Katie Animal Crossing Explained

Katie Info Card

She is the daughter of Kaitlin and is often seen with the player. Katie may say that she wants to be like her mother when she grows up, but her mother does not really think of anything specific for her future. 

She is a cute yellow and white kitten and wears a bow around her head just like Kaitlin. 

Her dress is light-pink with small red flowers all over it. Katie is holding a little bell that makes a friendly "ding-dong" sound when you shake her.

Katie is a presence in all of the Animal Crossing games as a minor character, however she is featured as a main character in Doubutsu no Mori, similar to Timmy and Tommy. 

In this game she is 9 years old, quite different from the rest of the games where she is an infant, toddler or a child. 

It was stated that her name came from a suggestion made by her father.

She loves to get up early and spends her days following the latest trends under the belief that there's "no point in living if you can't look fabulous." That's why she wants to be Nook's Trendsetter (the head of the town's fashion division) when she grows up. 

When she adopted Dusty from the museum, Kenny felt like he had lost his place in the spotlight.

Her Japanese name, "Shizue", could be a reference to Shizuko, who is voiced by the same voice actress in Japanese versions of Animal Crossing . 

She wears a shirt with pink and purple vertical stripes similar to the colors of her cat kimono.


Her name may be based on the fact that she has a tendency to become cranky when you don't feed her...in other words, if she gets hungry, she may hiss at you...much like real cats. Her appearance is similar to that of Meow's sister who shares the same catchphrase.

She has appeared in every Animal Crossing game to date and she loves makeup and fashion, but like all snooty villagers, she has a mean side and can sometimes come across as conceited.

They're usually squinted in an angry manner, but she opens them wide when surprised or scared. She has angled eyebrows, like Kapp'n's. She wears blue overalls that are held up by two small red buttons near her stomach area. It appears to be torn at the top near the collar.