Multishot Minecraft: Enchantment Guide

Nov 7, 2021
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It has a chance of accidentally triggering, causing a damage and knockback explosion around the player which will one-hit kill them if they are in direct contact with the charge.

It can be used for combat, adventure maps, quests, and lots of other things.

This enchantment has several applications, including fighting mobs in combat and firing fireworks into the sky.

You can use the three arrows for taking out multiple enemies, or blow up some TNT to earn yourself some new land. The crossbow can be enchanted with Multishot by putting an enchantment table in a crafting table and surround it with eight obsidian blocks.

When enchanted on a crossbow, it will have the same damage as if all three arrows were shot at once which means tripled enchant chance and tripled arrow drops from blocks broken. 

The projection (thrown like TNT) world-rending explosive rocket explosion's visuals are based off that of a rocket explosion.

Plus, it also has a chance of giving you more projectiles when using exploding crossbows.

Technical Information

Have you ever wanted to feel like Legolas in the world of Minecraft? 

Let's be honest, who hasn't?! Have you also, at some point during your adventures in Minecraft, wished you could shoot 3 arrows at a time? 

Old school players from the Minecraft Beta days may remember the original Multishot enchantment item you could insert into a bow. 

Though this was eventually removed, you can replicate this functionality in-game using vanilla Minecraft materials via an anvil or enchanting table.

Other Enchantments

I love Enchantments Minecraft! Trust me, I could spend all day, every day playing this game. 

Enchantments as in the things you can put on your Minecraft sword or shoes to make them more powerful. I'm not talking about the glowing green circle that appears with every enchantment, which is actually a name tag.

Fire Aspect

The Fire Aspect enchantment is a Transcendent-level enchantment that can only be found as loot from endgame or bought with Loyalty Points. The enchantment makes the target ignite when hit with the enchanted weapon, dealing 2 points of damage every 0.5 seconds for 4 seconds , making it last for 8 seconds total . 

This makes Fire Aspect one of the strongest enchantments available , especially when used on a weapon with high base damage .


Punch enchantment has a counterpart of knockback for bows, which is called punch enchantment. When applied on the bow, the opponent will be hit farther than being struck by normal arrows. 

The punch enchantment is used to pierce through a thick armor of opponents enough to make them flinch or bleed to death.


Channeling is a passive enchantment that allows the player to obtain experience from blocks broken by the player. It also doubles the amount of experience obtained from striking an enemy with a Trident (a Trident can be obtained using a Trident in any form of water). The trident is not consumed in this action.