Klee in Genshin Impact Explained

Klee Info Card

Klee takes after her mother in many ways, much to the dismay of the Knights of Favonius, whom she has been entrusted to by her mother.

These traits have occasionally lead to trouble for her mentor–the former Radiant Knight who has been through many a scrap with Klee's mother, but they have also helped Klee become a powerful warrior despite her young age.

The daughter of our intrepid and often quite destructive adventurer, Klee is a true force to be reckoned with in her very own right. 

Like her mother, she is also quite fond of adventure, but this little lady isn't afraid to get her hands dirty...though perhaps not quite as dirty as her mother; after all, she has some standards. 

She's quite popular for many of the same reasons and because of the fact that she's still learning about the world around her, so older heroes may find themselves in trouble if they underestimate her.

Born of a union between an adventurer from distant lands and the daughter of a knight of the Wind Gods, Klee inherits the fierceness and determination of both parents—and their appetite for adventure. 

The only thing spoiling her for battle is her affinity for sweets, making her somewhat of a softy.

As our most powerful guardian, the Klee in Genshin Impact features a shock-resistant frame equipped with flexible impact-resistance joints to help absorb impacts and protect your tablet. Snaps into place with ease.


The next generation of Alice's bloodline, Klee (a.k.a. Kana), is an energetic, outgoing girl who was raised in an airplane with her mother, who happens to be an android.

It's not that she likes seeing the fish fly through the air, or even that she likes explosions, she just finds them...stimulating. 

The problem arises when too much spare explosive material starts to accumulate. 

Klee is a huge fan of her mother, Alice, and dreams of one day being as powerful as she is (she would also totally be OK with being able to make cake though).

Her favourite game is "fish blasting," where she throws in bombs into lakes or ponds full of fish, which become "blasted fish." 

Unfortunately, this hobby sometimes annoys the citizens of Gensokyo, who are more accustomed to peace and quiet.

Klee's personality can be either optimistic or pessimistic. However, she tends to be more optimistic when it comes to her bomb operations.


Klee is a kindhearted and caring girl who dreams of being a Sky World hero like her father. Her abilities are derived from the power of nature, which she can use to manipulate fire and lightning. 

Klee's Pyrokinesis manifests as explosive blasts and pillars of flame, while her Electrokinesis manifests as powerful bolts of lightning. 

Despite not having her mother's training to fully utilize her powers, Klee tries her best to be the hero she wants to be by wearing the Shooting Spark set--and with it, the Dodo pin that her mom handmade for her.

She wears a red cap and a messenger bag. Complete with cap, backpack, hat, scarf, coat, vest and shorts, this well-coordinated set of clothing coordinates not only with itself but with the other members of the Shooting Spark family to let your avatar dress up in lots of fun combinations!

Klee is Jun's daughter and is like her mother in many ways in that she can be quite shy in front of strangers, but very bubbly around those she is comfortable with. 

Klee loves animals, having grown up with them around her the whole time, and has always wanted to be a veterinarian. To help feed her obsession with animals, Klee's mother gave her a Dodoco.

Her playful personality is reflected in her choice of clothing. She wears a red coat with a light-colored dress and knee-high boots over it. 

Her head is adorned with a big cap and bright white feathers for extra flair.

Things You Should Know About Klee

  • She is the most beautiful member of the Trifolia family, which has been around for generations. Kind and charismatic, Klee has an admirer in a young water-bender named Raishin. 
  • Klee loves that he looks up to her and is nice to him. In return she works her hardest on her bending and Water Tribe swordplay to be a good mentor for him when they are older.
  • An A-class mercenary that's part of the Red Flower organization. She assists Tsurugi's team in its mission to North America, where she meets Momiji and the two become close friends. She's a natural in battle, using her firearms and incendiary kunai to slice down her enemies.
  • She is familiar with Laphicet and Altina, acting playful around the former and treating the latter with much more respect. She looks up to Artorius as someone she can count on, while also getting along well with Rokurou due to their shared enjoyment of drinking.