All New World Factions Explained

The New World is a land filled with many opportunities to earn reputation. Each faction has their own unique style and gear appearance, so you can choose how you want to look before you even kill your first enemy. 

You will face incredible challenges, fight epic battles alongside allies old and new, find great treasure within the earth below.

They use their own objectives and desires to conflict with each other, and determine which company you can join. 

Which you can vie for your faction's control of Aeternum and each Territory within it. 

All Factions consist of their own unique people, weapons, Buildings, Vehicles, Relics and more. Factions are the only groups large enough to maintain protected territory in the New World


Covenant Info Card

Players of the Covenant will be tasked with uprooting the evil that plagues the lands of the New World. 

Although the Covenant have some of the most powerful elemental magic on New World it comes at a steep price, they are unable to use all manner of magic.

They are a faction in the New World that seeks to cleanse the land of heretics and defilers so that its true holy nature can flourish. 

Their tenets are dedication to an ideal, the purification of sins, and the banishment of non-believers.

A large group of people have gathered behind a common symbol and a common goal. Faction play has been a popular addition to many MMOs, and New World is no different. 


Each faction has a range of items available for purchase in the shop. The item levels are spread across several ranks. 

The current maximum level for each faction is 3, with the first rank being Level 50. 

You must gain reputation until you reach the required "cap" to advance to the next rank, then take on an advancement Trial to gain access to better items. 

All characters can earn reputation for each faction, but you must have the specified level of the associated character class to gain access to try an advance faction Trial.


Marauders Info Card

Anyone outside of the Marauders is seen as a liability, and those within that have not proven their worth are just as likely to be culled from the herd as those who have been left behind by those fleeing the war.

They are spreading the word that you don't need to be president of America to enjoy the riches of its land. If you have strength, they will show you wealth beyond your dreams.

Their leader, Margaret Burnham, is fueled by her anger over the death of her husband, who was killed by the Dragon Clan years before. 

They are led by Wilson Tarver who aims to do anything to help his leader's cause arise. 

They consider themselves a modern day new-world order, and seek to restore order to a government-less world. 

The Marauders consist of former military soldiers who were employed by large corporations before going rogue against the corporation, and then going on to start a guerilla warfare campaign against them.


Advancement is a process of proving your loyalty to the faction. Advancement will unlock new tiers of faction gear in the shop and give you access to Legendary weapons and armor. To advance, you must complete the advancement trials and prove that you deserve new perks and equipment. You must also reach a certain level with that character and then speak with an officer in-game to begin the advancement process. 

You do not need to have completed previous tiers of advancement in order to undertake the current advancement path, but you do need to be level 70 upon undertaking tier 5 advancement.

You are a Marauder of the New World. Advance Faction reputation to reach Faction levels 4, 6, 8. Then you may rank up by undertaking Advancement Trials in the Faction panel. 

Only one trial can be undertaken at once per character level. 

Note that advancing requires ALL reputation ranks with ALL factions to be capped at their specified level before it can be undertaken, otherwise it will fail and you must restart the process!


Syndicate Info Card

They form the backbone of the cabals that rule each region with promises of power, wealth, and supernatural knowledge. 

They manipulate the world through alluring deceptions, political machinations, and unthinkable violence.

Members have made their mark in political, cultural, and military circles through unscrupulous means, but with the single-minded goal of bringing about a better world for the privileged few with the exclusion of all others.

Likely ones to work behind the scenes, the Syndicate often employ the use of Subterfuge and Sabotage, traits that allow them to choose when and who to attack while remaining hidden until such a time as they deem it safe to strike.

The right members in your faction can help you carry out various covert missions to further your agenda and earn rewards. 

Your knowledge and efforts will benefit all members of your faction, even those that haven't contributed personally.