Kokomi in Genshin Impact Explained

Kokomi has awakened as a Divine Priestess of Watatsumi Island and its Guardian Deity, the great Sea God Watatsumi. Her sacred mission is in the duty of protecting and defending the Island for the rest of her life. 

She has realized that this is her destiny when she was knocked unconscious due to a certain accident, upon which she heard voices from the Island's people speaking for her; words that sealed her fate as theirs. 

Though burdened with this heavy responsibility, Kokomi does not seek pity or recognition for what she shall do. 

For Kokomi, being a God is just another step towards attaining her own happiness and all that she desires―the happiness of others.

Kokomi Kurama is one of the 3 playable characters in Genshin Impact (being a priestess and all), and like her sisters, she doesn't fit the role of "heroine" well. 

She's lovable and charming but knows nothing about love, which often puts her in embarrassing situations for no apparent reason. 

Sculpted by Shirahama Daisuke, the Priestess' miko garb has a more laid-back feel than in most of his works. Her outfit features a rich-looking purple kimono with intricate embroidery and elegant white haired accessories.


Even though she has never experienced a true war before, Kokomi is highly skilled and knowledgeable about military affairs. 

As the leader of a nation, she is versed in domestic affairs and diplomacy, and has an eye for talent. Her strength of character and unwavering faith inspires everybody who comes into contact with her. 

The fortitude that she exudes allows her to serve as an inspiration to others no matter what situation she might find herself in.

As the Divine Priestess of Watatsumi Island, she serves as its supreme leader. She is well-versed in the art of war and has keen insights into military affairs. Kokomi is also a brilliant diplomat who lacks no skill when it comes to politics.

Due to her high level of skill and fighting ability, both land and sea forces look up to her.  Her insight into military affairs is unsurpassed, as is her ability as a diplomat. 

She has been both admired and feared by generals throughout the Edo Period. With her dazzling beauty and a good head for organization, Kokomi is the perfect leader for Watatsumi Island. 

If you choose to go on quests or lead an army, Kokomi can back you up; she's an important ally and a true friend.

The apex of the Genshin Impact series, this Katana is said to be a part of the legendary Ameno-Murakumo. It is made out of a special alloy crafted by Watatsumi Island that allows it to endure many hardships while giving off an otherworldly glow.

A native of an island nation called Watatsumi, her empire has been attacked by the Yamato Empire, and she has just barely escaped from Yamato troops. In the process, she comes across a solar-powered motorbike, and manages to make it work. 

She then makes her way towards another continent in order to seek help in defeating the empire that had attacked hers.

The leader of the island of demons, who continues to train her body and mind. She can see the future in the form of visions, and is known for her insightful wisdom. 

Something that stands out about her above all else is her great compassion for both friends and strangers.


Kokomi's hair is long and light salmon colored, with light blue ends. Her hair is tied in a low ponytail and held up with an indigo, fin-like decoration.

Her attire consisted of a pale, pink spaghetti-strapped tank top accentuated by a deep, magenta chiffon bow over her bust line as well as a pale pink jacket with shoulder ruffles.

 It consists of the red blouse with black tie, two thick yellow buttons on her chest, blue and green outer blazer pieces with white trim, revealed grey shirt and skirt underneath, white socks that reach up to her knees, which are covered by a pair of short black jeans. 

Her shoes are indigo canvas sneakers with white trim. She sports a loose and long violet scarf that covers up most of her said outfit, and tied in a knot at the chest area.

With a gentle heart and a beautiful smile, she will bring happiness to all those around her. 

This is a rare quality that not many people possess, especially in such a chaotic world as Genshin Impact. 

Here, you will fight to claim your own piece of land. You will need to learn the strength of your sword and master the abilities granted by your spirits. Kokomi will be with you every step of the way, each day becoming more confident in herself through her interactions with you and your allies.

She wears odd, futuristic-style shaped earrings with wing-like attachments and a digital readout in the middle of them. 

She has the same high heels as Sanae Yajima. Her outfit is a highly stylized version of tsutsumu; a tightly fitting dress with short sleeves and long white socks. She is often seen carrying around what looks like a shark tooth or fang on a string.

Due to her shy nature, she is usually seen with a shy or nervous expression, the most apparent being a small blush on her cheeks. Her outfit changes quite frequently due to her regeneration.

Meaning of Name

Her motive was to end all wars and conflicts in the world by collecting samples of energy from individuals with superhuman strength, known as "emotions." 

However, when she witnesses Inazuma's death at the hands of Teknoman Seagull Mode during a mission, she loses control over herself and is once again calmed by Genshin Impact and made her into a cyborg. 

Her human appearance vanished, but gained tekkami power that enabled her to generate powerful waves. Her real name is Sangonomiya Kokomi.

A constellation known as Kokomi's Etymology in Genshin Impact is named after two separate constellations. 

The first is called the Dragon and Tiger asterism, which is associated with winter and represents the Chinese states of Qi, Chu, and Yan. 

It was adopted into Japanese culture as a dragon and tiger. Following that, Kokomi's constellation name (Dracaena Somnolenta) is believed to be a reference to an individual by the name of Zhuge Liang (181–234 AD), who was a military strategist from southern-central China during the Three Kingdoms period.

Things You Should Know About Kokomi

  • As such, she cannot deal with Critical DMG without artifacts to bring this value to positive. However, Kokomi has above average health and good HP growth, and as stated in her skillset, she deals higher damage when her life is in danger (low hp). 
  • As such, she cannot deal critical damage without artifacts to bring this value to positive. Requiring at least one artifact with the CRIT DMG upgrade to unlock her ability to deal critical damage. She instead deals TEC plus a flat bonus CRIT DMG, which increases as she levels up.
  • She must have been so confident of her skills, but was stunned to find out that she had a negative CRIT Rate and could not deal any Auto CRIT DMG… or at least she could not until she found out about the Throne artifacts.