Katt Animal Crossing Explained

Katt Animal Crossing Info Card

Her initial clothing is the Rose Sky Tee. Her appearance fits her personality, since her fur color ranges from very light brown to deep black, which she uses to portray the appearance of a kitten, while her eyes are green, similar to a cat's.

The way she talks and her big blue eyes makes her appear like a child. 

She has a bit of an attitude and gets bored easily, which means the player will likely have to engage her in conversation in order for her to feel comfortable.

Her tail is striped with alternating shades of pink and white.  Her initial clothes include a ribbon shirt, with striped sleeves and matching striped stockings, both pink in coloration.

Her favorite hobby is making clothes for herself and her little sis, Sally.  Many of her original designs end up selling in Able Sisters, which gives Katt a great sense of pride.

She will get along with normal, peppy, lazy, jock and other snooty villagers due to her quiet and mature nature.  If you talk about fashion, she will give you an opinion about it. 

She wakes up at 5:00 A.M., so earlier than any other character in the game, making her ideal for waking up calls. She attends two meetings per day; one at 4:00 P.M., and one at 7:00 P.M.

She enjoys collecting furniture and clothing while ignoring more mainstream pursuits.  What she does enjoy, however, is judging her neighbors' taste in home decor.


Katt is a normal cat. She wears a pep squad shirt and shorts, and also has an appearance similar to T-Bo the Monkey.  Katt appears to be good friends with Tom Nook due to his shop, which she occasionally robs. 

She robs others such as Redd the Fox, who appears frightened when Katt robs his stand. Her name could come from "catty", an adjective for shrewdness.

She will get along well with most villagers, but may upset snooty and cranky villagers. She has a regular personality, and frequently visits the city's bars.

The bottom of the tent is tan and green striped, while the top of the tent is covered with blue and orange flowers.  The tent has a white chimney and a small table next to it.  Inside Katt''s tent is a picture on the left wall, some papers on the floor, and a classic red sofa on the right wall. 

There will also be some Gyroids and other items on some shelves around her room (the Gyroids can be dangerous). She '''s skeptical about how dedicated Isabelle is, but she does like to make people happy. 

Her feline features mean she's good at peeking around corners and pawing things out of sight, but she's disappointed when she '''s not able to scare anyone.


Katt, a sisterly villager to the player, moved in when she would receive a picture from a friend. 

The player helps ensure her safety by fighting her foes and giving her tips to better her fighting abilities.  Katt will give you gifts of appreciation that include medicine if you are stung by a bee.

She has triangular ears, which end in two small pink balls. Her nose is peach-colored and, like all snooty villagers, she wears make-up; her eyelids are light blue and eyeshadow is reddish brown. 

She initially wears the Classic top. She has blonde hair just like Peaches and looks to have the same body type as her. Unlike the other cats in the game she is friendly, which you wouldn't expect from a cat.


She has two sleek sofas. Her musical equipment is an amplifier, a green rock guitar, drum set, red electric guitar, and a pothos. She has a number of instruments belonging to her band, The Katts. 

You can also get her to play one of seven songs on her green guitar, which will fill your energy (shown by the music note heart) by 1/2 meter.  However, this consumes bells like Happy Home Designer furniture would.