8 Kazuha Talent Materials in Genshin Impact 

All of Kazuha's talent materials are recorded below. Please make sure that you do download every one, because some of them can also be purchased in Black Market in Crypt.

Kaedehara Kazuha of Hishaku fame is an expert at crafting senjutsu medicines. There are ten total talent materials she uses to create her potions, but she will only coincidentally give them to you. 

The basics listed below can be bought from NPC Taishan, who is located near Jueyun Karst in Liyue, or a level 55 Taishan Adventurer you can find in the sewers underneath Taishan Mansion. 

Some of these materials can also be found in various dungeons throughout the land such as Kunlun, Gujian, Lianhuo and Tianlong Wang Luo.

Kaedeha Kazuha is a complex character who excels in both performance and combat arts. You will have to work hard if you want to bring out her potential.

Teachings of Diligence

Teachings of Diligence info card

Using the Teachings of Diligence will allow you to level up your character's abilities.

With Diligence, the weak and feeble Journeymen in GeoCity become stronger, taller and more muscular – they are no longer a space within the crowd. This helps them stand out among the sea of people in GeoCity.

The strength to defeat mountains and seas, the bravery to go up against powerful enemies, and the willingness to go directly against the rule of probability are all required here. 

Guide to Diligence

Guide to Diligence info card

Geo is the central continent of Ling Qi. Its people with diligence are generous to anyone they meet and make the most out of any situation. They are masters of all ten trades, their ships sail smoothly, and the hardworking will find their harvest plentiful. It is a rich land worthy of your dreams.

It explains the concepts of diligence and its profound relationship with success. 

With the use of interesting examples and anecdotes, Respected Wise Master Miner's teachings will help you elevate your diligence and reach the tops of your capabilities!

It's a highly valued material and it's the foundation of your growth in the Scholar Grade. Explore and cherish the good things that lie in front of you, and turn every rock into gold!

Philosophies of Diligence

Philosophies of Diligence info card

Philosophies of Diligence was a Material that could only be obtained by answering Professor Xu-Fu's and Ning Que's questions. It was a Talisman that could level one's Talent and upgrade one's Star Master class. In addition to the Star Masters' Spirit, it was also a strategic Material that couldn't be obtained easily.

It is obtained by collecting fragments of Philosophies of Diligence in a high-difficulty quest given through special means. It can be used to increase Talent Level on Taishan Disciple and Azure Dragon Disciple.

Reading Suggestion: Kazuha Constellations

Treasure Hoarder Insignia

Treasure Hoarder Insignia info card

Place this insignia in your shared inventory (accessible by all your alts) and double-click it to apply it to one of your items. 

Once applied, you'll gain a 25% bonus to the base Looting chance on missions where all party members have Treasure Hoarder Insignia Is applied to their items.

A signet once worn by a member of the Treasure Hoarders—an organization of criminals who sought out ancient treasures in order to sell them on to the highest bidders. 

Such donations also helped fund the organization's illicit activities and even allowed them to amass greater power and influence.

Silver Raven Insignia

Silver Raven Insignia info card

As one of the members of the Treasure Hoarders, the Silver Raven Insignia comes with a basic set of skills and equipment fit for adventurers. It offers multiple enhancement options to cater to different combat styles, and allows you to fight your way to glory in both solo and party battles.

Tasked with an important quest to gather sacred treasures, the Treasure Hoarders circled the wilderness for years in search of their bounty. 

They were a close knit group and for the betterment of their cause, they branded each other with a raven insignia. With the final piece collected, and a glowing treasure in sight, they turned against one another with insatiable greed. 

The hoarding of treasure is a black and wicked act. Be wary of those who seek it at all costs even if these intentions are couched in seemingly righteous deeds or fear not, for some may be redeemed from greed. By then though, it is too late…

Golden Raven Insignia

Golden Raven Insignia info card

Hunting trophies has never been easier! Insignias are special tokens of golden glory that can be gathered at the Mercenary Post in exchange for your finest treasures. Don't forget to pick up the new Golden Raven Insignia, which can be used to craft special equipment pieces only available at the Irregular Hunter Shop in Ardentmill!

Gilded Scale

Gilded Scale info card

This particular set of dragon scale armor was born as naturally formed scales grow over stone with the strength of dragon king. 

During the time when countless generations returned to the earth, gold and obsidian embedded themselves into flesh and blood forged from bedrock, before turning into small scales. 

After they had completely covered the stone the resulting pattern became a beautiful golden crystal-formed horn on his forehead, four short horns along his cheekbones, two large horns on his shoulder blades and a relatively small scale covering his backside. 

This stunning set of armor is prized for its unique design and ability to grant the wearer absolute protection.

Crown of Insight

Crown of Insight

Crown of Insight was far from being the most intimidating artifact. 

It required a great deal of control to avoid its uncontrolled shocks, and it did not provide magical protection or abilities. However, if one was able to control its power and store some of his own wisdom within it, the Crown could enhance his natural abilities, improve his thinking, and allow him to feel as he had never felt before.

This fine piece of headwear will empower you to develop a keen understanding of the e-commerce landscape and allow you to radiate that alluring blend of intelligence and wisdom in all your endeavors.

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