Keqing in Genshin Impact Explained

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Keqing Info Card

The Yuheng of the Nine Stars, the Liyue Qixing. As the holder of one of the legendary nine stars, Keqing is a strong-willed girl who chooses her own path with her own power and ability. 

You need to experience for yourself how Keqing, with her strong sense of justice, opens her heart and mind to others and pursues what she believes to be right!

She is born from a bloodline of power in the Liyue Qixing, the House of the Butterfly. She lost her mother to the cruelty of others and grew up alone, working to survive. 

Not one for rules, she has no wish to become a Yuheng---a demi-god--to simply stand behind. Nor does she want to become a human weapon for another. 

Solid in her convictions and devoted to her duties to her clan and swore brother; they are qualities anyone can respect. 

Growing up as a normal girl surrounded by an organization full of men, it would have been easy for someone else to feel afraid when pushed to the frontlines for their clan's sake.

The figure slashes away - twelve times for the twelve days of the Chinese New Year - and then suddenly rushes forth towards their opponent with the speed of a whirlwind. 

Liyue Qixing burns stronger as Keqing continues to fight one enemy after another... 


She is overly responsible for the school's success, that people misinterpret her as a perfectionist but in reality, she has a strong sense of responsibility and tenaciousness inherited from her grandfather.

It is not just any man but Liyue Qixing's Yuheng. However, she does not attract attention from anyone when she rides the car and by the time management realizes that she has entered, she is already gone.

Her great work ethic has caused her to lose a lot of workers in her work place but it doesn't hold back with making things around her ship shape. 

She is hot headed, short tempered and bossy when she wants to get things done. 

She also suffers from an inferiority complex from her grandfather Wei Chen, who was a well known war veteran when they were alive.

Her confidence in Genshin Impact is definitely the driving force behind them, but because she's so self-conscious and perfectionist she's not as good at communicating her needs to her subordinates. 


The girl is about a head or two shorter than Seihai, with a slender build and fit physique. 

Her light purple hair is tied into waist-length twin-tails, topped by small buns resembling cat ears.

Along with her puffy tail and smooth white skin, her appearance gives off an aura of innocence. 

She wears a fancy kimono top and extremely short pants with rainbow patterns on them. Additionally, she can be seen holding a takarabako backpack and a pair of kitty socks.

She does not usually speak unless first spoken to, but if engaged in conversation she has been shown to be very friendly, even prodding friends into blabbering about their own imaginative stories. She loves cats, taijutsu and traditional Japanese-styled clothing and weapons, which she spends a lot of time researching. 

Her favorite food is chicken breast, enjoys green tea ice cream during the summer, and later cereal drops during winter as a snack. 

Her light purple hair is tied into odango-style buns on either side of her head, and she has small fang-like teeth. 

She wears an ice-blue chest piece with a pink gem in the center, which is connected to a skimpy white outfit. 

She wears dark-blue high heeled boots and dark blue thigh-high socks.

She has a slender physique with well-toned muscles and narrow shoulders, with no visible fat reserves. Her cat-like eyes and her purple hair tied into waist-length twin-tails make her a natural beauty.

Things You Should Know About Keqing

  • Keqing is likely a construction expert on her world, but she was summoned to the Deneve exodar via a magical plumb line. With a silver trowel fashioned into a weapon/tool of her trade by summoning magic, she was made into an archon. She doesn't know what her job is yet though, so Marthiel has asked to take over until they can figure it out.
  • Keqing is a resident of Lux, a champion of peace, and the sole survivor of the Cradle's covert operations squad. Feeling betrayed by her squadmates for ending their lives in order to create the Cradle, she has made it her life's mission to fight for peace and freedom as an Anti-Skills operative.
  • Almost 300 years ago, the Loli-Net posted a recruitment ad for Valkyries looking for "extraordinary girls" with the description "unaffected by Honkai energy." At the time, this was considered to be impossible, but a lucky coincidence occurred in MidChilda with a girl named Keqing. Assisted by the Honkai engineers and researchers, she was equipped with an anti-Honkai AI device known as Minto.
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