Mending Minecraft: Guide Enchantment

Nov 7, 2021
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This enchantment allows you to repair your tools without having to smelt them in a furnace first. As long as the Mending enchantment is applied, you can repair your tool with only one level lost. 

With most types of tools their full durability will be restored. 

For example, a Diamond Pickaxe with Mending I will have durability equal to 13, instead of 12.

It’s a fairly new enchantment and has been rather controversial. 

Not only does it not reduce the amount of XP needed to get a full repair, but it also repairs fully regardless of how much damage the item has taken. 

In short, some people think it’s overpowered while others just think it’s ugly.

Mending is a single-level enchantment that can only be applied to tools. 

It will consume experience levels when the tool breaks, and then repair the item with “X” durability, where X comes from experience levels. For instance, if a tool has 50 uses left (without the use of “Unbreaking”), and it receives 20 levels of experience, it will have 70 uses left instead of 50.

There are several features which greatly improve the enchantment from a basic durability recovery mechanic into something useful enough to justify its maximum possible level of enchantment.

It can also be used to repair a "broken" item that has no durability left, but it will consume two experience points to repair the item.

Mending is an enchantment that can only be found on tools, similar to Unbreaking. 

Mending is the second-to-last enchantment for tools, and one of the most useful enchantments in the game. 

The enchantment repairs 1/2 heart every time a player gets experience from any source. This can be obtained by defeating monsters, mining ores or fishing. 

It will repair itself whenever \(X=2\) where X is the experience received from any source. For example, killing a skeleton gives 1-3 experience points per skeleton of damage, which means the mending I sword would repair 2 hearts, three times the experience given by a single skeleton kill. 

Technical Information

Enchantments around level 1 are safe to store and level up, but higher enchantments like Mending III may cause problems. 

This is most likely due to the charge costs for the added levels. If you want to level up your Mending enchantment, make sure you use a book with no other enchantments so there will be no surprises.

Mending Enchantment Benefits

The Mending enchantment allows your enchanted tools, weapons or armor to be repaired by using your experience points. 

With each mob kill or mining ore block destroyed you will gain a small amount of xp depending on the level of enchantment. 

When you have accumulated enough experience for the next level, and you are wearing an enchanted item that has Mending enabled, then it will automatically be used to restore your item's durability.

Where to find Mending Books?

A mending book can be found in a chest or hidden in the world. With no means to create one, finding a mending enchantment book is the only way to obtain one. 

But playing on creative mode (which you are) isn’t easy when you have all three enchanting tables available to choose from.

Here are two methods to find. 

Method 1: Fishing (hard)

I found this method to be rather boring, but worth your time to do. 

Typically you will catch fishing books that are Mending, but it is possible to catch other enchantment books. 

The qualities of the other enchantments you can catch are random and seem to be heavily weighted in favor of Protection on average.

Method 2: Purchase from Villagers

The second method makes more sense. Beyond that, it's scalable. Get from a librarian villager!.

Librarian Villager 

You’ve probably seen the videos on Youtube or have heard about the amazing villager professions in Minecraft. When you first start out, villagers will purchase items for emeralds and give you access to enchanted books or bookcases

Getting the librarian villager is a great thing for any Minecraft player. 

The librarian villager has a profession as a bookseller so they are bound to have a lot of books and bookcases in their inventory. Due to this, forging an alliance with them will enable you to get their inventory filled with enchanted books.

Other Enchantments


There is no way this enchantment will work on bows as bows will use an additional arrow with every shot and if that arrow breaks, you lose the additional shot.

They can be repaired infinitely while at full durability. This isn’t a very useful enchant for tools, as they can still be broken with use even if not using a durability point.

Soul Speed

The enchantment Soul Speed will increase your walking speed on both Soul Sand and Soul Soil. This means you will be able to get to places faster and not take as much damage from being slowed down by the movement effects.


The Riptide enchantment is an interesting new enchantment that allows you to throw with the trident as long as you are in water, and gives the trident a random chance of inflicting your target with the Drowned debuff.

I wrote a blog about all crossbow enchantments. You should check it too.