Ningguang in Genshin Impact Explained

Ningguang Info Card

Ningguang is the Tianquan of the Liyue Qixing, and owns the floating Jade Chamber in the skies of Liyou. By sitting on her throne Ningguang can enter meditation and summon her mount Chichu. 

She has the ability to manipulate "Chi" to heal people or boost their power. As with other characters, she possesses an Astral Armor that changes forms after every ten levels.

Ningguang flies around hovering high above in the Liyue Qixing. She is a master of the Eastern Gong Fu style and uses the many Qi capabilities of her Jade Chamber to trap and incapacitate large numbers of enemies with ease. 

The Jade Chamber can float very slowly or quickly, depending on how much energy she expends flying or using her powers. 

Meet the people of the Liyue Qixing, from their leaders to their soldiers. Don't let their appearance deceive you; they are not what they appear to be. The Liyue Qixing live in a harsh and unforgiving land, with some living as far away as Tai Ya. 

Despite these harsh conditions and distance between tribes, they have found ways to unite under one banner to make their mark in the world they live in.

Long ago, she was a young maiden in the mountains from which her father sought to protect them. She found a strange crystal suspended high up in the clouds and decided to bring it down. 

As upset as he was at first, he soon began to realize what great power there was in the crystal, and made use of its power many times to defend his clan.

Being the daughter of Daoguang, and granddaughter of the great Tianquan Yushan, Ningguang is said to embody both law and order, and fortune and wit. She was married to a Qixing man from Leizhou named Liu Wenfeng, who died in battle well before their first child was born. 

While there are no records of whether she ever remarried, it is known that she gave birth to a son (who goes by the name of Shao) and a daughter on the same night.


Ningguang is a complicated individual. At a young age, she showed intelligence that should have received more attention, but remained undiscovered due to her gender. 

Glory came to Ningguang when Hua Jie created the legendary Scholar class together with the other members of the Tianquan. 

As one of the first female Scholars and an influential member of Liyue, Ningguang established her own highly successful business, followed by many others in the Alliance and outside of it. 

Due to her past experiences and growing fame within Liyue, Ningguang has gained a strong resemblance for extravagance, focusing heavily on beauty and aesthetics rather than practicality.

A true master of business, Tianquan is a quiet and composed woman who is known for her shrewd business acumen. 

Her face has few lines to show her age and she is always impeccably dressed in the latest fashion. 

Behind her kind smile and placid demeanor, however, lies a canny woman who would not let any personal connection sway her judgment when it comes to business. 

Only after establishing herself as the most powerful woman in Liyue did she reveal herself as the Tianquan -- and will continue to use that position until every last clan member of Liyi has been wiped out so that she may rebuild from the ground up.

Ningguang is a mysterious woman who hides her true intentions from those around her. 

She has the power of subjugation that allows her to control men and influence them to do her bidding. She works for the Liyue, who are a powerful crime syndicate.

In a business world dominated by men, she is the exception. A woman with a strong personality, she has earned the respect of others due to her intelligence and wise business sense. 

Known for being highly meticulous in her work, she has a habit of dabbing tea on her clothes as she thinks this keeps bad luck from happening. 

It is said that only those who can get past her shell will be able to see the smile behind it.


Ningguang is a beautiful woman with an elegant appearance. Her eyes and hair are red, her hair reaches her knees and fades into an ashy color, the half of it being tied up into a wide bow and the rest falling into two divided parts. 

The hairpin that she wears is black and her tassel decoration's color is red. The bow bears resemblance to the nanda pure silver decorations that were often worn in ancient India.

With her beauty, she can put any warrior to sleep with a pinch of her fingers. Given the fact that her father is a powerful Daoist monk, Ningguang has learned some spells as well. 

Her sorcery is particularly useful for healing purposes and attacking enemies from afar. She also possesses great control of her body, enabling her to perform amazing feats such as climbing walls (without leaving finger imprints like normal people would).

Her gown/robe, in a similar fashion to Hina and Mine, extravagantly consists of various layered purple tablecloths, but her clothes are far longer than both of theirs. 

These descend to the floor and flow out in a very large circle around her. The sleeves of the robe are long, reach past her knees and extend beyond her hands. 

The right sleeve is purple with the fabric twisting into a "claw" that resembles the head of an elephant with four tusks. She wears golden earrings and has two black bands around each arm.

Ningguang is a long-haired demon that has the appearance of an elegant and refined young woman. She has sharp eyes, a wide mouth with thin lips and short bangs placed above them. 

Her clothes consist of a seemingly purple dress adorned with thin white lines, as well as black socks reaching just below her ankles. The outfit is completed by sandals and white gloves on her hands.

Ningguang is a fierce and beautiful soul. She speaks in a commanding tone and doesn't miss a beat. 

Her fashion is futuristic, yet modest. She has an aggressive manner of walking which gives off vibes of a powerful leader .

Meaning of Name

The character used to write ningguang has no hard consonants, but rather consists entirely of soft consonant sounds. The Chinese language also uses this aspect to form her character, with a frozen/concentrated light/brightness as its charge and its nickname: Frozen Light (凝光). 

This wide meaning gives us room to find out more about Ningguang's past and her actual personality while also keeping her mysterious. You'll be happy you got to know her better once you've heard her out!

Ningguang is derived from Genshin Impact, a fictional war strategy pioneered by a strategist named Naginata Horibe. The strategy consists of concentrating all of the energy harvested from spiritual energy plants into an energy cannon to attack and demoralize the enemy.

Genshin Impact is the term to represent a phenomenon when an object within a pool of liquid is instantly frozen at the temperature of zero degree Celsius. 

It is formed by freezing water in slow motion and while it takes several days to form a movie-like frozen moment, it only takes seconds for the pool itself to return to its normal impression.

It also has a connection with other concepts such as The Light of Truth, Buddha's Light, The Root of Buddhism. 

According to an academic study in 1934, this was a symbol for the whole world (the Dharani Sutra). 

The truth hidden in each character can be traced back to the belief that "the shadow of Gautama Buddha is forever shining.

Things You Should Know About Ningguang

  • Ningguang is a city and county in the north (真寒 "zhēnhán") of China and the inhabitants primarily speak the Ningguang dialect. It is located in the centre of what has been historically known as Manchuria, and under various European names until its annexation by Russia in 1860. The present-day location of these places has been using their "-Man" name as an official place of residence for thousands of years.
  • Ningguang is a massive insect-like creature covered in chitin, who first appears during the Immortal Desolation event in The Shadow of Ysera, aiding Ji Firepaw (and later Rehgar Earthfury) in escaping from the clutches of Elderspawn Guzzlord and Cyber'Thrak.