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Kaedehara Kazuha Info Card

A wandering samurai of the once-famed Kaedehara Clan, Kazuha came along with her friends to settle accounts with The Crux. Despite being part of a clan, Kazuha has never known much about her heritage. 

A loner by nature, Kazuha spends much of her time wandering the countryside looking for a worthy opponent to test her skills against and traveling from place to place with only her tachi blade and katana swords as companions. 

She rarely stays in one place too long, a fact that often vexes her former co-workers at The Nameless Cafe, who see themselves as motherly figures toward the young swordsman.

While she might not be considered the most prominent shipmate, Kazuha has proven to be adaptive towards new environments. 

Kaedehara Kazuha is known for her swiftness and beauty, wielding a sword that brings along the wind. She is a warm and kind-hearted girl, and is always devoted to the people she cherishes.

She is pretty overconfident of her abilities, to the point that she tends to shout her beliefs out loud whenever she has a chance. 

As an Anemo, she was born with the ability to generate pressure by stomping the ground, which later proved to be a clumsy attack; however, that didn't keep her from showing off that stunt again and again. 

Even with the better skills of a Samurai at her disposal, Kazuha's childish self still shines occasionally, as seen when she fights with Lucia using air projectiles or simply steals Shinea's food on occasion.

Amongst all Kaedeharas who inherited their ancestors' swordsmanship and received a given name, "Kazuha" was the most naturally talented of her generation and held the most esteemed blade in her house - That which is now named "Kazuuchou" (風穴初, lit. 'First Cut of Wind'), meaning that Kazuha was often called by this name on account of her family's prestige in her house.

When asked if she has a dream, she says: "I don't dream much. Adventure will take me where it will. It's all the same in the end." 

She is calm and relaxed, and though not particularly talkative, she is otherwise very friendly. She likes old-fashioned Japanese clothing and is often seen wearing circular spectacles under her stripy green headband.

The wanderer from Inazuma who uses a straw rope to fight. __Kazah in the unique game Genshin Impact is a samurai of the modern world, with a personal creed that guides his actions. 

Despite an outwardly friendly attitude, many difficulties and troubles weigh on Kazuha, such as the death of his parents and hatred of evil. He sets off on a journey, searching for answers and discovering the true nature of reality as he goes.

With a mighty blade on his back, Genshin Impact samurai Kazuha is ready for any challenge that comes his way. 

His battle-worn armor makes for an intimidating sight, but he's armed with a huge heart and an array of attacks befitting any hero. Plus, when the blades on his back come together, they can form a giant sword!

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Kazuha Inazuma is a master of the Inazuman Kenjutsu. He is also a very polite, humble and well mannered figure, who prefers traveling over staying in one place for too long, mostly due to his clan home being seized by an encroaching noble family. Kazuha is easy to please, with his only wants being sleep on sun warmed rocks and a good fight every now and then.

He may appear to be slightly cold at first, but he is an understanding man who will always lend a hand to those in need, always putting others before himself. 

Though he is proud of his noble roots, Kazuha prefers the simple life of a traveler over that of a noble. 

In the event that he was forced into the role of the next clan head, Kazuha would prefer to rely on his people and relieve them from duty than work for his own benefit.

Unfortunately His Highness was born without a gift for the sword, making him a stand out among his siblings. 

Due to this he preferred traveling around Inazuma instead of staying inside with his brothers and sisters. 

Since then, he has had many adventures in both the east and west of Inazuma and is known as well-spoken and strong-willed as well as being quite skilled with swordsmanship.

Ever since he started living on his own, he found great joy in traveling and meeting new people, a practice he continues even to this day. Being somewhat sensitive, Kazuha takes note of situations in which injustice might occur and stands up for those who need him. 

He's very polite and speaks with proper speech. His kind nature shows through with his tolerance of the other shinobi races and his dedication to stopping evil in Inazuma.

Well grounded in his beliefs and philosophies that he respects all beings despite the differences; Humans, Gods, Demons, Monsters, Beasts and even Minions. Now an ally of Engi, Kazuha has started to learn human language and emotions as well as biomonster speech and fighting styles. 

While he still has clashes with humans due to his more honest ways of doing things, Kazuha is beginning to appreciate being part of the team nevertheless.


He has red eyes with a yellow hue at the bottom, and he usually has a gentle facial expression. 

He is most often seen in his school attire which consists of a simple white shirt with the Springfield logo imprinted on the upper left side and the top two buttons undone so it can hang over his pants without being tucked in, navy blue wristbands on both hands, white pants with a navy blue belt held by 2 buttons, and black shoes.

He has red eyes with a yellow hue at the bottom and he usually has a gentle facial expression. When he smiles, his eyes turn into crescents and his face cracks into another grin involving him bearing his teeth.

The overall style of Kazuha's attire is rather plain, though still somewhat stylish. He wears a white shirt with a loose pink collar and a small, black tie that fastens similarly to how a bowtie would. 

He also wears black pants along with red sneakers, both of which he has covered by his large gray school jacket, which he keeps closed with 5 small buttons as well as the two main ones at the top. 

He hardly ever takes off his school jacket unless he's indoors.

Even when he was a young boy, Kazuha consistently had the attention of other villagers, boys and girls, who were drawn to him for being pure, kind, and respectful. 

He has also inherited his mother's beauty, as shown in the flashback with Ayuna where he is younger and possesses a likeness to her with his features and long hair.

A few years ago, he would have graduated from high school without hassle. However, one fateful day, a girl in his school who caught his eye was killed mercilessly by a motorcycle. 

He wants to find out why she was killed, but more than that he will do anything to give her the peaceful life she never got to have.

The sleeves are quite large and reach to his wrists, while the skirt reaches down to his ankles. A white rope belt tied in a knot around his waist. 

His hair is tied into one ponytail with an orange-red streak tied in a long braid reaching down to at least his shoulder. He wears traditional slippers and walks barefooted, with his toenails painted pink.

Kazuha Meaning

From the Japanese maple to an energetic spirit flowing out of a man, Kazuah's extensive description has four meanings. Acer Palmatum – From the Japanese maple/A blade/To cut: Acer as in the scientific name for the species and Palmatum means Blade. A blade is sturdy; it doesn't break easily, yet it is able to cut through things.

Not only are the stars in the sky beautiful and fascinating, some of them actually have human characteristics. Genshin Impact's true identity is Kazuah, the Japanese maple that is referred to as the symbol of Japan. 

Genshin Impact's Taichi Style emphasizes reaching for the stars and defeating his enemies with powerful attacks since he is a star; and his love for his friends, who are like his leaves.

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Things You Should Know About Kazuah

  • Struggling to protect the citizens from the shadow beasts and their psychic attacks, Kazuha struggled to fight off his own doubts until he met Tartaglia. Their fateful encounter set off a spark that changed Kazuha's life. His desire to learn more about the psychic techniques used by Tartaglia gave him the motivation to face his inner doubts head on with a newfound determination. Turning towards Inazuman, once considered rather weak among psychics, his gift for using Inazuman's power has exceeded all expectations.
  • She is an active member of the armed forces and is currently captain of the European Army in Second Genesis, taking position after Dima left for Russia.
  • He hails from the Inazuma island, but instead uses the Liyue talent book due to their earlier release. His lightning control is incredible, and he gets better as time goes on. With a high speed attack stat, this Inazuman can get to any scoring area quickly!
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