Noelle in Genshin Impact Explained

Noelle Info Card

Her initial weapon, "Prayer of Hope", increases ally defense by filling their mana instead of attacking directly. Her main perk is "Holy Grail" which can be used to boost an ally's combat effectiveness when paired up with proficient members of the Arcana Apprentices. 

She dreams of joining the Knights of Favonius, and would do anything to become one of them. 

Alas, she is not yet a knight, but she can at least help out with serving tea and food!

Noelle is a maid-in-training living in the Kingdom of Favonius, training under Knight Captain George to one day become a knight herself. 

Her low stats and lack of equipment as a non-combatant make her an easy target to defeat, but she will gradually level up and become a more formidable opponent as the match progresses.

Noelle only wields a mop, but she can use it as an extendable rod to attack or grip objects within reach. She also has a built-in scope on her mop cap, giving her a heightened state of alertness in combat. 

Her background story involves her joining the prestigious yet mysterious service to become a maid for divine spirits, and ultimately becoming a full-fledged knight to combat evil that threatens the world.

Aside from fighting off monsters, she also assists the princess with her daily duties and chores. 

She is highly skilled in sewing, flower arrangement, and most importantly, maid outfits! She enjoys working for the Genshin family, but would like to one day join the Knights of Favonius.

In the distant future, a small country named Mondstadt sits in a valley of a much larger continent called Continental. 

Mondstadt is home to the Knights of Favonius, an order of "knights'' who protect Mondstadt from the neighboring Empire. Everyone in Mondstadt dreams of one day becoming a Knight of Favonius, and Noelle is no exception. 

Working as a maid to the knights at headquarters is her chance to stay close to the things she wants most in the world: honor and adventure!

A superbly dressed young lady with black hair and gold eyes, she carries herself with poise and grace, ever aware of manners. 

It's not uncommon to see her running back and forth to the Tower of Mist to share new knowledge she has picked up along the way.

A sturdy wooden handle gives it a traditional look, while a spun metal grill design on top keeps it safe for travel. 

Activate the gentle rotary motion by turning the bottom-mounted crank. 

Comes in two colors: natural and gold. Lightweight and easy to carry, this fan may be just what a knight needs to get through Pennsic without melting into a pile of goo on the tournament field!


Noelle is the Tenth Generation AI designed by Genshin Industries Inc. 

Her personality is crafted to be personable and polite, making her an ideal maid and assistant. She loves nothing more than to help others, as well as assist in any field asked of her. 

Her programming is also very versatile, enabling her to take on any task that comes at her with ease, irrespective of size or scope.

That isn't to say, however, that she lacks assertiveness. She is quite bossy and tends to order people around, especially when they are being lazy or useless. 

She values quality over quantity and will always seek out the best among the worst of things, which shows through her seemingly high standards of work ethics.

She loves simple things, such as singing or running about in the hills. However, if she does not have work for any given time, she will become restless and will create wild ideas to amuse her or her friends.

Noelle most of the time has a problem with staying too focused on her work and preferring not to go out to meet other people, so much so that she hasn't got many other friends. But the moment Lisa sees others in need of help, Noelle becomes very cheerful and enthusiastic about helping. 

She doesn't show it much but she yearns for her master's acknowledgment, as well as wishing to be able to show her support towards others just like Lisa does so freely.

After centuries of separation, Fuuna's Princess Noelle and Genshin's Princess Lisa have joined together once more. 

Now both women are looking for new friends and companions to spend the rest of their lives with. Noelle spends her days maintaining order with her great leadership skills and a very high standard of work ethic, and is sure to be a faithful addition to any household.


Noelle is among the youngest fighters in the game, so her appearance is relatively similar to her previous incarnations; she still wears pajamas with a long nightgown underneath and a red bow on the back. 

Her short hair is even more lopsided than before with several strands of hair covering her right eye in addition to taking out some of her hair clips.

Trendy and certainly beautiful, Noelle is a gunner who specializes in using pistols. Noelle might appear weak when faced alone, but she can be deadly when protected by her allies. 

Her main weapon is the large pistol with a revolver like mechanism, giving her an advantage at long range and being able to attack multiple foes at a time. 

She can also perform attacks close range and reload faster which makes her a greater threat. If you're facing an army of machine enemies, prepare your shield as this one holds key points during battle.

She designed her costume using the colors of her favorite anime series. She appears to have a slender body, she looks like a light girl. 

Her weapon of choice is a huge shield which she can carry even when on the back.

She traveled around the world looking for new friends but soon abandoned her search. Just as everything was spiraling out of control, she met and fought Kurono. 

This eventually led to her joining his party, thus marking the start of an unpredictable adventure. 

Meaning of Name

 Noelle is a character who arrives in Genshin Impact as a new employee of Imperial Enterprises. Her name comes from the word "Noël", the French word for Christmas, although she was born on March 8, which may cause some confusion over her designation.

Noelle is rather inconsistent when it comes to her birthday. Whereas most would assume that she was born, like her name states, on December 25th, she was actually born in March. 

Noelle's birthday is celebrated during the 8th Lunar Month of the modern Chinese calendar, the festival of Jieqiao. This celebration is said to be an end-of-year harvest festival.

She has a very straightforward design, focused on close-combat fighting and grappling, but her name comes from the French word for Christmas (Noël). Noelle was designed around Christmas because not many people in our office have had the chance to work on something related to it. 

A few of us like to spend time with our families during Christmas and New Years, so I thought it'd be nice for them to design something for those times when they aren't with us.