Lyney in Genshin Impact Explained

Lyney is a young rogue who was born in the remote village of Seilte. He lived a simple life with his mother, a cold woman who would ridicule him at every chance she got, until one day he ran away from home and found himself living in the military city of Teyvat. 

There, he manages to make some friends, though it isn't long before they abandon him as well. He enters Fontaine's life when he comes across Sister Lynette on the street, who happens to be drunk to the point where she can no longer pay for her food. 

He takes her back to the church she lives across from and puts her to sleep in a church pew. The next morning, Lynette finds herself alone in the pew, and freezing cold as well. 

She walks into the church kitchen thinking someone would be there, only to find Lyney getting dressed up for a date. Though he clarifies that it is not a date, he invites her to come along with him to explore the inner city of Teyvat and asks that she get dressed so she won't freeze in her wet clothes.

Lyney was a warrior of the Arcana Tribe, who later turns into Fontaine, one of the Seven Archangels as he met with humans, only to be corrupted by their Aura and becoming Fontaine. 

Lyney also appears in the Genshin Impact opening cinematic, slaying an unnamed Original Character. 

Lyney fights alongside Lynette in the battle against the beasts, leading a group of ten to twenty members. 

Although we don't get much insight into him during this stage, Lyney is shown to be very eager for a fight, and willing to do whatever it takes to help Lynette succeed; even making a last-ditch effort to buy her time via sacrificing himself.

The first time he appeared in-game, he was being introduced to Lynette Willshire by his sister. Before joining Lynette and Khaithin as they entered the dungeon, he asked Lynette if they were related as they both belonged to powerful families and she confirmed that their families were indeed connected.

They were chosen by the dragon Shine to protect his kingdom from those who would conquer it, and they do this with immense power. Lyney is a very kind woman, while her younger sister Lynette is the opposite. 

She treats people like trash, and she makes sure that nobody sees her cry or display even a hint of sadness. Lyney tries to change Lynette's attitude by being very positive towards her sister and trying to persuade her to behave in a more positive manner.

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Lyney is a vain and loyal Caster who trains hard to get the attention of everyone in the world. He has a special spell called Shine, which demonstrates his worthiness. He is a member of the Black Wing guild.

Lyney Aokami, age 17, is the lead guitarist for the Black Rose Chain band and he's also one of the Six Heroes. 

Not many people know about him because he hides his identity for his own reasons. He was born in Yokohama and is son to the owner of Big Ben Pizzeria and a dedicated musician. 

He takes on a reserved and mysterious look but never forgets to give off an air that he's enjoying himself as time passes by.

The son of a famous magician, Lyney found himself recruited by the  greater demon Ahriman. But when a revived Ahriman attacked his homeland of Grathnode, Lyney chose to abandon his demonic debt and to protect his friends, which resulted in result lead him being turned into an undead.

Carrying a sword that has been passed down in his family for generations, Lyney is cool yet quite aloof. His moves are graceful, and he uses a special type of Dark Magic supported by his martial arts to defeat his foes.

He is both a scientist and an archeologist. He seems to have a great sense of humor, making jokes even in battle. He loves metamorphosing things, and knows nearly everything about rocks, flora, and fauna.

He is surprised to find himself already in the first village, having entered through a strange hole in the mountainside. 

With no idea how he got to this place, free from all his obligations, Lyney decided that it was time to make something of himself.

She controls Illusion, which allows her to change how people and objects are perceived. She can use this power to enhance her abilities and hide them from others.