Madame Ping In Genshin Impact Explained

Madame Pin

Madame Ping is just what you might call a real lady. Weighing in at over 65 pounds and standing nearly 5' feet tall, Madame Ping will open up her home to you, one of the many proud merchants of Liyue Harbor.

She can be found out and about at Yujing Terrace admiring the glaze lilies during the day. Her entrance is by way of a traditional double door entrance to the left of her veranda. Treat her with respect or keep your distance with an iron fist, Madame Ping has no patience for those who do not provide it first!

She is also one of the possible candidates for Golden Hands in Sheng Long's Archon Quest. Although she does not actually wear any Madame Ping-specific clothing, there are some references to women wearing similar outfits in Shanghai, including that the owner of Madame Ping's Garden has several Chinese Flowerdresses.

She is not the most intimidating personality you'll encounter on Falanaar, however she does adore Liyue's Glaze Lilies and may sell them to you for a good price if you've earned enough reputation with her.

She offers a slate of fortune telling services, including horoscopes, tarot readings, and general advice on relationships. Madame Ping also makes her living by selling floral displays, countless charms by the hundreds, and Glaze Lilies. With her charming personality, Madame Ping will immerse her customers in tales of ancient Yokai legends and myths!

The Past

Over 3,700 years ago, Madame Ping was an adeptus who dwelt in the Guili Assembly, a civilization established by the gods Guizhong, Marchosius, and Morax. 

She and Ganyu are among the few adepti who remained in Liyue Harbor after the end of the war, while most of the other adepti retreated to Jueyun Karst.

Madame Ping is one of the most famous adepti warriors in historical records, as well as one of the first adepti to set foot on Liyue Harbor after the Archon War. 

In her history, she found her way to a Guili Assembly and fought in the war against the Great Demon Lord Xon-hong in defense of the Guili Assembly, then made sure to stay with the survivors that made their way to Liyue Harbor after the end of the war. 

Like Ganyu, Madame Ping chose to remain behind with Liyue Harbor's natives rather than return to Guizhong Plains, carving out a new life for herself on Liyue Harbor.

You might not have seen the last of Madame Ping, who continued her fighting heritage after abandoning the Guili Assembly for Liyue Harbor. After all, Madame Ping was a very capable adeptus following the war. Operating in secret, she secretly trained recruits from Jueyun Karst as Madame Ping’s History in Genshin Impact. 

The team takes its name from a play written more than two thousand years ago, during China’s Warring States period, about a young girl who wishes to become an adeptus in spite of the country’s prohibition against girls becoming adepti warriors. Madame Ping has greatly influenced how adepti fight; she is revered as a living legend and known for her powerful strikes.


She will often chide Muryu for not being in her good graces yet she does not hate her. Some have witnessed her subtly call to Liyue Harbor's capital to help out when they need it all.

Madame Ping is designed with a fondness for the past and a passion for nature. Her small size and blank look bring out its more mysterious side, perfect for someone who would appreciate Madame veritaserum's sophistication and Liyue Harbor's history.

The first real living work of art by Madame Ping. Liyue was short for the name of her beloved student and apprentice, "Liyue”, who spent a great part of her time designing her items. She reflects many patterns of Ningguang Teapot, but makes them her own crafted style.

Madame Ping is a collector of tea, a talker in the cafés, and speaks in the most sincere way. Regardless of what duty she has on hand, Madame Ping will always make time to sit and chit-chat with each of her guests and their brews. Her attention to detail and love for her work often leaves cooks bemused.


She has a long sleeved dark green dress with mint green patterns, worn under her sleeves. This year, she also wears a mint green shawl over her chest and shoulders, as well as green cuffs on her sleeves. Instead of wearing a belt, Madame Ping wears a wheat colored shawl that matches her dress. 

A woman in her forties of medium height, she wears a long dark green dress with maroon details, a wheat colored shawl, and very colorful earrings that don't match at all her dress. She is carrying an old looking "Clear Bell" on her left hand and a plushy animal named "Mr. T" on her right hand.

 She is voiced by Asuka Sekine and her dialog is mostly Japanese with English subtitles instead of Japanese with English subtitle as most characters used by the Cleansing Bell. Her appearance along with other characters like Musashi Kato, Maeda himself, and Wanita each have their own character gallery specific to Madame Ping in the downloadable content.


Madame Ping Facts

  • Madame Ping's first major HotS update sees the Chinese support character finally receive a new model. Madame Ping will now be sporting a shorter hair-style and her English voice has been re-recorded with a talented actress.
  • It all started back when Madame Ping was still just a little girl. Now at 16, she's the youngest warden of all and married to the Skybracer, Xiangling. Together they run the Greenery Lodge Adeptus training school. 
  • Madame Ping, the legendary mystic of legend, was a pupil of Stove God. As her name has it she was proficient in fire magic and capable of stopping the Burning Legion with a single blow. Her strength could burn through even the heaviest of armor, but luckily she had her spirit servants to keep her safe. That is until the Burning Legion changed Madame Ping forever.