+5 New World attributes Explained

New World is a roleplaying game with a unique mechanics set. Each player will have 5 Attributes to work towards leveling, each level you gain grants you 1 Attribute Point. 

The number of attributes a character can obtain is determined by the level they obtain. 

The Game gives 190 Attributes, from leveling, in total. 

Characters start out with 5 points in each attribute, but can enhance these with equipment bonuses from armor and weapons.

Training includes farming, quests, boss-killing, player-killing, crafting, trading and more. The amount of gained attribute points are different depending on each activity. 

Points are enhanced by equipment bonuses that are obtained randomly at certain levels during training or for completing quests.

Each attribute can be enhanced further by equipping attributes with matching equipment. 

Customize your look with face paints and hair dyes, and choose from a huge range of options for skin color and hairstyles. 

The New World is full of surprises and opportunities for adventure, so come prepared!

As a newcomer you have a lot to learn about this strange new world, but to survive and thrive it's time to get trained up in all things New World. 

Your attributes make a huge difference in this dangerous world, let us teach you what you need to know.

Strength (STR)

This is a rough indication of how powerful that attribute is in a character. 

Attributes can be enhanced by equipping items in specific slots which have been identified as having a particular effect on the relevant attributes. 

For example, a pair of boots have +1 agility in them so if you buy a pair of boots in-game and equip them in a relevant slot you will gain an extra point in the agility score when leveling up.

Power is the first Attribute available to players. Power determines if you are stronger or weaker than other players, based on your character's size. Smaller characters are easier to hit, but their Strength remains mostly unchanged, while larger characters are harder to hit, but their Health and Defense is reduced compared to smaller characters of the same Strength.

 Strength is an ability that determines how much you can carry, and affects the amount of force you deliver in melee combat. This is a key attribute for warriors and fighters, and to a lesser degree rangers and rogues.

As they level up, players can allocate attribute points to their characters using a 20 minute earning system. Higher levels allow a total of 190 Attribute Points to be distributed. 

Attributes can be further improved through equipment bonuses that can enhance an individual attribute by 10% .

Intelligence (INT)

It affects your Willpower (WIL) attribute, which measures your ability to resist mental influences like Confusion. Intelligence is also an important Attribute to use magical weapons like the Fire Staff because it affects the strength of any Magical Perks on these weapons.

This includes any weapons with a magic perk, such as a flaming sword, and any magical weapons in their own right. 

Intelligence also affects how many magical perks can be taken for weapons.

Intelligence is a basic Characteristic that determines your spell power and learning capability. It affects how powerful your spells will be, and the rate at which you choose to level up.

The intelligence attribute also relates to any magical Perks that your weapons might have. 

For example, if an item has the magical Perk “Flaming”, then having a higher intelligence will make that weapon do even more damage.   

Dexterity (DEX)

Dexterity covers training in marksmanship and the use of lighter melee weapons such as rapiers and daggers. 

The higher a character's dexterity, the more successful their ranged attacks will be, to include the use of bows and muskets. This attribute also helps determine the user's ability to pick locks and disarm traps.

Both Light and Heavy Melee Combat gain from Dexterity, as do the Dexterity Skills of Lockpicking and Pickpocketing.

Note that dexterity does not scale attacks with Magic or Mana use.

The general score governs how effective a character is with ranged weapons, as well as their speed in performing other tasks, such as picking locks and moving silently. 

A higher Dexterity also allows a character to react more quickly to changes in combat.

If you have a high dexterity then you will find yourself making better shots at your targets. Also, any melee weapon will take on your dexterity for damage dealt.

Constitution (CON)

In the Old World, it starts at 25 HP granted per attribute point, and decreases gradually until you get 21 HP per attribute.

It determines how many hit-point bonuses you get when you level up.

The higher your Constitution attribute,the more health you have. 

Attributes are put into two groups to make it easier for players to understand their growth tables.

Focus (FOC)

Focus is one of the six main fighting attributes your character can have. You gain Focus by tapping Mana orbs that drop from enemies or objects, or by consuming mana potions. Mana boosts all your healing spells that cost MP.