Language Exchange In Genshin Impact Explained

The Language Exchange is a fun daily quest that allows you to pick which Mondstadt character you want to chat with for the day. This will reward a Treasure Hoarder Insignia, which can be used to craft Insignia All-Stars and also sold for Mora.

As this Commission will remain open throughout the day, players are able to complete this in addition to their usual set of six. The NPC and other players will give gifts and rewards after the Language Exchange is completed. These rewards and gifts include Primogem, Adventurer’s Experience, Mora, Hero’s Wit and Commendation.

This commission allows players to exchange party members with other players to learn foreign languages. Language currency is obtained by completing the Language Exchange commission, which can be used to make wishes.

The Mondstadt Grand Cathedral's Language Exchange is a bustling center for the region's foreign exchange students. 

One day, Aquila stumbles into the town, leading two strangers from across the sea towards the church. Unfortunately, his master Father Johannes mistakes them for new foreign exchange students and assigns them to Sister Irene, who is over her head with too many pupils already.

Step by Step Guide


  • After successfully approaching the hilichurl, there are two versions of the quest's dialogue. The first ends with communication between Ella Musk and the hilichurl, while the second version has Ella offend the hilichurl and causes an attack anyways. The version you receive is determined by the game. All NPCs
  • You need to speak with Ella Musk, who is sitting outside her tent. After you talk to her and she explains how people don't understand hilichurls and decide to kill them anyways and that she wants you to help negotiate peace between humans and hilichurls, you have to approach the nearby hilichurl camp and talk to one of the hilichurls inside.
  • In the camp, you need to follow the hilichurl and speak with it twice before it takes you to Ella Musk, who teaches you a strange language. After the cutscene ends, go talk to the hilichurl three more times. Its final dialogue will determine whether or not your language skills are successful.
  • You can complete the quest by sneaking up on the Hilichurl, or by fighting them. It's quicker to fight them, so simply switch to High Profile mode and knock out the two sleeping Hilichurls.
  • Just as the name of this quest suggested, we were tasked with swapping places with the Hilichurls that were scattered all over the map. We had to find their positions and sneak up on them without being detected.