Miracle Medicine In Genshin Impact Explained

Miracle Medicine is a Genshin Impact Daily Commission quest that occurs at Mondstadt in Mondstadt. The task involves obtaining an ammo stock from the suspicious vendor.

It has a level requirement of 22 and deals with medicinal ingredients. Completely finishing this quest will contribute to your Adventure Rank.

When you accept this commission, you'll find yourself in the Xiaoxiang Tailor Shop downstairs. Talk to Xiao Baozi.

The Commission quest series designed to help new players get a knowledge of the map, materials, battle and equipment systems. During the main story, Mimi Tomo will always be at the Adventurer’s Guild in Mondstadt. 

If you have not yet completed the main story, please do not forget to complete related quests to unlock Heroes and spread your reputation across Teyvat.

The story behind the Miracle Medicine commission quest involves a desperate woman in Mondstadt searching for the miracle medicine needed to keep her child from getting worse. This is one commission quest that you simply must do, if only because of how tragically sad its story is. Other daily commission

Step by Step Guide


Chapter 1

Dendro-Processed Berry is the key medicine provided by alchemist Boya in Liyue Harbor. It's used to cure your sister Anna in the quest, and can be traded directly at the shop to fulfill quest requirements, or purchased in exchange for 1 Adventurer's Experience.

Lukanshan's miracle medicine has made it to the whole world, and word is that a very skilled doctor in Liyue Harbor uses this medicine as well. In fact, this doctor will be able to tell you where to find the ingredients.

A berry processed by a spring-fading dandelion. It grows in a flowerbed owned by an old lady who lives beside the city square. She likes people who can talk to her and listens to her stories. Appreciate this, so that she will not poison the prescription.

Chapter 2

Anthony's wife Anna has fallen ill, most probably due to scarlet fever. Anthony is willing to try any cure and prescribes his wife with a dose of Miracle Medicine; however, since the medicine was not made by a qualified doctor, he urges the Traveler to help him test his theory as well.

The discovery of the properties and uses of Slime Condensate started when a wandering alchemist, Anthony, met a lady named Anna. 

Unfortunately, Anna was suffering from an illness that Anthony did not have the knowledge to treat, but he decided to try testing various combinations of slimes and ingredients to see if anything worked.

He has requested some items, which hopefully will bring his wife back to health. However, as many others knew, "Miracle Medicine" was nothing but an urban legend.

Chapter 3

After bringing her back from the statue she's headed to Jean in Springvale and has asked for Wind-Caressed Asters. The Traveler can get them from the Guardians of Spring Bellflower or Woodland Bellflowers, which spawn in bright areas near mountains and forests. Genshin Impact players will also need a Mushroom Powder Kevin makes in his store.

Anthony wants to know the doctor's name, and also asks you to consult with him about his wizard teacher, who has been seeking more drugs from that place. When you arrive at Dr. Glenn's residence, he will ask for more ingredients: wind wheat jelly and some kind of beeswax.