Cat Merry in Animal Crossing

merry acnh info card

Merry, the peppy cat who adores kids, returns to the Animal Crossing series after a five year hiatus. The green gingham pattern on her skirt is based on traditional Japanese clothing. 

She won't get along very well with snooty villagers, who are much posher than she is. 

She'll love all of your gifts-especially fish and fruit. Be sure to keep her away from your creepy brother!

If you make her angry, it may take a while until she becomes happy again. 

Her name is probably derived from "merry-go-round" or merry-and-giddy. 

She has an American accent which everyone seems to have in the game. 

Lolly has two older sisters, who are snooty cats, Cookie and Ellie. She also has three younger sisters named Tipper, Tangy and the peppy elephant villager, Elmer.

She has two Gyroids herself (the Mega Timpanoid and Mega Croakoid). Lolly has a green carpeting in her house. Her walls are the Peppered Tile.

The roof of this house is wobbly and seems like it will collapse at any given second. Inside, you can find Lolly, who will gladly trade things with you.


She has a tiny double chin and a very large smile. Her tail is curly and light yellow.

She is very interested in fashion and often falls in love with the player when they hit her with their net. She becomes an ordinary villager after the player receives their gift of rare furniture, which can only be obtained by accepting her marriage proposal.

She has an upbeat, happy go lucky outlook on life, and she is always up for anything, especially finding boyfriends. She grows close to the player quickly by their shared interests of fashion and getting glamor shots taken.

Merry is a sweet, out-spoken cat. She has a positive attitude and may catch you off guard with her bluntness. 

Despite this, she's friendly and loves to meet new people. 

Just keep in mind that sometimes she speaks without thinking of the consequences, so there may be some awkward moments. 

At heart, Merry is a sweet girl with a big heart and she likes spending time with the player more than anything else.


Peppy villagers seek to brighten up their town. They are particularly helpful to new players building their first home. 

As a peppy villager, Merry will have the tendency to overreact in conversations about trivial subjects and will usually be over-excited to see the player or other villagers. 

She is very loyal to her friends and may ask for your help in finding gifts for other villagers or for her. For some reason, she gets along particularly well with normal villagers.


House of Merry in Animal Crossing

Merry's house is located to the left of Ables house, next to Kapp'n's taxi service. 

Inside the house are a variety of furniture series that are different compared to most other houses in town. One notable piece is her stereo, which plays K.K. Metal rather than K.K. Island. 

There are also two gyroids near her table, which are part of the gyroid set.

You can also see Merry's room where all her furniture is the same as the ones in her house, but instead of using wallpaper she has an animal pelt as a background. 

She also has a special welcome mat at her front porch not far from her mailbox and a special bench outside.