Kid Cat Animal Crossing Explained

Kid Cat Animal Crossing Info Card

Kid Cat is a jock villager from the Animal Crossing series, appearing in all games of the series. He is one of the five 'superhero' villagers along with Agent S, Big Top, Rocket and Filly. 

His interests include superheroes and fitness, so he's certain to be super excited to meet you! 

He might be trying, but Kid just can't keep up with Tom Nook's latest fashions. He'll still remember that you were there for him though, just don't tell Tom just yet!' 


Kid Cat appears to be wearing a kind of helmet, like a bicycle helmet. 

It is red with a white stripe down the middle and an "1" on the front (which could relate to his name). His tail is light blue with a blue gradient at the end. 

He has white ears which stick out of the helmet. He has brown eyes, and his nose is like smug villagers like snooty and peppy.

He is a character that has unique quotes to say when the player talks to him, like Gracie. 

He opens up his own shop in Animal Crossing called "Kid's Shop", where he sells furniture, including the red helmet that he wears.


He will get along well with other villagers including the player, making it easy to befriend him and gain his picture in the process. 

He goes to sleep at 2:00 a.m. and wakes up at 8:30 a.m. for a normal amount of time and does not have any preferences when it comes to furniture.

He has a passion for sports and bodybuilding, and his unseen dream job is probably to become a famous athlete. 

He can get along with peppy, normal, uchi, and other jock villagers, but he may clash with lazy villagers due to their opposing lifestyles.


 Kid Cat's house is exactly like his previous homes, with the Chain-Link Fence for wall paper and Sandlot for flooring. 

He has 6 chairs, 6 tables, 6 lamps, 6 end tables, 6 clocks, 3 cardboard boxes (with 3 tape decks playing K.K. Rider), 1 clothesline, 1 clothes tree (on the right), 2 oil barrels (on the left), 3 garbage cans, 1 streetlight stand, 1 basketball hoop stand/doorbell table, 1 weight bench stand/mailbox table, 1 computer desk stand/flashy-apple TV stand. 

Thats all.