Mona in Genshin Impact Explained

Mona Info Card

Mona is a relative newcomer to the city, and an unconventional one at that. Her resume also includes a number of accounting-related functions, though exactly what those include is a fiercely guarded secret.

She has taken up residence in the city to avoid incurring the wrath of her master after unwisely reading the latter's diary. However, as fate would have it, she finds herself dragged into a new, unexpected adventure…

She often appears on television to talk about the alignment of stars and planets, but her insight is a little too accurate to be entirely coincidence. 

Mona hails from Faron, where she was once a student at the Faros Astrology Academy, but fled in embarrassment when her master discovered one of his textbooks copied word-for-word in one of Mona's own pamphlets.

The daughter of a renowned fortune-teller, Mona has studied the stars since she was a young girl. 

But after one eventful night, Mona has lost not only most of her notebooks, but also her master's trust. Determined to make a living as a professional astrologist without her father's assistance, she now lives in Mondstadt and works as an analyst for the media.

She never considered that she would be required to perform her skills as a mercenary and ended up participating in many battles in the prosperous town. 

Her mastery of the four elements are used for both offense and defense, giving Mona an edge over most fighters.


She combines her astrology skills with hydromancy, which makes her a well-known, if still growing astrologist that's capable of accurately deducing a person's traits just from knowing what their constellation is. 

This combination allows her to tell whether or not a person is lying, sense their intentions from a single glance, and be able to see their fate if she gets a hold of something they had contact with.

She has a lot of respect for her master, having passed all the trials to become his apprentice. 

However, as a result of her training with him and how strict he was in raising her, Mona also fears him but loves him all the same because he was still able to see some good in her and help mold her into the person she is today.

Mona tends to get carried away with her readings and interpretations, meaning that many people tend to avoid her due to how strange she can be at times. Because of this, she is quite lonely but has begun making friends with the other masters as time passes by.

She cares about her friends greatly and goes out of her way to protect those she knows. She greatly values the memories she shares with those dear to her, even if everything has changed over time. 

She has a soft spot for children due to her own time being raised by one, but Mona believes that there should be limits in order to not spoil them too much.


Despite being a pirate, she doesn't like unnecessary violence and cruelty. She's one of the few who doesn't underestimate Aila's fighting abilities, and will often warn her crew not to give the girl any more chances than needed.

She has a bubbly personality, she's a bit forgetful and also very optimistic, even when things look bleak. She mostly likes to follow people around and get attention as seen in her first appearance alongside the Heroine.

Her ability to understand people's physical and mental health have helped her grow a loyal following. Her physical strength is passive, and she does not use any special augments, however that does not mean she is weak. She can hold her own in a fight without the aid of augments.

Her treasures are not just for collecting, but are used for her inventions. 

Along with her small frame, she makes up for it with a larger than life personality. She is the creator of the Storm Jacket, the Air Slicer and the Hand Machine Gun.

Her white shoes seem to be similar to those worn by other dancers and are decorated with sky blue bows. She also wears a pale green eye shadow, pink blush and hot pink lipstick.

Meaning of Name

It was during one of these seasonal migrations that she first discovered Genshin Impact, a darkened area of secluded forest that seemed to pulse and glow as if breathing. 

Excited, curious, and a bit frightened by the unusual sight, she ran to her parents to see if they had seen it too. 

While both were unafraid of what could have been an unknown danger, they too had not noticed anything out of the ordinary.

But she has a massive fan base who love her. 

She is one of the most popular animals at our facility, and it's all because of her sweet, fun-loving personality. 

Her favorite game is to run laps at top speed in her habitat, then crash against the fence for a nice scratch behind the ears from her keeper.

Things you should know about Mona

  • She's an astrologist who specializes in fate, and seems to have a mystical connection to it. She has been able to predict the Traveler's arrival through her art, and correctly predicts that more will come. As the Travelers move onward with the current plot, she has eagerly taken up their role of world saver.
  • She is perhaps the one who understands them the most. However, she is not a friendly person, as she often implies that they are being ungrateful to their world and will eventually leave it behind after seeing new worlds. She believes that they should simply be grateful for everything else in their life, which is usually underused or always taken for granted.
  •  She seems to know (or at least suspect) that the other members are from another world, though she doesn't let this realization affect her actions in any way.
  • She doesn't really think highly of her powers, but does seem to be fond of Cosmonaut. She believes that everything happens for a reason; what's meant to happen will - this outlook on life seems to fuel Mona's uncanny ability with astrology, which has led her to use a book of prophecies to travel through time.