6 Kazuha Constellations In Genshin Impact 

He is a member of the Inazuma Clan. He is a noble, traditionally-minded man who desires complicated things. This guide about kazuha constellations. 

After the loss of his clan home, he travels to different areas in Inazuma as a lonely wanderer, learning new things to pass on unto others. 

His identity is a master swordsman.

He learned that there was a prince in the family who ruled over 3 kingdoms, which led Kazuha to develop a goal to also rule 3 kingdoms at some point in his life. His travels brought him home again when an attack from bandits took place near his family's home. 

An injured man arrived begging for relief for his injuries and told Kazuha that others had been taken by these bandits. 

It was the duty of a nobleman to aid those who were hurt and unable to defend themselves, so without hesitation he rushed out to find help for this man, tracking down some other humble wanderers who assisted him in ridding the hillside of these unsavory characters. 

Scarlet Hills (Level 1)

Scarlet Hills info card

Scarlet Hills is one of the 6 Constellations that supports Chihayaburu, who would only use her sword against those she deems a 'savage'. Scarlet Hills is the 1st of 5 Constellations that increases Chihayaburu's CD reduction. Reduce CD by 10%. Using Kazuha Slash resets CD.

This fiery warrior is never far from her beloved partner Chihayaburu, and they work in tandem to attack their foes. 

In combat, Kazuha directs the fight while Chihayaburu provides spectacular acrobatic support. Their relationship is especially apparent when Kazuha uses Kazuha Slash, resetting the cooldown of Chihayaburu, who attacks in response. 

Together, they bring legendary strength and beauty to the battlefield!

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Yamaarashi Tailwind (Level 2)

Yamaarashi Tailwind info card

The Yamaarashi Tailwind is Kaedehara Kazuha's second Constellation. By increasing the Elemental Mastery of Kazuha and those within the area of effect, it improves her ability to deal with enemies with elemental weaknesses, allowing her to fight more safely.

The Autumn Whirlwind field created by Kazuha Slash can be activated any time during battle. 

It increases Kazuha's own Elemental Mastery and also the Elemental Mastery of characters within the field. These effects do not stack. 

If a character is in an area affected by multiple Constellations, only the highest one applies.

This improves the effect of known Kaedehara Kazuha characters with unique Skills, such as Taisha Kagura's Kill Charge and Mochizuki Nana's Unify Hearts, which further increases their power.

It appeared in front of Kazuha as a whirlwind of leaves. This is Yamaarashi Tailwind, the Ultimate Attack of Kaedehara Kazuha's pets, the Phantasmal Wolves. 

Yamaarashi Tailwind is a limited-time only Constellation that offers bonuses to Elemental Mastery. Make maximum use of these effects.

Maple Monogatari ( Level 3)

Maple Monogatari info card

Maple Monogatari bestows a more agile and quicker Chihayaburu on the player who equips it. Effective use of this card might even allow Kazuha to catch up with certain S-ranks in the Arcana's time limit, like her encounters with Ayase Yuuto and Reki in the Queen of Clubs Arc.

The wielders of normal Academy weapons have not yet experienced a feeling beyond their limits; their abilities have yet to be tested.

In order to create a Unison Raid with Chihayaburu and Kazuharuna at the center, they must first defeat the many wild swords that roam around the world. It is through their journey to realize the strength of their own hearts that they gain new wisdom…

Oozora Genpou (Level 4)

Oozora Genpou info card

Oozora Genpou is an ascended machine Derecognized by a star called Amateras from Kaedehara Kazuha's home country during the L0 Metempsychosis Project. 

Oozora Genpou is the first device of its kind to be built and it has yet to be replicated by any other lab, one of its features is that unlike normal machines, it has the ability to fly freely through space, however because it has not been entirely perfected yet, it still possesses a few flaws that prevent it from flying at maximum speeds or for long periods of time.

The most basic way to recover Energy is to use a skill. When you don't have enough energy for that, consider a method that does not consume Energy, such as taking a nap or doing some light exercise. And when all else fails, rely on others to help out!

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Wisdom of Bansei ( Level 5) 

Wisdom of Bansei info card

It is a reflection of Kaedehara Kazuha's own wisdom, which she gathered from her everyday life, and also from time with her friends who became her family...thus, her wisdom becomes a powerful weapon in combat.

It was created from research into the captured Wisdom's, it is a high spec machine, which is the pinnacle of research achievements within Kazuha's current level that follows the concept that imitation is the best form of flattery. With experience and knowledge, she enhances her capabilities, who knows what changes this constellation will bring to Kazuha.

Crimson Momiji ( Level 6 )

Crimson Momiji info card

Kaedehara Kazuha boasts an impressive array of moves, but only a practiced Crimson Momiji player can make the most of them. Each Anemo Infusion lasts 5 seconds and can be stacked three times for a total of 15 seconds. 

This is my favorite kazuha constellation. 

It also increases the DMG dealt by Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attacks by 0.2% for every point in Elemental Mastery.

Crimson Momiji unlocks more of the potential in Hi moves, Chihayaburu and Kazuha Slash, empowering her to devastate her enemies.

This spirit has an enduring effect, even after He has summoned a different spirit, allowing for multiple DPS skills in a short time window. Additionally, each point of Elemental Mastery will increase the damage that he deals from normal, charged, and plunging attacks.

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