Lynette in Genshin Impact Explained

Lynette Info Card

Lynette is a swordsman and adventurer, originally from the Ruby Plains nation of Fontaine. She is now working as a merchant in Genshin Impact.  Her partner, Lyney, was a former knight from the same nation who later became an adventurer like herself. 

Lynette and Lyney were once on opposing sides, with Lynette being a part of Soulstrikes' invasions into Fontaine. After Soulstrike left to invade Leyon, Lynette joined Lyney in trying to restore peace to Fontaine by fighting against rogue remnants of the regime. 

This act eventually led them to their current adventure in Genishin.

Her skills are inferior to the High Elfs' and Forest Elves' but she's quite strong for a human. 

She has a dignified expression with long green hair and long ears. 

Typically, she wears Teyvat special force armor, but in Fontaine she wears forest elves' equipment due to the different environment.

Lynette is a young, cheerful and energetic girl from Katarya. Field Commander of the Teyvat army, she's very serious about her job, thinking that it's a great honor to represent her country, she will fight for her land and people to the bitter end. 

She always looks for her daughter, Lyney, and is devoted to her. She has a younger sister named Shael. Lynette met Rudolfo when she was 15 years old while training at the military academy on Fontaine.

She's a true believer in her team and a whiz when it comes to running support. Whenever she's on the field, it doesn't matter how bad the odds are against them, she believes they can win.

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Lynette has delicate, almost doll-like features. Her pale skin gives her a somewhat eerie appearance. Lynette's ears are semi-large and cat-like in appearance, her tail is about the same length as her arms, and she has very sharp incisors. She has thin lips that have a pout to them.

She wears a long black cape that reaches to her ankles. Her gloves are black and the top comes to a point in the front. 

She wears a white dress shirt with a tie and a collar on the top of her dress shirt. Her ruffled skirt is short and ends near her mid-thigh area. 

Lynette is peppy, charming, and a little bit wild. Lynette's cheerful attitude puts her at odds with her mother who can't help but feel that she should be more lady-like. 

Despite this Rayne loves and cares for Lynette, but believes that she could one day be "special". This leads to a strained relationship between the two as Lynette grows up into a beautiful young girl.

Lynette has shorter hair and wears no headband. Lynette's eyes are green, and she wears an outfit resembling a military uniform. 

She wears a sleeveless dark jacket over a buttoned white shirt, black pants tucked into blue boots with gold buckles, and worn brown gloves. She also wears large circular earrings.

Region of Lynette

The structure of the Illume family is complicated. Of the nations of Teyvat, Fontaine prides itself as the hub of culture and the arts; or in the words of Francis, a traveling merchant from the nation, "true beauty and elegance." 

The newspaper The Steambird is the main newspaper of the Court of Fontaine; Mona is a columnist on it, suggesting that they have writers from all across Tivat. Fontaine is known to be an extremely centralized state.

While they have been a target of imperialist nations, they still stand proud as the banner nation of Teyvat. The fruitful fields on farms in Fontaine are one of their countries greatest exports, along with the carapace-work that is invented there. Their skilled artisans and craftsmen also create the finest jewelry and ornate decorations for palaces and grand estates throughout the country.