Murata In Genshin Impact Explained

Murata Info Card

Murata is one of the two pyro characters that do not use combustion as their elemental reaction, the other being Xingqiu. 

She is also the only open world character in Teyvat that uses only melee attacks. She and Yanfei are the only characters who charge their melee attacks during Elemental Bursts. 

Murata, is the Archon who governs over fire and war. She stands high above the world looking down in silence, watching those who fight for their ideals.


Murata is a minor character who appears in the manga adaptations of Genshin Impact. 

She was one of the last members to join Venti's Traveling Troupe and, while initially seeming aloof and silent, she quickly began to warm up to her fellow bandmates, especially given her close friendship with the band's leader.

The patron deity of the Mondstadt Church, She is a figure well-beloved by all its citizens. Fuzzy on details and easily distracted, She has a forgetful personality with a tendency to act impulsively and mess with people. 

She has a charming personality and enjoys fighting for her own. She delights in being a powerful and strong woman in combat, and enjoys being left alone by those who seek her power.

She was tasked by the Great Dragon to judge the worthiness of humankind. The benevolent patron deity of both giants and humans, Mora exalts strength in battle and wisdom in peacetime. All NPCs


It's possible that Natlan's people, including Murata, are brown skinned and may be tanned from the hot weather of the lands but this is all speculation. Another thing to consider is that Murata descends from an unnamed line of people so it's possible that she may have vastly different genetics due to such a long line of ancestry.

With little to no information about her appearance, it is unknown as to how Murata looks. 

However, based on the appearances of Vennessa (a former king from Natlan who became a god) and Iansan (the current king of Natlan), Murata may have tanned skin and/or fiery hair.

After the player returns from fighting Xagut/Xigut with Dainsleif, Dainsleif will show them a mirror and explain that it's Murata. In the mirror is a red-haired person's shadow, who seems to be in critical condition. 

If the player returns to the mirror after beating Abysses, Murata will appear before them and talk about the inner voices, then give them the gift of Overflowing Reflection. 

Murata will also appear in Vennessa's flashback of fighting Xigut, standing beside her at the altar.

Due to her constant shock and apparent inexperience with the outside world, Murata may be an event-bound non-playable character found in Genshin Impact

She hails from the mysterious city of Natlan, a lost ancient kingdom built by the Aztecs.

Murata is a playable Electro character in Genshin Impact. 

Her normal attacks deal Electro DMG and can be switched between rapid melee combos with a one-handed sword, and charged up swings from her two-handed greatsword. Additionally, her Elemental Skill lets her unleash powerful lightning strikes in midair.

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