaeya. 

Not only does this Constellation make him one of the best Cryo DPS characters in the game, it also allows Kaeya to be one of the top healers in Genshin Impact. 

The increased healing and defense makes Kaeya a perfect support for many of your party members.

Frozen Kiss (Level 4)

Frozen Kiss Icon

Frozen Kiss is a passive ability that shields Kaeya against incoming damage when his HP falls below 20%. 

When activating, it creates a shield that absorbs Cryo damage with 250% efficiency. The duration of the shield is 20 seconds, and this ability can only occur once every 60 seconds. 

You can level up Kaeya by using Adventure Rank EXP Cards or performing tasks to increase in rank.

Kaeya's Elemental Burst guides a continuous spray of icy wind toward surrounding enemies, dealing Cryo DMG. Enemies in close proximity will suffer from Rimeflower.

Frostbiting Embrace (Level 5)

Frostbiting Embrace Icon

Level up the Glacial Waltz Elemental Skill. The maximum level is 15. Frostbiting Embrace of Genshin Impact can be used on Ley Line Disorder especially when you want to increase your teammates damage but also good for co-op fighting. Frostbiting Embrace increases glacial waltz by three levels.

You can only use the skill if you have a shield, and the skill has its own unique elements of icy snowflakes. 

It has a casting time of 1.2 seconds and takes 7 energy points to cast.

Glacial Whirlwind ( Level 6 )

Glacial Whirlwind Icon

An extra icicle is created by Glacial Waltz, and Glacial Explosion will cause enemies within a radius of 6 meters to Freeze. If this attack hits a Frozen or Cryo-Icicle, it will be immediately shattered.

If you're looking for a powerful claymore in Genshin Impact, Glacial Whirlwind is a great choice. While it's still pretty new, this sword has quickly become a fan favorite. Its 5-star rating comes with an element of ice and high attack damage stats. 

This weapon unleashes snowball attacks when you perform light attacks, freezing enemies. 

If you want to take down your opponents without any trouble then this claymore is for you! 

Last Words

Genshin Impact is an open-world action RPG developed by miHoYo for PS4, PC, and mobile devices, where you can control all characters freely . The game features a fantasy open-world environment and action-based battle system using elemental magic, character-switching, and climbing exploration.

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