Lolly Animal Crossing Explained

Lolly Animal Crossing

Lolly is a yellow cat, with shades of white on her head, belly, and ears. Her catchphrase is typical of a normal villager, meaning she will gladly tell the player everything she asks about.

Lolly's appearance is typical of cats - caramel brown fur, with white paws and a lighter colored stomach.

Her big eyes are black with large pupils, and her ears are pinkish-brown with darker brown inner parts.

Lolly's initial clothing is the Daffodil Shirt, which matches her fur coloration.

She'll chat about anything and nothing in particular. She has a tendency to ramble, and tends to say "meoo" instead of "yes."

Lolly is a pink, cat villager with blushed cheeks, large eyes and protruding teeth. 

Her initial clothing is the dapper shirt, but she wears anything else that can be given to her. She also has a cloche-like hat with a red ribbon bow.


Lolly is absent from all games in the series except for her only appearance, Dōbutsu no Mori e+. In this game, she is pink and white with a heart-shaped muzzle and bow. 

She rarely appears in the game, living instead on the very high roof of the museum. 

When talked to on special occasions, she gives out some furniture items as presents. Her name comes from lollypop.

She lives in a house with two other cats, Pepper and Freckles. 

Of the three cats, Lolly has the most delicate appearance and voice, as well as feminine interests such as shopping. 

She is often seen wandering around town with either Pepper or Freckles, and they sometimes appear to gossip about other villagers.

Her catchphrase hints that she would stop at nothing to get what she wants, even if it means hurting you or forcing you into things. 

If your home is too clean, Lolly will comment that it "looks positively sterile". 

She enjoys talking about fashions and often asks the player to try on clothes for her. She also has her own home called Lolly's Pop Star Room, where she displays many different hats. 


Lolly is a normal rabbit villager. Lolly may conflict with cranky and snooty villagers. 

As a normal villager, Lolly will usually wake up at 6:00 am and is easier to befriend than most.

Venture into the world of Animal Crossing with Lolly, a normal rabbit. Animal Crossing games are known for their friendly atmosphere and are filled with all sorts of interesting characters. 

To build trust with these townsfolk, simply take time to get to know them! 

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The player may only befriend Lolly once they have obtained a total of 90 villagers in the game (including Lolly), which is more than any other villager for whom the player is required to befriend 90.


Lolly's house has two entrances, but only one can be used. 

The right door leads to Lolly's kitchen, where the player can find the bathroom and the bedroom.

These rooms are connected by a hole in the wall, which is covered up with wallpaper. 

The left door leads to her living room, where she keeps many furniture items, including two shirts (the one with straps is not present), two umbrellas, a pineapple bed and a hammock. 

The bathroom contains a bathtub, as well as a mirror cabinet that was positioned to face the bathtub.