Kazari In Genshin Impact Explained

Kazari is a companion of Koji, who she is often seen alongside. Like her brother/partner, Kazari is incredibly enthusiastic and excitable, bursting into hyperactive dance moves every time she runs into an Adeptus. Her overly-zealous personality can be somewhat abrasive and annoying to some people, such as Akko.

Kazari is a young girl who can be found by interacting with the Mysterious Woman statue just south of Konda Village in Inazuma. She gives you a quest to deliver four Leaf Buckets to Shrines of Azure, around Inazuma.

Her face is shown to be very similar to Lisa's, having similar eye shape, nose and mouth; making her have an uncanny resemblance to Lisa until the player unlocks the true identity of Kazari.

She is the captain and defender of the soccer club, Inakuni Raimon. She is also a member of Haizaki Ryouhei's group.

She first appears at the shrine near Konda Village as a mysterious, rabbit-like entity. Interacting with her will initiate the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual World Quest.Later, at the quest's conclusion, she will leave behind an item called Rejuvenating Petal.

Her birthday is on the 10th of May, and she's Aries blood type. Initially, she appears as an unknown female NPC at a shrine near Konda Village. When reciting scripture at the shrine and praying 3 times, she shows herself as the Shrine Keeper, who had been trapped by the cursed water of Mt. Fushu. All NPCs


She made her first appearance in Genshin Impact during the Sparkling Steps event. Kazari is a young shrine maiden who, along with her friend Yae, is traveling to get away from the temple where she lives. She possesses great strength and intelligence, but has little experience with the world outside of her island home.

She is a Shrine Maiden at the Wanmin Restaurant with her arrival in Liyue Harbor coinciding with the arrival of the coastal winds, which results in the increase of monster activity.

She operates the Treasure Hoarders Undertaking, an organization of treasure hunters who seek out and document hidden treasures across Teyvat.

She has brown, bobbed hair and wears a white, smiling fox mask on her face. She is dressed in a white kosode with a pair of bright red hakama, the traditional attire of shrine maidens.


  • Kazari is a character in the game Genshin Impact, Kazari (Japanese: かざり) is a waitress at Wanmin Restaurant. She was an innocent girl who grew up at the Thousand Winds Temple and had never encountered romantic love before, so she found herself frequently scolded by the elder at the temple for peeking at people without hiding her presence and could not help following others to gather news. 
  • Kazari is a tall, slender woman with very pale skin, matching pink eyes and purple hair. She wears a kimono whose color scheme matches her hair and eyes. This kimono has many golden stripes and curvy patterns which bear resemblance to Japanese flower motifs, giving her the name of "The girl decorated in flowers".
  • She also wears a short-sleeved kimono with yellow and red stripes and has long white sleeves with dark blue and green flower patterns at the ends and brown flip-flops on her feet.
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