6 Kazuha Skills In Genshin Impact

Kazuha is a young man of average build for his age, appearing slightly underweight. He always wears a red headband. We will explain kazuha skills in this article. 

His eyes are silver in color. He's a capable boy who seems to be able to get used to any situation fairly quickly, gaining many talents in the process. 

He seems cheerful, too, despite being hospitalized often. He is also quite intelligent. 

Though he was shocked at some of Nagi's actions (Nagi was trying to help his move on from his experience), He comes to realize that Nagi wanted to help him as a friend and willingly cooperated with her action plan, eventually forming the duo team Kogarasumaru with her.

Garyuu Bladework

Garyuu Bladework info card

Mastering your martial arts is about more than just knowing flashy kicks and punches...you need to train yourself on the basics first. Mastering the Chihayaburu and Kazuha Slash will add a significant amount of damage to the Garyuu Bladework.

If she has 2 or more Brands on her target, the ATK bonus increases to 1.2%. However, Kaedehara Kazuha's effective HP drops by 10%.

Adaptive. Versatile. Efficient. These are the words that describe Garyuu Bladework. While it does not deal much damage, it provides several other benefits to assist its wielder during battle.

If a Celestial level 6 constellation, Crimson Momiji , is triggered, then the duration of Anemo Infusion is increased by 3s and carried on to Infinite Flash . Whenever 4 or more points (16%) of Elemental Mastery are acquired, their hit rate will improve.


Chihayaburu info card

Kaedehara Kazuha performs a lengthy forward thrust that generates 3 Elemental Particles within the first 0.3 seconds of its start. 

Chihayaburu is an elemental skill that is based on thrusting attacks. 

However, its thrusting range is wide and accurate enough to be used to both finish an enemy and generate elemental particles. Because it is an elemental skill, it never misses even if the enemy has moved behind Kazuha. This makes it a practical skill for gaining elemental particles efficiently.

When activated it deals Ice damage to enemies caught in its line and creates 3 if pressed, or 4 if held. 

The skill can be charged into the Impact version, which not only increases the damage dealt, but also creates a shockwave that knocks surrounding enemies away.

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Kazuha Slash

Kazuha Slash info card

Kazuha Slash is a close-combat, melee skill. However, because only the chosen element will be absorbed, ether barriers and fireproof clothes are useless. 

The elemental priority will be determined by the order in which damage was first received, but if Kazuha is in critical condition, Chihayaburu will become activated and this order will be reset. Do not get near her when she gets into her Demon Climax state.

For an Elemerian, Kazuha would turn into a sword, but for Kazuha herself, she would turn into a great sword. This technique was created to replace Yuuri's Heaven's Decree, which has both projectile and short-range attacks. The fact that it is neither long-range nor a projectile attack means it has its own weaknesses and strengths.

As it is based on Kazuha's sword skills and elemental attribute, the resulting damage from the skill can vary. The more powerful the absorption elements against each other is, the more damage will be caused by absorbing the enemy's elements.

Soumon Swordsmanship

Soumon Swordsmanship info card

Soumon Swordsman, also known as Immovable Warrior, transforms Kazuha's sword into a more powerful one with a golden edge which greatly increases her attack points and could be thrown to kill opponents from greater distances. 

Its greatest power is called the Ten Ichi Ryuuou, it was able to help Kazuha finish off Souji Amakusa with no effort at all.

He had a fiery personality, and got into a duel with Shishido every day to test their strength. He was defeated by Shishido's splendid kenjutsu skills during the battle of Kuwabara. 

Sometime after this, he noticed his shubie's growing strength, and trained her from behind the scenes, when she confronted Shishido once again.

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Poetics of Fuubutsu

Poetics of Fuubutsu info card

The Elemental Mastery bonus provided from this talent will overwrite every other Elemental Mastery bonus granted by units. Kaedehara Kazuha can still obtain the same Elemental Mastery bonus from this talent more than one time.

Remember that Elemental Mastery bonuses are added after other incremental increases, such as the effects of Mollis Favonius, so they may increase the DMG of Kaedehara's attacks even further!

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Cloud Strider

Cloud Strider info card

When Cloud Strider is activated, Kazuha will summon a cloud that follows behind her. The cloud can be used by other team members to cross over small gaps, or reach higher places. If a teammate stands on the cloud for too long, it may sink!

When an opponent attacks her while she is moving, her ability to evade damage will be amplified. Be careful, though - Kazuha's speed makes it easy for enemies to attack her if she gets too far ahead!