Mitzi Animal Crossing Explained

Mitzi Animal Crossing Info Card

Mitzi is a pink cat that has the ability to act like a normal cat, then turn into a "monster" by removing her hat. She makes her first appearance in Dōbutsu no Mori, the Japanese name for Animal Crossing, and she has appeared in every game since. 

Mitzi stands out among all other characters in Animal Crossing because her abilities are different from any other villager. Her first name, "Mitzi," may refer to the mittens looking like paws on her. The hat itself appears to be based off of an old witch style hat. It is purple with white polka

Always wandering off on some new pleasure-seeking errand, this little kitty doesn't show her age! As a native of your town, Mitzi spends the majority of her time at home with you, kickin' it on furniture and chatting with her favorite humans. 

She has pudgy cheeks and a fluffy tail. Her appearance is similar to that of a calico cat. Her initial phrase is also the name of a kind of mitten. Her Japanese name has the word "neko" in it, which means cat.

There are whispers around town about her past, but no one can say for certain whether they're true. Despite this, Mitzi is warm and personable, and takes an interest in everyone she meets (which is saying something, considering the sheer number of animals she knows).


Mitzi is a cat that prefers to stay indoors, taking off her clothes and putting on a floral dress. She has the exact same personality as Olivia, that of a Peppy Villager. 

She can be seen with another villager that has a similar personality, namely Pepper. 

Mitzi often gets a tan which makes a darker blue hue on her muzzle and tail tip, and she will say things like "I'm going to make my skin this season's color!

Mitzi follows the player around on their errands, but her desire to follow you around will decrease if you neglect her request of shells or presents for too long.

She has the tendency to tell secrets to other villagers, most likely due to her own interest in gossiping.  

She also has an interest in fashion and will chat merrily about anything chic or snooty, most likely due to influence from Gracie.  She is most easily offended by blunt sarcasm.


She may be the only normal person in the whole town... Mitzi gets along with nearly everyone, and really represents the easygoing nature that the normal villager personality tries to emulate. 

She doesn't care much about her appearance and would rather spend her time eating than anything else.

Normal villagers generally get along well with lazy, peppy, and other normal villagers. Mitzi may conflict with cranky and snooty villagers.


Mitzi's house features many interesting pieces of furniture, including a large blue bed, matching nightstands, a bookcase filled with books, a vintage-style red boombox, and several gyroids. 

She also owns two potted plants that are placed on her flooring. 

Her house plays K.K. Swing by default.

The Sweets category contains items including the Blue Bed, which are only available from Saharah. Mitzi's house is situated in a deep depression in the middle of town near Tortimer's Market.

She has the same furniture, but with different wallpaper and flooring. 

Because she owns so little, not even owning many Gyroid items, she might have considered buying furniture only every once in a while.