Lisa in Genshin Impact Explained

Lisa Info Card

The world of Genshin Impact is a diverse one, brimming with sounds and sights that make it seem alive. It makes no exception for Lisa Minci; a character who would seem unfittingly out of place within the game's medieval setting.

After returning to Mondstadt, she now works as a librarian at the Knights of Favonius. Although she often gets involved in strange incidents and has powerful magic, she still tries her best to be a normal girl every day.

She excels in both melee and spell combat, able to cast elemental magic of all four elements with excellent mobility. She can transform her body into lightning, giving her the power to walk on walls and ceilings.

Wielding powerful spells but with a kind heart, the new playable character Lisa Minci is a mage-type character who specializes in elemental magic. 

She can focus her power by holding down the chain-effect button while attacking or defending, which will let her unleash a variety of different skills.

An electro mage who manipulates the electrical currents of her own body to attack her opponents. She has one of the highest base attack speeds and is a very versatile attacker who can easily switch from lightning bolts to slicing lightning swords or even locking them both in to overload her body. 

A veteran mage and teacher at Sumeru, Lisa is known as "Wisdom's Guardian" for a reason─she knows how to not overexert herself when casting spells and keeping herself from harm, despite being considered among the most powerful mages in her time.

The second-most powerful mage in the world, with a dangerous and sweet charm that proves to be quite addictive for those around her. Although she has an endless appetite for fun, Lisa prefers to spend her time indoors reading in peace.

She studied magic at the Academy in secret while attending regular classes, and is well known for her prowess both as an elite mage and a capable teacher. While researching a new way to harness mana, Lisa unexpectedly unlocked powerful magical abilities within herself that changed the academy's history.

This innovative villain has already revolutionized the field of lightning magic by combining it with time-space magic to create lightning that oscillates at a specific frequency and amplitude. 

This new technique allows for greater precision when creating lightning chains, allowing them to be easier to produce and maintain, as well as much more powerful.


A proficient witch loved by all. However, her interests lie in only the elements and items relevant to them. In spite of her position as Librarian of the Chamber of Seasons, Lisa takes everything in a lax manner and is relatively bored with normal books, instead preferring those in the restricted section.

Lisa is a character from my story Genshin Impact. 

Lisa is one of the few characters in the series who can hold her own against the hordes of brainwashed girls, and as such she is effectively immune to all attempts to control her. 

However, this makes her somewhat arrogant and stubborn. She sees Chris's reliance on his physical strength for their missions as childish and insists on proving to him that she can handle herself on her own.

Lisa's Personality in Genshin Impact (referred to as just Genshin Impact or abbreviated to GI in-game) is a deck building strategy card game set in a fantasy world. 

The game follows the story of the sorceress Lisa, an apprentice of the great witch Lapis. She is incredibly curious and enjoys learning things that are new and unusual. 

This leads her to going off on adventures with her more experienced female friend, Alice. 

In their adventures they run into demons who are causing trouble in the land and try to help solve the problems they cause.

With the air of a librarian but the soul of a witch, Lisa explores the ancient field of Alchemy. 

Her ability to manipulate and harness the elements is impressive even among other witches, though only she knows just how much she truly understands their nature. 

As Librarian, she takes her duties seriously and serves as guardian to the library's ancient books on magic.


When Lisa is first introduced she is carrying her Vision, and has her hair tied up in twin tails. She appears to be a half Japanese-looking girl with blue eyes, a pale complexion and pale pink lips. 

Her hair reaches waist length and is pulled up into twin tails with dark purple hair bands. 

She has a gold crown on her head with two purple gems attached to it, and wears a choker around her neck. She wears black gloves reaching up to the middle of her forearms that have pale purple cuffs and gold rings at the top of the gloves with three violet buttons attached between each ring. 

She also wears purple stockings underneath her dress, which are quite long when compared to the length of her dress and have a frilly white lace at the top. Her short dress reaches down to below her knees and is ripped on either side of her body to reveal ample amounts of flesh. 

The upper part of the dress has an ornately designed collar with gold lace sleeves connecting it to the shoulder pieces. The torso of Lisa's dress has a large opening across it as well due to the lack of arms in this area. 

This opening covers most of her chest, exposing much cleavage that almost spills out from underneath it.

Lisa's outfit appears to be a dress, shoes, gloves and hat, though it is unclear if the ghost girl in question simply has a very tall neck or the appearance is an optical illusion.

Facts About Lisa

  • Lisa is a quiet girl, and she keeps mostly to herself. She often spends her time on a log in the middle of her special place, where she observes all the creatures around her. Here she sometimes feels lonely, especially when she is unable to communicate with these creatures in any way beyond observing them from afar. One day, however, Lisa discovers an abandoned egg at her feet. 
  • At first, she was the most strict teacher in Genshin and yet can make friends when she taught Impact. She is also very brave as she loved Razor and gave him advice of supporting his friends from a distance. However it didn't work out when Madam Scorbitt had a plan for her.
  • Lisa was an ordinary student who lived a simple life. One day, her normal life changed drastically when she met Fischl, a member of the royal family of the Planet Genshin who came to Earth with his father, Caesar.