Lilies Animal Crossing Formula

The Lilies are flowers that debut in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. They appear in the flower shop run by Lloid, but don't count on seeing them often. 

The lily naturally appears every other week, but they are quite hard to obtain. They are worth 500 Bells when sold to the Nookling shop.

Most people play Animal Crossing as a way to relax and achieve some semblance of sanity as they go about the mundane task of tending to their virtual home. 

Flowers are one of the few items you can buy from the store with bells (money) and make plenty of profit if you know what to do with them; this is thanks to the fact that they can crossbreed with each other, creating new colors.

This process is random and can take time if you’re looking for rare colors, but you can choose specific ones for guaranteed generation times.

They are yellow-orange in color, are tropical flowers, are exclusive to the MarketPlace, can be bought from Timmy and Tommy's Shop for 1400 Bells each. As with all other types of flowers that grow in your garden, lilies can be planted during any day and bloom at random. 

Flowers must be watered every day and you will not receive lilies if their preferred condition is too low or zero. Sixty-one lilies bloom on six stalks every morning at around 09:00 AM. 

Lilies take about four days to fully bloom and can be picked at any time during the growing period.

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