Kiki Animal Crossing Explained

Kiki Animal Crossing Info Card

Kiki (Rizzo in New Leaf) is an orange-brown kitten with dark brown ears, paws, tail, and tips of her tails are darker than most other animals. 

She has small, pink blush marks on the tip of her cheeks. 

Her eyes are half open, similar to a lazy villager's eyes, but they are halfway between her regular pupils. 

Her name probably comes from kiki being a cross species of cat and caviar being a fish egg delicacy that cats love.

In that game, she arrives in your town on a bus, and you have to pay off her debt to shake her town-life after a moving company lost all her furniture.

She was absent from Animal Crossing: Wild World, but reappears in Animal Crossing: City Folk with various characterizations.

She has seven white spots on each side of her face, which are shaped like hearts if taken all together. She may be mistaken for another villager, Deli, who is also female and has kitten features. 

If one looks at her forehead area, which appears to be the top of the head of a snooty cat, Kiki may be mistaken for another villager, Bella, who is also female and has the same color fur. Kiki initially wears the Violet Vest.

When talking to Lyle, he will ask you if you are looking for Kiki for her runaway lost items, which are three spoons, three forks, and three knives. 

Once spoken to her on Tortimer's Island, she can appear in other towns as a normal villager using the usual methods of Villager catching.


Kiki is a black cat with a white stomach and legs, as well as a white tail tip. 

She has long brown hair and light green eyes with pink blushes on her cheeks. Her eyelashes are the same color as her hair. 

Kiki wears an orange beret with a white flower on her head, as well as a yellow necklace. She also wears a red top with a white collar, a yellow circle in the middle of it, two blue buttons at the bottom, and a small orange triangle on each sleeve.

She takes on the appearance of a human teenager to live among the people in the AC. Kiki has bright magenta inside ears, green irises, and yellow pupils with green sclerae. 

Her nose is green and slightly pushed up, and her lips are dark pink. 

Kiki is a black cat who is in debt in the game. Players may borrow one thousand bells from her in order to enter the house in which they have to catch an intruder, who was actually Kapp'n in disguise. 

She later appears at the Town Hall, where she speaks with Mayor Tortimer.

Open your door to the world of Animal Crossing with Kiki. Join Kapp'n as you travel to the tropical island of Animal Crossing And relax at campsites, meet Isabelle, Tom Nook, and all of your favorite villagers.

Kiki is a tomboy who loves to fish and tell scary stories. 

She speaks in the Kansai dialect and it may appear that she's unfriendly, but she's very friendly once you get to know her. 

Kiki also has a very brotherly bond with the player and deep down, she adores cute things.


She is shy and kind towards troublesome villagers, respectfully disagreeing with them rather than arguing.

Normal villagers tend to act like the mature parents of the village. 

If Kiki is confused by a villager's request, she will refuse in confusion and anxiety. 

She may get along with cranky villagers who share her laid-back, yet friendly personality

Once your friendship level with Kiki has reached a certain level, she will invite you to her house for a surprise. 

This surprise is a random item, which can be found in Kiki's inventory upon visiting the player at their house.


She has a stereo, a similar radio to the one in the player's home. The music in Kiki's house is Western or Country

She has a cow skull and a cactus which can be found when playing the town tune in the basement of Nookington's. 

All kinds of furniture from Animal Crossing can be bought at Tom Nook's store after rescuing Kapp'n.

Kiki's house is quite small compared to yours. It is a one (possibly two roomed) home, with an outdoor bathtub. 

She has the desert cactus, music room flooring and Kyoto wall. 

The Mod Wall is rolled up in the closet.

The player can get a bug from Saharah for this house, which will make it seem like it's snowing inside in the summer and autumn. 

Kiki herself is not seen in the game until you actually enter and talk to her.