6 Kaeya Talents In Genshin Impact Explained

Though he is a famed hero within Mondstadt, he has a dark secret.

A knight of the Knights of Favonius, He is well-liked by the people of Mondstadt for his eccentricities and sense of humor. His natural charisma and effortless smile mask a troubled family life and a dark past that haunts him. It is time to dive into kaeya talents. 

Klee is a young and lively explosive expert who loves adventure and action. Highly energetic, she enjoys blowing everything up - although sometimes her inventions go awry. She is obtained in Act II: Farewell, Archaic Lord during the quest Only Getting Stronger.

Having learned from the best in Mondstadt, Kaeya is a master swordsman. But like many young knights, he seeks to hide his weaknesses and accentuate his strengths. He’ll do anything to secure a good future for himself—even if that means back-stabbing his best friend.

Ceremonial Bladework

Ceremonial Bladework info card

Kaeya’s Normal Attack includes a sword sweep that deals Physical DAMAGE to all opponents in front of him. Kaeya will teleport and slash the enemy to deal significant Physical DMG if an opponent is struck by the final sword sweep within a set time period.

When equipped on him, Ceremonial Bladework allows for the element to be passed onto all normal attacks.

Ceremonial Bladework is the default Normal Attack for Kaeya. With this Normal Attack, He will perform up to 4 strikes with his sword. On the fifth strike, Kaeya will teleport behind the enemy he is fighting to strike them from behind.

Ceremonial Bladework is a Normal Attack where He rapidly stabs enemies in front of him, and teleports behind the opponent to deal damage from a different angle.


Frostgnaw info card

Summon the frigid power of Frostgnaw, dealing Cryo DMG to surrounding enemies. 

It will also conjure a shield made of ice to protect you, which has its own HP. Enemies who make direct contact with this shield will be frozen and take increased DMG for a short while. 

Pressing the skill key again will cause Kaeya to push away surrounding enemies, dealing Cryo DMG and Cold status effect in an area. 

This skill can hit multiple enemies within a certain angle, dealing individual instances of damage with individual chances to CRIT.

This ranged attack can be used to hit enemies from a distance, or as an offensive or defensive way to grab Elemental Particles. 

It is also wise to keep in mind that when casting Frostgnaw, it may also knock back any nearby opponents.

Glacial Waltz

Glacial Waltz info card

Kaeya flexes his right arm outwards to summon an orb of glacial power. After a brief charge, the orb explodes into rotating icicles that last for a few seconds, followed by a large icicle blast all around him. 

All the icicles deal Cryo damage and produce Cryo vapor on hit. 

The icicle damage can snap and will not change even if Kaeya's stats change.

When activated, Kaeya attacks enemies with a flurry of ice shards and finishes with a powerful stabbing attack. 

The damage inflicted by Glacial Waltz can be scaled up by increasing his stats, so it is a well-rounded skill worth considering at all stages of gameplay.

As it is an Elemental Burst, it will not stop the initial weather effect upon use but will re-calculate the elemental resonance bonus upon completion of the skill. 

Although Glacial Waltz's cooldown is moderate and its damage isn't high, it may sometimes be better to use this skill in order to cause a new elemental resonance. 

Cold-Blooded Strike

Cold-Blooded Strike info card

Kaeya's blood tends to run cold, which is why he huddles by the campfire with other outcasts. With his Passive ability, Cold Blooded Strike, his attacks gain a chance to restore health to Kaeya for each enemy hit.

It can be hard to resist the call of adventure, especially if you're one of Liyue's finest young swordsmen. But I'm sure glad he did! Kaeya is there to make sure we stay frosty when things get hot, and he'll always have your back!

It is possible to maximise the number of enemies hit with Meteorite and Coldsnap, or by using an Excellent Artifact Mainstat, the best being Viridescent Venerer.

Though born to a prosperous family, my parents abandoned their newborn son to the care of their poor relatives.

Glacial Heart

Glacial Heart info card

Glacial Heart is the 4th Ascension passive for him, Descent of Frost. With this perk, Elemental Skill hits with Frostgnaw will drop additional elemental particles if there are already Frozen enemies. Each enemy Frozen up to the maximum of two will generate 1 additional particle, for a maximum of 9 particles at once. 

The particles will hover behind the player for 2 seconds before dissipating. When Glacial Heart is active, a sound effect is played when extra particles are dropped.

Hidden Strength

Hidden Strength info card

With the endurance of a warrior, Kaeya is both sturdy and tenacious. By freezing his blood, he can launch icy daggers that slow his enemies down, increase his own physical defense drastically, and trigger even more damaging effects from his Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst.

Forge Frost Shield, condense moisture in the air into a frost shield. It protects all party members from elemental damage for ten seconds and has a thirty percent chance to freeze water-attributed enemies.

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