3 Kazuha Passive Talents in Genshin Impact

Kazuha's passive talents give her an edge in combat. Not only can she leave afterimages that confuse enemies and help her escape, but she can also avoid attacks with a well-timed dodge or by jumping into the air, which moves her out of range and renders her invisible to enemies.

In Kazuha's first ascension phase, his passive talent allows him to kill enemy units that stand in his way quickly. In the fourth ascension phase, he will be able to slow down the movement speed of enemy units within his range.

Cloud Strider

Cloud Strider info card

Cloud Strider enables Kazuha to significantly enhance her movement speed and jump height, as well as allowing her to walk on air. This passive is intended to give Kazuha a quick on-the-fly footing advantage in combat, allowing her to reach higher ground, break through enemy defenses and travel over great distances while avoiding enemy attacks.

An extra action allows a character to either take another turn immediately, or move again. Cloud Strider strengthens the action of going up onto cliffs and helps you reach further places in the world.

While her speed and attack power are lower than other Damagers, she has something that other Damagers do not: superior spellcasting abilities.

One consistent condition that she relayed to her daughter was 'if you know your enemy and know yourself, you need not fear any situation'

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Soumon Swordsmanship

Soumon Swordsmanship info card

If Soumon equips Imperial Sword and True Soumonsphere, she can be a dangerous threat to her enemies. 

Her passive is basically Marza's passive but provides a different element to deal higher DMG if Plunging Attack:Midareh Ranzan is used before the effect expires.

A natural swordsman, Kazuha's lightning-fast strikes point to a lifetime of training with the Soumon style. Using all five elements as one, she's as maneuverable as the wind, able to switch between styles at any moment.

She has a somewhat stoic and straightforward personality and doesn't seem to mind it if her appearance is a little rough. Has an honest character but is also open to others. While calm on the surface, knows how to enjoy herself when she is alone.

Poetics of Fuubutsu

Poetics of Fuubutsu info card

The talent, "Poetics of Fuubutsu," gives Kazuha the ability to have multiple elements swirling at once. However, it does not boost Anemo/Geo DMG. This talent has a unique interaction with Sucrose's Ascension Talent, "Mollis Favonius." 

The bonus to all Elemental DMG from this talent is based on the 1-elemental mastery talent in Mollis Favonius.

The rules behind this talent are complex, and players are advised not to misjudge others who do not appear to be doing well with their Elemental DMG. If you do not understand the Poetics of Fuubutsu thoroughly, please watch "Nakamura Yuri Gakuen", an anime that has a character whose skills are similar to this one, for more information.

The basis for this ability can be found in the concept of Yin and Yang: Two opposing forces which exist as one entity. The ability to utilize two different types of elemental powers came about through this principle, for example by forcing the drastic shift between two polar forces.

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