Lesser Lord Kusanali In Genshin Impact Explained

Lesser Lord Kusanali info card

Lesser Lord Kusanali is a young but skilled magician and lover of animals. Although she is the youngest of The Seven and new to her position as Dendro Archon, she has been active in the world for over five hundred years. She is a prodigy who rose through the ranks using only the power of magic and not relying on the influence and reserves of one of the other Archons.

She loves everyone's smiles, and is always thinking about what actions to improve in order to make people smile more. 

She often doesn't have the confidence in herself to be vivacious, but with her love for Sumeru and the 'strength' of others, she may grow into a fearsome archon like the God of the Woods someday.

An Archon is a being of pure spirit, and as such she is incapable of acting directly upon the outside world. Instead, she works through whatever hosts she can find, whether an animal or man, and grants them powers related to her own abilities. In the case of Lesser Lord Kusanali this means that all those who swear fealty to her are able to heal themselves remarkably fast.

As a hedonist by nature, Lesser Lord Kusanali is someone whose presence can never be felt unless she wishes it to. 

While often seen as frivolous or self-indulgent by others, most of all she is simply being honest with how she sees the world, and her only goal is to live her life to the fullest. 

This isn't done without cause however, as not many remember just how very powerful she is as a worker of miracles.

The Past  

After some time had passed, Kusanali was chosen to fill her place. Making her way to Sumeru via one of the thousand branches of Yggdrasil, she has lived in the Temple of NaiE'seh ever since.

His most destructive ability is the twisting of Whispering Roots into a serpentine form and send them after an enemy. Other than that, his powers are closer related to growth and nature, giving trees sap and ensuring that they live long lives.

Kusanali, a divine being and an ancient and powerful Sky Lord from beyond the Ring of Fire, is the current Archon of Dendro. Mysteriously appearing five hundred years ago near Dendro Central (as it was called then), Kusanali took control of the enormous city-state and made it his seat of power. He is worshiped as the Sky Lord by the people of Dendro.

It is said that he was once a servant of the previous archon, but during the cataclysm five hundred years ago, he became Archon himself. Kusanali is a very practical individual and is constantly thinking about how to best serve the people of Genshin Impact.

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The archive room started to become a tad messy for Lord Kusanali, after having gotten lost in such an uninhibited erudition. Lord Kusanali quickly cleaned up the archive room and returned to Mondstadt, the city of books, where she now helps manage the vast collection all by herself.

The God of Wisdom takes the form of a woman in her late teens. She wears a scholar's dress, a symbol of the Muse's classical education, which grants her wisdom a depth far beyond that of her contemporaries. 

The God of Wisdom is said to have no feelings for those who enjoy learning for pleasure, who grow intoxicated by trivialities born from themselves.

She can perform a high kick by pressing twice, but only if she's not in the air. When not in Guardian Character form, she cannot choose to block and automatically takes damage. However, she can create on-screen traps using her Ki Gem which can be used to launch herself into the air if she is grabbed while they are present.

Among her many accomplishments are composing the Art of Victory, a collection of modern philosophical musings on the art of war, and she has also written innumerable books expounding on everything from political theory to farming methods. Despite her divine stature and incredible intelligence, her eccentricity is rather pronounced.

Lesser Lord Facts

  • Kusanali, Dendro Archon of the People of Sumeru and that nation's leader, is quite possibly the single most powerful person in the known world at present. In battle she wields her divine powers to defeat her foes directly and her telekinetic powers to support her followers. 
  • Her true power, however, lies not in a direct application of strength but in the synergy she creates between herself and the populace she has led for years. 
  • She has been forced to deal with widespread disobedience contrary to her attempts at peace, conspiracies against her rule, persecution by "The Church of Humanity", both internal and external threats such as most recently the Black Death Outbreak and an ever-powerful military presence on the northern border demanding payment for an old war still ongoing. 
  • The Lesser Lord Kusanali is a new god within the Genshin Impact expansion to Highgrounds.  This card allows you to cultivate wildlife and nature by moving the wildlife from the trees and other natural features into your herd. Then, those animals can be used along with the lesser lord in order to allow you to draw a card. The creature type of all these animals changes depending on how they were placed into your herd which gives you more flexibility and an additional strategic decision.
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